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Apollo Magazine » The International Art Magazine

PRÉMIO DE FOTOGRAFIA EMERGENTES DST - ENCONTROS DA IMAGEM | ARTECAPITAL.NET O prémio de Fotografia Emergentes DST é uma iniciativa da empresa Domingos da Silva Teixeira, em parceria com os Encontros da Imagem, que visa premiar o melhor portfólio de Fotografia Contemporânea 2011. O Prémio de Fotografia Emergentes DST é atribuído através da Leitura Crítica de Portfólios que oferece aos fotógrafos a oportunidade de apresentarem o seu trabalho a comissários, galeristas e editores especializados, constituindo um meio preferencial de promover a sua obra. O Festival Internacional de Fotografia Encontros da Imagem convida os autores a apresentarem a sua candidatura ao Prémio EMERGENTES DST, que se rege pelo seguinte regulamento: 1.Destinatários Podem candidatarem-se todos os criadores que usem a fotografia como meio preferencial de expressão, sem distinção de nacionalidade, sexo ou idade. 2. Prémio O Prémio Emergentes DST consiste no valor pecuniário de 7.500 euros e uma exposição individual no Festival Encontros da Imagem - 2011. 3. 4. 5.

Art Journal | Art Journal Official Home Modern Art Obsession The Best Books about PhotoBooks!! So.. at MAO we got an email the other day asking what the best resources are for collecting photobooks. Sadly.. we accidentally deleted this person's email.. SHIT...OOPS! So we couldn't answer this person directly. My apologies to that person! BUT, Since it's a good topic, we thought it was worthwhile of a full posting filled with our vapid, self serving studied thoughts on this important topic. FYI.. OK.. 1. Century. This is the book which set the standard for photobook reference guides. With 2 to 4 pages for each book, the textbook is well researched.. and has put together some of the best minds on the topic of important photography books. This is a MUST have for any serious photobook collector. FYI.. this reference book has also been largely responsible for increasing the prices ten fold for any photobook even mentioned inside these pages. 2. Hasselblad Center, Goteberg, 2005. 423 pp., 404 illustrations, 8x10". Sadly we missed this show in 2005! but, 3. 4.

London Review of Books · 5 June 2014 Il Giornale dell'Arte About - Live Art Development Agency Established in 1999, the Live Art Development Agency has both responded to, and impacted upon, the increasingly influential nature of Live Art practices in the UK and internationally by developing an extensive portfolio of specialized resources, opportunities, projects and publishing activities; and by working strategically, in partnership, and in consultation with practitioners and organisations in the cultural sector. The Live Art Development Agency: houses the Study Room, a unique open access research library; runs Unbound, the world’s only dedicated online shop for Live Art books, DVDs and limited editions; pioneers models of artistic and professional development, dialogue and debate; contributes to groundbreaking research, study and teaching; coordinates Live Art UK, the national network of Live Art promoters; and develops ways of increasing access to, and engagement with, Live Art through curatorial projects, programming partnerships and publishing. – Graphic Design, Art, Publishing, Curating… - Il Mondo X e l'arte / Portale internazionale di arte moderna e cultura contemporanea DIY Photography: Make A Low Profile, Low Cost Backdrop Wall Mount — DIY Lomography Method Start off with two angle strong ties, the ones you use to bind wooden beams together. This tutorial uses the ones that are about 7cm on each side of the angle. Are you living and shooting in confined spaces? DIY Photography is a place dedicated to photography lovers. DIY Photography aims to share tips, techniques and creative alternatives for photography without breaking your bank account.