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Ryoji ikeda  

Ryoji ikeda

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Biography - Diego Dall’Osto Diego Dall'Osto studied Organ, Composition and Electronic music and obtained a PhD in Psychology at the UAB (Autonomous University of Barcelona, in Spain). His activity as a composer of instrumental and electronic music ranges over several areas: concert, theater, opera, ballet, sound installation and video art. His music has been awarded and has been performed at international level. At the moment he teaches 'Harmony and analysis' at the Conservatory of music of Mantova (Italy). studies Diploma in Organ, Vicenza

Hiram Butler Gallery James Turrell Selected Press Artist Videos Hide Videos Online Exhibition Catalog James Turrell From The Guggenheim PATRICK TRESSET 2018Ghost, Japan Media Festival, Kyoto, JP, 14 Jan – 16 FebI am here to learn, Frankfurter Kunstverein, DE, 15 Feb – 8 AprDocVille Festival, Leuven, BE, 22 Mar – 1 AprArtistes et Robots, Grand Palais, Paris, 5 Apr – 1 AprTrace, New Media Gallery, New Westminster, CA, 28 Apr – 1 JulRobot Art Symposium, ICRA2018, Brisbane, AU, 21-25 MayMakerArt, Les Machines de l’Ile, Nantes, FR, 6-8 JulGoshka Macuga, Neue Museum, Nuremberg, DE, 13 Jul – 16 SepMirrar, Fundacion Telefonica, Lima, PE, 3 Aug – 4 AprBeyond 2001, Espacio Fundación Telefónica, Madrid, ES, 31 Oct – 17 FebPatchlab, Bunkier Stuki, Krakow, PL, 23 Oct – 28 OctAbsent Minded, Frieze event, Etro, London, 4-20 OctKPMG, Hotel Rothchild, Paris, FR, 26 Oct – 28 OctSingularity University, Puerto Vallarta, MX, 8-9 NovFestival di Arte e Robotica, Trieste, IT, 17-28 NovFI Forum, Frankfurt, DE, 17-20 NovADAF, Athens, GR, 24-27 May

Sound About UbuWeb Sound Originally focusing on Sound Poetry proper, UbuWeb's Sound section has grown to encompass all types of sound art, historical and contemporary. Beginning with pioneers such as Guillaume Apollinaire reading his "Calligrammes" in 1913, and proceeding to current practitioners such as Vito Acconci or Kristin Oppenheim, UbuWeb Sound surveys the entire 20th century and beyond. Voronoi Paintings with Toxiclibs Posted by Jan Vantomme on 28 July 2011. Tags: processing, toxiclibs, tutorial Every generative artist has probably created a work using Voronoi diagrams.

Michael Andrews (musician) In early 2000, Nancy Juvonen's brother Jim Juvonen gave Andrews a copy of the script for the as-yet-unmade feature film Donnie Darko. As had happened across Hollywood, Andrews was blown away by Richard Kelly’s idea. He recalled "[e]veryone knew Donnie Darko was going to be a cool movie. Everyone knew it was interesting." Kelly, for his part, was aware of Andrews's work with The Greyboy Allstars, and he also knew that Andrews made music under the name Elgin Park. The Felix Gonzalez-Torres Foundation Gonzalez-Torres’ bio is updated monthly with new exhibitions, publications and press materials. The most current version of the bio can be downloaded here; information on current and upcoming exhibitions can be found below: Current Exhibitions On the Road.

Espen Kluge — Kate Vass Galerie From the prehistoric skulls covered in plaster to the modern-day selfie, portraits have always been among the most important forms of visual art. Evolution has trained us to read the nuances of human facial expression with a higher degree of sensitivity than any other visual input, and for good reason. From finding a mate to sensing a foe, our ability to read subtle facial expressions is critical to navigating many of the most important and meaningful aspects of life. Our supercharged sensitivity to these facial signals creates a playground for portrait artists like Espen Kluge who can combine, bend, exaggerate, and break these signals to manipulate us and make us feel with heightened intensity. Kluge’s portraits feel monumental and architectural, reminding us of the sculptures of the Russian constructivists like Naum Gabo and Vladimer Tatlin. But in contrast to the somber character of the Constructivists, Kluge’s work explodes with a rainbow of color and emotion.

ESE Alpha 160214 Released Dear Friends and colleagues, You can download the ESE from here: Support will be given mainly through this blog.