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Circle Knit Shirt Tutorial

Circle Knit Shirt Tutorial
Post by Raechel of So. I have a favorite shirt. Anyway, I wear it with a long tank top, leggings and either boots or black Toms, depending on the weather. So, I worked this week on developing a 2T-sized version of my shirt. What you’ll need: The fabric piece I used was knit (you want a drapey fabric), and was 20″ wide and 34″ long. Also, you’ll need a sewing machine. Get your fabric piece laid out on your cutting board, folded on the top so it looks 21″x17″. There. (That’s a fold on the top – you want your rectangle intact!) This might be a good time to tell you how to measure for a size other than 2T… How to measure for your own sizing: Width: Arms straight out, you want the sleeves to fall just on the hand-side of your elbow. Length: For length, you’ll have to pardon my sailor language, but you want the front and back them to land right about at the crotch. Neck: And for the neck – I don’t like huge neck holes on little people, it just looks like a worn out onesie.

TUTORIAL] Book Page Necklace I introduced this necklace a while back and sold a couple at the facebook sale, but since my shop is going in a different direction, I've decided to share the tutorial for this necklace. MATERIALS NEEDED: 30" of chain 2 pages from an old book 1 piece of poster board Glue 1 quarter Scissors Varnish Matches Pearls Jump rings Lobster Claps [1] Cut two pieces of chain, 15 1/2, and 18 inches long. [2] Attach the two chains at both ends with small jump rings: [Should look like this] [3] Rip out 2 pages from an old book. [4] Trace a quarter on the book page: [5] Cut out the tracing: [6] Paint cut-out with varnish: [7] Use a match to burn the edges of the cut-out: [8] Use a hammer and nail to punch a hole into the cut-out: [9] Attach a jump ring through the hole: [Repeat steps 4-9 to make 7 of these book page pendants] [10] Attach 7 pearls to jump rings: [11] Plan out where all the pendants and pearls are going to be on the necklace: I'm linking to these parties.

Penny Berk » Scarves Blue Green Nuno Autumn Leaves Black & White Blue and White Shawl Red Net Blue & All Mesh Brown Mesh Coral Reef Combo Feather Weight Silk and Wool Semi-circle Shawl Summer Nuno BnP Sunny Day Catapiller Tripod in blue The Shieldmaiden Corset To Make the Corset: For my corset I used velvet, flat lined with cotton sateen as the top layer, and cotton twill as the lining layer. Cut out the pieces: Front (Cut one fabric, one interlining, one lining): Cut with straight edge on the fold Back (Cut two fabric, two interlining, two lining): Cut with straight edge on the selvedge The sewing: Lining: 1) Using a 1/2" seam allowance, sew the front to the backs. 2) Turn back edges under (to the wrong side) about 1/8" then about 3/8" to form casings for bones. I used artificial whalebone for the center back and spiral steel for the side and front boning. 5) Insert boning. The Outer Layer: 1) Stitch interlining to fabric, wrong sides together. For quilting. To put the corset together: Trim as desired! Shieldmaiden Home

Upcycle: Pillowcase to top tutorial I teased some post a go asking what could I make with a pillowcase, ribbon and some lace? Here is the answer =] A pretty vintage top. I loved the flow this particular pillowcase had and since it was one of the last sets Ken had before we moved together, I didn’t think he’ll miss it hehe (it’s for a single bed and there is another one in case we need it) There are so many possibilities and well pillowcases are easy to find right? I really liked the green and mixed it up with some vintage lace I had hanging around, I used ribbon for the straps and even tho there is a lof of pillowcase dresses and t-shirts out there, I wanted to show my version because I made it so to be very loose-fitting and comfy. To make this top is super easy and you dont need a serger at all (even tho if you have an extra one you can always send it my way! * This tutorial is provided for personal, non-commercial use only.

Urban Jungle Slouchy Beanie Ever since I took up crocheting again, I wanted to make myself a hat. Crocheting amigurumi is fun and all, but once in a while it’s nice being able to wear something you’ve crocheted rather than having it sit on a shelf :) Crochet Pattern Central has a great directory of free hat patterns here. I wanted to find a pattern for a modern, trendy hat, and after looking at countless photos, I found this absolutely beautiful pattern found HERE by Vicki Howell for CARON Yarns. Before getting to the puff stitches, however, I needed to make a ribbed band. And so, once the strip measured about 22” (56 cm), I sewed the short ends together to form a band. Next I worked single crochets around the edge of the band. Aren’t the puff stitches gorgeous? About 16 rows of puff stitches and one and a half balls of yarn later, I was ready to close off the top of the hat! You close off the top of the hat by pinching the edges and single crocheting them together in a star formation.

