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Croquis Pose Quick sketch method | DCTdesigns Creative Canvas I came across a video on quickly hashing out a croquis pose from a photograph. I wanted to make sure to share it with you but have managed to lose the link. Ugh!…the dangers of blogging and idea storage mishaps. Once I rediscover it I will post the link. Since this is the method I use for quick sketches I will do my best to reiterate the idea. In Croquis II I went over the basics to creating the croquis figure. But for the purpose of this exercise you can use my new 10 head figure template. The center line on the template now serves as the plum line. From here you can add in the neck, head and feet and flush out the figure. Like everything practice, practice, practice. Hope this tutorial was helpful. Images: Aciele / Frida Gustavson for Neiman Marcus / DCTdesigns Like this: Like Loading...

Rami Kadi :: site Esmod Moda Tasarımı eğitimi, VAKKO ESMOD MODA AKADEMİSİ’nde eğitim programının iki temel dersinden biri olarak, yıl boyunca devam eden kısa dönem kurslar eşliğinde verilmektedir. Program, öğrencilerin çizim tekniklerinin yanısıra yaratıcı düşünmeyi de öğrenmelerini amaçlar. Eylül 2014/ Ocak 2015 Süre: 14 HaftaGün ve Saat: 8 Ocak Çarşamba - Moda tasarımına giriş - Temel çizim tekniklerine giriş - Moda figürü çizimi - Beden detayları: Baş, gözler, dudaklar, eller, ayaklar - Moda figürü illüstrasyonu (çeşitli duruşlar; ön, arka, profil, vb Moda dünyasında tasarımcı olarak yer almayı hedefleyen öğrencilerin, yaratıcılık ve yeteneklerinin yanı sıra, farklı kalıp çıkarma ve dikiş tekniklerini de çok iyi kavramış olmaları gerekir. KENDİ ETEĞİNİ YARAT Eylül 2014 / Ocak 2015Süre: 14hafta / 42saatGün ve Saat: Haftada 1 gün 18.30 - 21.30 KENDİ GÖMLEĞİNİ YARAT 29 Nisan 2014 / 22 Temmuz 2014Süre: 13hafta / 39 saatGün ve Saat: Haftada 1 gün Salı 18.30 - 21.30 Başa Dön Süre: 3 hafta Tarih: 7 - 25 Temmuz 2014 1.

Collection of Beautiful Brochure Designs to Promote Your Business You know a brochure is one of the most effective and powerful way of promoting or advertising your business.We can easily say that,brochure printing is the face of your company.So brochures must be definetely well designed,should be written in clear, precise and interesting language that will grab your customer’s attention.So if you want to increase your sales then a high quality brochure is one of the best way. After you decide to promote your products with brochures, find a quality printing service.Well,online printing services are very popular in recent years.So just make a search using Google for online printing companies and find the best for your needs. Brochure Source Brochure Source Brochure Source Brochure Source Brochure Source Brochure Source Brochure Source Brochure Source Brochure Source Brochure Source Brochure Source Brochure Source Brochure Source Brochure Source Brochure Source Brochure Source Brochure Source Brochure Source Brochure Source Brochure Source Brochure Source Brochure Source

Surface Design, Pattern Design Studio Fabulous Doodles-Fashion Illustration Blog-by Brooke Hagel WGSN Tumblr - Thought, insight and inspiration from the worldwide leader in fashion trend forecasting Artists Inspire Artists | Create. Share. Inspire NOA RAVİV COMBİNES GRİD PATTERNS AND 3D PRİNTİNG FOR FASHİON COLLECTİON Israeli fashion designer Noa Raviv has integrated 3D-printed elements into ruffled garments influenced by distorted digital drawings. Raviv used the shapes of broken Greek and Roman marble sculptures to inform the asymmetric silhouettes. "The silhouettes were influenced by classical sculptures, which were the point of departure for creating the collection," she said. Noa Raviv is a fourth year student at Shenkar College of Design in Ramat Gan, Israel.

Womenswear | Womens Designer Clothing Follow us Website built by Eurostop By continuing to use our site, you agree to the use of cookies to enhance your shopping experience. You can find out more by following this link.Accept AnoBanO: Art With Fabric - Marit Fujiwara Marit Fujiwara graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2009 and then set up her company Tanana Takite. Specialising in mixed media and constructive textiles, she creates some really unique pieces that push the boundaries between Art, Craft and Design. She adopts an experimental attitude towards materials, combining traditional printing techniques with embroidery and fabric manipulation.