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Portail art contemporain, artistes, galeries, oeuvres, Communauté MyContemporary

Portail art contemporain, artistes, galeries, oeuvres, Communauté MyContemporary
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secession Koo Jeong-a, 3355, Installation View In her interventions and installations, Koo Jeong-a starts from the constitution of an exhibition location and simultaneously identifies the most advantageous form for the placement of her objects there. Koo Jeong-a's compositions are often more firmly rooted in poetic than in sculptural thinking, and they have the delicateness and lightness of dream worlds. In her subtle and meditative, but no less sober manner, Koo Jeong-a leaves the objects their banality, rather than seeking to enhance their value, but at the same time, she attributes structural positions to them with the constellation. The way in which it all comes together, the way in which the objects mutually relate to and condition one another, has nothing random about it. For the Secession, Koo Jeong-a has created a sequence of installations, to which the title 3355 offers an approach that is equally metaphorical and concrete. KOO JEONG-A, born 1967 in Seoul, lives and works in Paris.

Creative Archive CRÉER - DESSINER EN LIGNE, Page 2 WIELS | Centre d'Art Contemporain Sylvia Beder - Actualite Archive | Koo Jeong-A Koo Jeong-A Centre International d’Art et du Paysage, Ile de Vassivière, France The Vassivière art centre, designed by Aldo Rossi and Xavier Fabre, comprising a conical lighthouse and horizontal hangar situated on an island in an artificial lake in the middle of nowhere, seems so improbable that visiting it doesn’t feel like being in the countryside at all; it’s like entering another, peculiarly displaced world. Koo Jeong-A’s splendid exhibition ‘Oussseux’ is at one with that world. Koo’s work is itinerant and transient rather than traditionally site-specific. Upstairs the fat, wet snoring of an animal rumbles from speakers hidden in the ledges above the stairwells, on which bunches of llama and dog hair and hillocks of dust are gathered. The atmosphere shifts as you step outside to cross the raised exterior footbridge into the adjoining theatre space, where Koo has built a wall with a peephole. Vivian Rehberg

imgur fablab Initiative intéressante de l’association PiNG (à Nantes) qui, dans le cadre de ses activités d’exploration des pratiques numériques pour/par/avec les publics, propose à Plateforme C, fablab dans la même ville (Hangar 30, Quai des Antilles) des Open Ateliers tous les jeudi de 14h à 21h. Ces rendez-vous sont des moments d’échanges et de pratiques autour des technologies et du Do It Yourself. Fabrication numérique, création artistique, culture libre, bricolage, design textile, réparation, électronique sont autant de sujets abordés aux OPENateliers. Une fois inscrit, l’accès aux Open Ateliers est libre sur la plage horaire du mardi, sans réservation ni obligation de présence. (suite…) Galerie d'Art en ligne Vendre des tableaux, acheter des œuvres originales et impressions haut de gamme sur Artmajeur

Koo Jeong-A Rackroom Knowing about Koo Jeong-A's fondness for words and particularly the way they sound when pronounced, ArtSlant asked Nicolas Nahab, the coordinator at Yvon Lambert in Paris, about the significance of the name of her exhibition, new song, o, at the gallery in January of 2009. "We think it's a kind of homage," he said, "but she won't say directly what it's about, or to whom." He continued, "With Koo, she'll be very open to whatever interpretations people draw from her work but will be very reluctant to tell you anything definitive about it. Like the blue paintings in this show, they are all entitled TTS, but she's very mysterious; she won't say what it means, even to me and I've worked with Koo for years." ArtSlant writer, Natalie Hegert, and Editor in Chief, Georgia Fee, met with Koo on the eve of her vernissage at the gallery. The watercolors on the floor - richly painted, assorted sizes, some sketches, others more finished - occupied the cavernous room with a surprising fullness.

artylizer | Wings 3D | A Polygon Modeler Mauve Deep / Keegan McHargue Lomography