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Send Large Files. Clipperz - online password manager. Dropbox. MediaFire. All products 50% OFF, even yearly! Basic Get Started Pro 1 TB (1000 GB) $4.99/month $2.49/month Go Pro Business Up to 100TB $49.99/month $24.99/month Learn More Ad-free sharing and downloads 1TB (1000GB) of space 20GB per file Long-term storage No captcha codes Direct links to files Download entire folders FileDrop uploader Priority support Ad-free sharing and downloads Up to 100TB of space 20GB per file Long-term storage No captcha codes Direct links to files Download entire folders FileDrop uploader 100+ additional users Fully customizable branding Detailed download statistics Detailed security log Priority support Great for office documents, regular-size photos and audio files. 50% Off If you have lots of high-res images or other rich-media files, this is for you.

For creative types and anyone with lots of audio, video and other big files. Google Drive. CloudConvert - convert anything to anything. CaptureToCloud: Save & Organize Online Content, Convert To Google Docs. CaptureToCloud is a clever cloud application that integrates some of the major Google apps and Chrome bookmarks, as well as DropBox, and is optimized to work seamlessly with all of them.

CaptureToCloud: Save & Organize Online Content, Convert To Google Docs

It will enable you to capture, share and organize all kinds of digital media, including websites, images, articles, links, bookmarks, files etc. The web app makes sure that important information is always accessible from any internet connected device. Your captured media can either be shared with your colleagues, or you can post it to Facebook, Twitter or email. Moreover, saved media can be converted to a Google Document or even viewed in a clutter-free layout. CaptureToCloud will also monitor specific URLs for any changes and support uploading Chrome bookmarks to the cloud.

You can use the Chrome extension or Firefox add-on to capture all types of content, like web pages, images, articles, selected text, video links, maps and URLs. The app has two collapsible sidebars on both sides. Liked this app? Bitcasa Infinite Drive: 10-20 GB Free Storage. pCloud - 10-20 GB Free Storage. The Box: 10 GB Free Storage, Sharing.

MegaCloud - Free 8GBStorage For Sharing + 8GB Backup Space. - 5 GB Free Cloud Storage. iDrive - 5 GB Free Storage. CloudMe: 3 GB Free Storage. Amazon Cloud Drive 5 GB Free. Send Web Files To Dropbox, Google Drive & SkyDrive. With Save, you can download any file from the web directly to your Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive accounts without having to download that file to your computer.

Send Web Files To Dropbox, Google Drive & SkyDrive

Just enter the file's web address (or URL), pick a cloud service and, within seconds, the file will become available in your online account. The download is from cloud to cloud and therefore much faster. Save is also useful for mobile users as you can remotely download files, including file types that aren't supported by your mobile phone or tablet, to your mobile devices via Dropbox or Google Drive. Jolicloud - Jolidrive. 4sync: 15 GB Free Storage. Most of us use multiple devices to store and access our files – the desktop PC at work, the laptop at home and a tablet or smartphone on the go.

4sync: 15 GB Free Storage

And nowadays it is more convenient to store and access files from the cloud rather than locally. If you are using cloud storage services or plan to use one, check out 4sync. It is an online cloud storage service similar to Dropbox or Google Drive. It lets you access your files (photos, music, videos, documents etc) from anywhere – any computer, mobile phone or tablet. You don’t have to keep separate copies of your files. Once you make changes to your files from any device, you will see these changes instantly on any other device where you have placed the 4sync folder. 4sync provides you with backup of your files and keep them secure. It is available for Windows, Linux, Mac on the desktop and for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Symbian mobile platforms. Demo video Features:

Comodo Backup - 5 GB Free Storage. - 2 GB Free Storage. Spilled coffee on the keyboard? - 2 GB Free Storage

We’ve all been there. With Mozy, you can download all of your files with just one click (yes, it really is that easy). You can also receive emails and alerts when your restore requests are ready for download. Additionally, you can now use Mozy’s restore manager, which helps consolidate and transfer files to your computer. It’s like having a personal IT assistant. Access from anywhere With Mozy it’s easy to find your files quickly. If you sign into Mozy through a web browser you’ll find that our powerful file system search helps you locate specific files or folders in a snap. SpiderOak: File Sharing & Cloud Backup 2 GB Free. Hubic: 25 GB Free Storage, 100 GB For 1 Euro/month. 50GB Free Online Storage: ADrive. Firedrive - 50 GB Free Cloud Storage. - 50 Similar Cloud Tools Sites. 15 Great Free Online File Sharing Alternatives. Today’s technology and machines (whether it’s PC or Mac) are certainly capable of processing large original files like .PSD (Photoshop) and .AI (Illustrator) but the bad news is the sharing part aren’t .

15 Great Free Online File Sharing Alternatives

These files are fairly large in size and cumbersome to share with peers and clients. Two ways we would generally used – e-mailing and sharing via hosting account. Not saying it’s bad but e-mail comes with attachment limitation and usually doesn’t allow anything more than 100Mb. On the other hand sharing via web hosting account allows you to upload as big as your account can take but it also means the file is exposed by anyone who knows its direct path.

File-sharing web services solve most of these problems. Streamfile.