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This will be our year « Kris Atomic

This will be our year « Kris Atomic
August 17th, 2010 You know in fashion when trends for a season magically intersect with all the things you like and suit you and suddenly shopping is a joy rather than a drag? No, me neither. But I think my time has come! Honestly, I think I need a lie down. All images from a variety of august/september ’10 issues of magazines via the glorious Fashion Gone Rogue. Related:  Moda Mujeres (women´s fashion)

my nails!!!! :) 949 440 137 723 555 848 1103 1539 955 147 320 171 790 587 852 825 798 421 1009 233 207 642 411 663 404 433 407 1497 280 354 319 894 129 119 728 166 157 463 63 582 286 462 349 139 2078 1629 Marchesa, fit for an Empress > Fashion show coverage Just when you thought there were no ways left for Marchesa to reinvent the breathtaking yet unique evening gown, we’re handed this collection on an ornate silver platter that came straight out of some exotic palace. The origami-like shapes found their way back in, while other pieces were beaded and draped like the processional garb of some ancient Empress. Odds are the red carpets will also be awash with the full lace one-pieces that brought the jumpsuit to a new level of formality and elegance. More images after the jump. Images:

Urban Renewal by Mari Santos We're usually kinda "meh" about most T-shirt surgeries because we're just can't get into the hack'em, slash'em sartorial school of thought. Toronto-based Mari Santos, on the other hand, is such a genius with a pair of scissors we want to hitchhike across the border, kidnap her, head back south, and then set her to work against her will on the oversize T-shirts we seem to get for free by the pound. Except that it would probably be illegal. Which is kind of a bummer. Her ethos: "Taking something old, frumpy and ill fitting and making it into something new." More pictures below the fold. [Via ::NotCot] Mary Mary Quite Contrary – HonestlyWTF It’s no surprise that the work of Mary Katrantzou is featured in V‘s upcoming ‘Discovery’ issue, featuring the next generation of emerging fashion designers. A relatively new designer, Mary has already made her mark with her simple silhouettes, emblazoned with hyper-realistic, richly innovative, bold colour prints. Her Spring 2011 collection is entirely printed with images of lavish hotel and stateroom interiors by digitalizing fragments of pages from vintage copies of Architectural Digest and The World of Interiors. Whether you dig her dresses or not (and I do!!), you can’t deny her talent and willingness to take a risk. (top image from here, bottom images from here)

Haute Design by Sarah Klassen: Graceful Gowns by Papilio I came across these delicate and sweet gowns the other day, and thought you might enjoy them as well! Photographed prettily by Marino Danilova, these dresses offer such a dreamy look...I haven't shared too many wedding gowns in the past, but I find I greatly enjoy those that are so special and unique, don't you? I couldn't begin to choose a favorite, though, I'm really liking the lightly gold toned dress as well as the detailed neckline and waistline of the gown featured on the left in the last image. Do you have a favorite? {Just in Case} A few features this week, to click... * Share your favorite style secret to enter to win this fashionable book!

30 Fashion Illustrators You Can't Miss Part 1 | Fashionary Blog (Updated: 11th March 2013) Our blog was revamped and please check out Fashionary Hand for more fashion illustrations and sketches. The fashion illustration is an unique art. You need to strike a balance between the whole drawing and the details of the garment. This is why it is very hard to master. Below, we have 30 illustrators you can drawn inspiration from. — PART 2 (updated 23 Mar) 1) Antonio lopez, 1943-1987, New York, USA Antonio Lopez is the Picasso of fashion illustration. 2) David downtown, British David downtown illustrations are interesting, one side its kinda trash and the other side its more sweet with nice curves! 3) ISAO Yajima, Japanese ISAO Yajima is the most famous Japanese fashion illustrator in the past decades. 4) Tony Viramonte, 1960~1988, Los Angeles, USA He worked for magazines and fashion houses in Italy, France and Japan. 5) Stephen Stipelman 6) Joe Eula, 1925 – 2004, Norwalk, Conn. 7) Roger Duncan, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA 8) Laura Laine, Finnish Mr.

DIY guide – draped skirt | Passions for Fashion mandag, 19 september 2011 Her får I den længe ventede DIY guide til at binde en draperet nederdel, som jeg første gang viste i et indlæg fra Kreta. Jeg har brugt et gammelt tørklæde fra H&M, men har I ikke et tørklæde i den stil, kan man købe et langt stykke jersey stof i en stofbutik meget billigt. Jeg håber at I kan lide guiden og at den er til at forstå, ellers spørger I bare. Here is a DIY guide on how to tie a draped skirt.

valentino haute couture fall/winter 2009-10 photographed by sofia sanchez e mauro mongiello + vogue italia september 2009 « LARISSA BELKIS About these ads Gostar disto: Gosto Carregando... « bergdorf goodman fall/ winter collections 2009 magazine + iris strubegger by sanchez & mongiello guinevere van seenus + rodarte + purple fashion #12 » Acções Informação Data : Setembro 7, 2009 Categorias : Uncategorized THE SUN WAS HIGH: DIY // Galaxy Jeans I don't want to enter in a "I liked galaxies before it was cool to like them" monologue, but I've always been obsessed with outer space! My brother and I used to visit the local library and borrow tons of books about galaxies, spaceships and planets. The obsession stuck and now, even my design portfolio is filled with space-inspired pieces. There is something so fascinating and mysterious about coloured clouds, planets and stars... Galaxy print clothes have gained phenomenal popularity over the last three years, but oddly enough, they never made it to the racks of affordable chain stores. This afternoon, I found a pair of old washed out black jeans I wore in high school and I decided to make my own non-pricey galaxy-inspired jeans! You'll need: - A pair of black jeans. - A spray bottle filled with two parts bleach (javel) and one part cold water - Some acrylic paints. - An old toothbrush - A sponge - Little containers/plates to mix the paint 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.