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Andres Amador

Andres Amador
San Francisco-area landscape artist Andreas Amador etches massive sand drawings onto beaches during full moons when his canvas reaches its largest potential. Using only a rake and often several helpers the geometric and organic shapes are slowly carved into the sand, often interacting with the physical topography like the stones in a zen garden. The works exist for only a few moments, just long enough to snap a few photographs before being completely engulfed by the encroaching tide. Amador has also collaborated on a number of killer marriage proposals, the question popped as part of his elaborate drawings viewable from an elevated distance.

Sylvain Meyer New to me, these wonderful land art installations by Swiss artist Sylvain Meyer who modifies wooded areas and landscapes to create various impermanent patterns, sculptures, and textures. Everything seen here was constructed without the use of Photoshop, even the mossy spider. Whoa! See much more over on Flickr. I’ve also finally crated a land art tag for Colossal. ENDS OF THE EARTH: LAND ART TO 1974 | MOCA Developed by MOCA for Ends of the Earth: Land Art to 1974, this interactive feature maps key artworks included in the exhibition, pinpointing their original locations to demonstrate the global nature of Land art and its relationship to real places and times. Click on an artist’s name to begin. Ends of the Earth: Land Art to 1974 is the first large-scale, historical-thematic exhibition to deal broadly with Land art, capturing the simultaneous impulse emergent in the 1960s to use the earth as an artistic medium and to locate works in remote sites far from familiar art contexts. Major support is provided by Barbara Kruger and L&M Arts, LA. WEBSITE CREDITS:Concept and direction by Bret Nicely.

Blue Trees by Konstantin Dimopoulos Australian artist Konstantin Dimopoulos uses environmentally safe pigments to paint the trunks and limbs of trees in urban areas to help raise awareness of the nearly 32 million acres of forests lost each year around the world. Via 4culture he says: Through my work I am striving to address global issues and provide a visual platform to effect change. Dimopoulos has painted trees in Melbourne, Vancouver and Virginia and will be coming to Seattle this week. Land Art "Running Fence" en Californie... "Valley Curtain" dans la vallée du Colorado Emballage d'une côte en Australie... Emballage d'arbres en Suisse... "The Umbrellas" en Californie... et en bleu au Japon... Enfin la plus connue, "Surrounded islands" au large de Miami... Merci à Valérie du site Cosmobranche qui m' fait découvrir cet artiste ;-) Du land art avec des éléments simples, ici des pierres... Land art avec de l'humour... Land art minimaliste... Une réalisation qui rappelle Jim Denevan... Voir l'album photo des oeuvres de Turrell

Mousse graffiti | La communication sensible Street Art christo's big air package opens in germany mar 19, 2013 christo's big air package opens in germany ‘big air package’ by christo and jeanne-claude, germanyimage © wolfgang volzall images courtesy of christo and jeanne claude big air packagegasometer oberhausen, germanyon view now through 30 december 2013 view from the top of the tank image © wolfgang volz shape, material and light engulf the viewers visitors are dwarfed by the vast field of fabric light graduates over interior surfaces the diffused day creates a gradient view up from the bottom hoisting the inflatable material was lifted 90 meters high seams are check and moved before inflation repairs are made on site construction view of seam checks and repairs image © andré grossmann proposed light compositions accompany architectural plans drawings articulate the frameless intention and monumental scale image © andré grossmann cat garcia menocal I designboom

Eerie Mirrored Sculptures by Rob Mulholland Scottish sculptor Rob Mulholland creates these eerie mirrored sculptures out of Perspex, a kind of acrylic glass. The pieces create the uncanny effect of blending into their surroundings, at times appearing almost completely camouflaged and yet jumping out at you suddenly as your perspective shifts around them. Mulholland’s largest installation of six figures, Vestige, is currently installed at David Marshall Lodge in Scotland. The artist, via his website: The essence of who we are as individuals in relationship to others and our given environment forms a strong aspect of my artistic practise. In Vestige I wanted to explore this relationship further by creating a group, a community within the protective elements of the woods, reflecting the past inhabitants of the space. [...] Mulholland will be exhibiting at the 8th Godington House Sculpture exhibition in July of 2012, and you can see much more of his work on his website.

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