Fabric Button Earrings I love the idea of using fabric buttons to decorate mundane things. This tutorial is for making fabric button earrings, but you could make fabric button magnets or push pins. I got this idea from this website. After you buy the basic supplies you can make tons of these. I gave a couple pairs out for Christmas and they loved them! Ingredients:Button Blanks ~ I found them at my local craft store but you could also find them at Joann's. Gather supplies. There are instructions on the back of the pack: On the back there is a button pattern. Now take the button backs and remove the wire. Now follow my pictures to figure out what to do... Push down {into the hole} Fold fabric in. Push the finished button out of the white thing! To attach the earring backs use hot glue. I made a couple :)

Morse Code Wrap Bracelet My obsession with these wrap bracelets came just in time for this season of gift giving. They are stylish and fun to wear, they come together quickly and can be easily personalized. This personalization idea came to me when I realized I didn't have enough beads to make a full double-wrapped bracelet so I needed to bring in some other colors. Rather than add them in a random pattern, I decided to use Morse Code to add secret dot and dash messages to the bracelets. I made this one for myself. It has our initials, "J", "M" and "C". This one says "CREATE". These make great last minute gifts so if you're doing the holiday scramble like I am, give this project a shot! Stay sane, friends!

DIY Shrinky Dinks for Adults Here’s a cool DIY that puts the shrinky dinks you used as a child to good use! Why should kids have all the fun? All you need to get started is shrink plastic (google for sources), a pair of scissors and stamps to apply your design. June Gilbank of PlanetJune has the full tutorial available on her website. Visit PlanetJune for the full tutorial! Check out other articles by Rachel here! Craft Tools: Metal Stamping Show her some love! Hello, Lemon Jitters readers! Katie's been sharing her digital expertise over at my blog for awhile, so I figured it was high time I paid you guys a visit over here! When I first got into jewelry-making and blogging, I got a little obsessed with metal stamping. For a pretty reasonable investment, you can make gifts that will blow people away. You'll look infinitely more thoughtful and put-together than your friends, and you can gloat for days over being the best gift-giver at your next function. *1. *2. 3. *4. *5. *6. 7. 8. *9. I have *starred everything you absolutely need to start off with.

headband tutorial What you need: -Flower petal template- located HERE-Sheer fabric-Felt-Permanent fabric glue-Headband (wide bands work best)-Scissors-Cardstock What to do: -Print the template on cardstock and cut out -Trace template onto fabric: 12 Large, 20 Medium, 3 Small To make the large flower: -Fold in half. -Fold in half again. -Make a few quick stitches to hold in place. -Cut a small circle of felt. -Sew the folded petals to the edge of the felt circle. -Sew 8 petals around the edge and 4 in the center, then fluff. Repeat steps to make the medium flower. This is a diagram of how I assembled the petals on the headband. Use small dots of permanent fabric glue to attach the large flower to the side of the headband. Attach the medium size flower above the larger flower, towards the center. Now all you have to do is attach petals down the sides.

DIY - Tutorial - How to make a leather bow cuff bracelet You will need : - A piece of leather, approx. 22cm x 10cm (approx. 8.7" x 4") - Scissors - Leather glue or super glue - Thread - A snap button 1. Cut an oval piece of leather, approx. 22cm x 10cm (approx. 8.7" x 4"). You can make it longer or smaller, depending on the size of your wrist. 2. Form a bow. 3. 4. 5. 6. And Voila! Please let me know if something is unclear or if you have any question regarding this tutorial. Have a lovely day! Newspaper Nails A few weeks ago I shared in this post that I learned how to do this amazing thing called "newspaper nails." Since I love words, and reading, and books, it has inevitably become my favorite manicure. Want to learn the how-to? First, gather your supplies. Step one: Grab some newspaper and cut it into pieces big enough to cover your nails. Step two: Paint your nails white. Step three: Dip a piece of newspaper into the rubbing alcohol and saturate them well. Step four: Press the bit of newspaper on your fingernail hard for about three seconds and peel it off. Step five: Top coat time! Now admire your creation; and try not to chip your nails the first day like I all-too-often do.

DIY Fashion-Forward Bracelets When money is tight, but fabulous fashion is a necessity, try out your crafting skills to make something new and fantastic. These bracelets are sure to impress and look quite expensive, but all they require is some gold chain and friendship bracelet yarn, both of which you can find at a craft store like Michael’s Art Supply. Make one signature piece or stack a bunch for a layered look! BFrend Bracelets by Monika You can find the full blog post here to see more styles of these bracelets. Another fun and very creative bracelet is this one made out of gold or silver nuts, normally used to secure bolts. Amazing what you can create with such inexpensive items! Maegan : Fashion, DIY, Home, Lifestyle: No Heat SJP BIG CURLS w/ Twisted Buns ...also known as Bantu Knots ~ Los Angeles If you follow me on Instagram you already know about this because I shared it there see photos below but the other night I slept on twisted buns to get these BIG CURLS just to switch it up a little which the husband LOVES. In fact he said “You know, you could do that MORE OFTEN if you wanted to”. Big curls are a BIG hit around here In 2009 I did a quick video demonstrating how I twist my hair into the little buns whilst singing to Lady Gaga – but I only did a photo tutorial of how to get the finished look. So the other morning before I left for the gallery I filmed it for you and hopefully answered all the questions I’ve gotten about this easy little tutorial. The first and last photos were taken at around 5:30pm in the afternoon so you can see how the curls fall a little and become big waves, though my hair doesn’t get any smaller. * CLICK HERE for outfit photos and details. Video of me removing the bantu knots and styling my hair… Have Fun! Find all my Hair Tutorials Here.