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tamyca - Privates Carsharing Google URL Shortener 10 Helpful Websites You Have Never Heard Of | Top 10 Lists | Top It’s easy to get lost on the internet among the millions of useless websites and the couple dozen or so good ones. Unfortunately, some of the few good ones go way under the radar, and you’ve never even heard of them, let alone visit them. Ranging from practical and educational to just plain fun, these are sites you’ll want to bookmark. 10. Zeer If there was a website that could save your life, it’d be Zeer. 9. Wikipedia’s overrated and about to become outdated. 8. 5min Forget Ehow, Wikihow, or any other how-to website out there. 5min is your “one-stop shop for instructional videos and DIY projects.” 7. You can test drive a car, why shouldn’t you be able to test drive a phone? 6. Google News is an amazing source of news. 5. Despite popular belief, many people do actually enjoy reading books, but they just can’t find any time to set aside for this underrated hobby. 4. Traveling is a hassle. 3. 2. Think of the copious amounts of videos that exist all across the vast World Wide Web today. 1.

Cut MP3 Files Online CaptureToCloud: Save & Organize Online Content, Convert To Google Docs CaptureToCloud is a clever cloud application that integrates some of the major Google apps and Chrome bookmarks, as well as DropBox, and is optimized to work seamlessly with all of them. It will enable you to capture, share and organize all kinds of digital media, including websites, images, articles, links, bookmarks, files etc. The web app makes sure that important information is always accessible from any internet connected device. Your captured media can either be shared with your colleagues, or you can post it to Facebook, Twitter or email. Moreover, saved media can be converted to a Google Document or even viewed in a clutter-free layout. You can use the Chrome extension or Firefox add-on to capture all types of content, like web pages, images, articles, selected text, video links, maps and URLs. Next, you will be able to access all your saved content from your Inbox. The app has two collapsible sidebars on both sides. Visit CaptureToCloud Install CaptureToCloud Add-On For Firefox - Doctors. Lawyers. Ratings. Answers. - proxy pour surfer au travail ou au lycée

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