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Le monde de la Photo

Le monde de la Photo

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35 Beautiful Photography Websites Advertisement Interest in photography has exploded over the last 10 years, largely thanks to the developments in digital photography. Cameras and computers have become cheaper and more powerful, software more sophistocated and printers can now print photos that are as good (if not better) than anything produced in a chemical darkroom. Digital Picture Zone Posted on Sep 06, 2008 | Comments 175 21.1K Flares21.1K Flares × Applied carefully, High Dynamic Range-technique (HDR) can create incredibly stunning pictures which blur our sense of the difference between reality and illusion. “In computer graphics and photography, high dynamic range imaging (HDRI) is a set of techniques that allows a greater dynamic range of exposures (the range of values between light and dark areas) than normal digital imaging techniques. Here are 25 stunningly beautiful HDR photographs. ( photo by klados25 )

Hair brushes Home Browse By Tags Register Submit Brush Advertise Comfortably Numb Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014 "In The Mood For Love." Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014 “Nothing is as eloquent as nothing.” 40 Examples of Panning Shots in Photography Panning is a technique in photography that is used to capture a moving object in action.The subject of the photo is clearly caught on camera; however, the rest remains a blur in the background. Panning suggests speed and velocity to an image. To date, more and more people are into enhancing their panning skills. Below are 40 Examples of Panning Shots in Photography that was shot by skilled and aspiring photographers as they explore and use the panning technique.

50 free Photoshop actions Adobe's flagship image-editing software Photoshop has a powerful programming language built-in that allows you to record tasks as an 'action' and replay the steps to complete the task automatically. Not only can you record your own but you can also import actions, opening up a whole range of effects and time-saving options – whether you're using an older CS or have signed up to the very latest Creative Cloud version. So to add to our collections of Photoshop plugins and Photoshop resources, here are some great Photoshop actions that are free to download and install, for photographers, graphic designers, game artists and more. venus as a boy Anonymous asked: number 5 4 turn ons: -thick eyebrows

Faux Photoshop: 15 Incredible Images That Look Altered but Aren't Faux Photoshop: 15 Surreal Images Look Altered but Aren’t Article by Steph, filed under Photography & Video in the Art category. Photoshop has revolutionized design, photography and illustration to the point where any image that manages to capture something really amazing is quickly dismissed as fake.

How to Make Time-lapse Video - Ultimate Guide Time-lapse photography is an interesting technique that records a scene or objects that has a slow state-of-change and turns it into a video that plays back in high speed. The easiest way to do it is to have your camera stationary on something that changes slowly (e.g. clouds, plants growing, etc) and start taking series of photo for hours or even days. Hours and hour’s worth of photos are compressed into a video with merely few minutes playtime, thus creating a time lapsing effect. In another word, it allows us to see the progress faster without having to wait along the actual time. Spotting sun’s movement from sunrise to sunset takes about 12 hours; it’s boring and you probably won’t notice the changes. But seeing it rise and set in 10 seconds, that’s pretty interesting!

Complete portrait retouching - 26 July 2010 - Poetry, Writings, Art, Design After and before retouching: 1. Duplicate your pic twice to get layer 1 and layer 1 copy. I will soften skin on layer 1. I will tell you why i prefer to soften the skin before removing blemishes while other people do in opposite way. Because after softening, we just need to work on less blemishes skin. How to Create Portraits that Captivate and Intrigue A Post By: Darren Rowse Yesterday as I wrote about an old professional photographer friend taught me about using a zoom lens as a compositional tool I was reminded of another influence that he had upon me – that of always considering the background and surrounds of your portrait subject. Image by Blazej Mrozinski I remember looking through one of his portfolios one afternoon and marveling at the way he was able to create shots that were just so…. interesting. He was the type of photographer who produced portrait images that you just couldn’t glance at – you were captivated by them, really drawn into the image.

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