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Primaths version 1.5

Primaths version 1.5

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Real Teachers Learn: Equivalent Fraction Rainbows for St. Patty's Day! Did you wear your green? I don't take any chances at school and make sure I'm wearing my green. I don't need any students trying to pinch me. This is the first year I've ever had to work St. Patrick's Day (it was always over my spring break when I lived in the Midwest!), so I'm not used to working on this day.

Using Technology to Develop Early Graphing Skills Graphing is one of those skills that needs to be included in instruction all year long. If you try to "cover" it in a 2-week unit, you just can't really do it justice. I've rounded up a few online resources you can incorporate into your math workstations to keep graphing front and center. Topmarks: Interpreting Data This interactive activity takes data gathering through all the steps from collecting data with tally marks, to organizing the data, to graphing it--both with a bar and pictograph. It does not, however, have the students answer questions about the graph, but you could easily have the kiddos write some. Blocs base 10 à manipuler Overview Number Pieces helps students develop a deeper understanding of place value while building their computation skills with multi-digit numbers. Students can: Use number pieces to represent multi-digit numbers, regroup, add, subtract, multiply, and divide.

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Plane developments of geometric bodies (1): Nets of prisms A right prism is a polyhedron that has two congruents pararel polygonal faces (bases of the prism) and with all remaining faces are rectangles. The main interest of this page is to see how a right prism can be developed into a plane net. There is a platonic solid that is a prism, the cube. This is a cube net:

Fraction Activity Super Pack Make learning fractions fun for kids and easy prep for grown ups! The Fraction Activity Pack is filled with motivating and effective activities that teach key vocabulary like numerator and denominator, parts versus whole, thirds, fourths… Once kids are ready, they put it all together and read and write fractions on their own. There are so many important steps to really understanding fractions. Using Number Bracelets to Develop Number Sense I've blogged recently about using dot cards and rekenreks to develop number sense, and today's post focuses on another great tool--number bracelets. Like dot cards and rekenreks, number bracelets provide concrete practice for number combinations and composing/decomposing numbers. Making Number Bracelets Use chenille stems (cut off about 2") and pony beads to make the bracelets. You don't need to worry about sizing them to fit students--they don't actually wear them, they manipulate the beads. Notice these are also two of the materials used to make the rekenreks, so buy in bulk!

Boîtes de 10 à manipuler Overview Number Frames help students structure numbers to five, ten, twenty, and one hundred. Students use the frames to count, represent, compare, and compute with numbers in a particular range. The frames help students see quantities as equal groups of other quantities and in relation to benchmark quantities. This helps primary students move away from one-by-one counting toward more efficient ways of counting and computing.

"I Like This Game Because You Have to Think Hard." A Monday afternoon, working with one of my second graders, helping him fill in a blank hundreds grid. Suddenly it hit me. What if... Waterman Polyhedra Play with the controls! Use the "Sequence" slider to step through the series of polyhedra. Click the "Colors" button. If you have red-blue 3D glasses, change the "Stereo Mode" to "Anaglyph". If you have a ColorCode ViewerTM (see below), change the "Stereo Mode" to "ColorCode". Further instructions are below the applet.

Fraction Circles - A fun way to find a... by From the Pond <div class="deployment_message_block"><span> Hi, You need to enable javascript on your browser to use TpT.&nbsp; <a href="/Help/General-Technical-FAQ/How-do-I-enable-cookies-and-Javascript-on-my-browser" target="_blank">See how this improves your TpT experience</a>. </span></div> About Us | For Schools | Gift Cards | Help My Favorite Apps: The Number Rack and Math Slide If you have ever read one of my blog posts, you know how much I love bead sticks, bead strings, rekenreks and number racks. It will come as no surprise to you that I love the Number Rack App which is currently available for free through the Math Learning Center. The VERY best part is that it is an app for the iPad as well as being an app you can use through any PC and it also gets a lot of use on the SMART board!!!! Like other rekenreks or number racks, it allows you to work on big ideas around numeracy, addition and subtraction. You can go from one bead string up to 10 which makes it very versatile as I move between grades and ability levels. You can also pull up and adjust a "screen" that allows you to shield part of the bead string and is excellent for working on combinations of 10, 20 or 100.

Blocs mosaïques à manipuler How To Use Pattern Shapes Working with Shapes Working with Outlines

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