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Motographite cafe racer

Motographite cafe racer

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Red Baron Triumph Bonneville Cafe Racer Earlier this year I ran a story on the "Big Chill", an '08 Triumph Bonneville Cafe Racer built by custom workshop Mean Machines. This latest Hinckley Bonneville from the Sydney based outfit which is aptly named the "Red Baron", is essentially the same build spec as the Big Chill with one major difference, it has much bigger balls. Mean Machines were obviously happy with how the Big Chill Bonnie turned out. The Red Baron has identical handling tweaks, the same lighting set up, the same fibreglass bodywork and the same rear foot pegs. While replicating a previous build might sound like a cop out the Red Baron is still an impressively thorough customisation of the donor bike.

BMW R100RS Custom By C59R Cafe Racer Motorcycles Spain - Moto Rivista The GranDream, which as its name suggests is its owner’s dream come true, is a classic-style Cafe Racer for everyday use. As with all C59R projects, the first thing that grabs your attention about this BMW R100RS custom Cafe Racer is its impeccable finish. The top quality chrome, flawless burnished aluminum, stainless steel bolts & fasteners and detailed workmanship on each and every one of its parts is what distinguish this bike. The front-end of this BMW R100RS custom features an adapted R90S fairing, whilst keeping the original throttle controls, clutch & lights, and the handlebars have been lengthened by 5cm on each side to improve handling. The star feature of the dash is an Acewell Series 4 gauge that links two worlds: analogue for the rev counter and digital for the speedo, odometer, temperature gauge, etc.

HONDA CB 350 FOUR "SMOOTH CRIMINAL" by THE TARANTULAS HONDA CB 350 FOUR "SMOOTH CRIMINAL" by THE TARANTULAS CL160 headlight / speedo, braided steel front brake line (removed old pressure switch) running up to a mid 90’s cr125 master cylinder. Tons of powder coating and some seat upholstry done by Ginger at New Church 161 187Google +0 5 3476 5 Etichette: honda Touratech <div class="rgsgcontent"><div class="myGallery-NoScript" id="myGallery-NoScript5"><div class="rgsg-btn" style="display:none">00</div><img src="fileadmin/user_upload/Slideshow_1010x350/01intermot12.jpg" class="full" /></div></div> Nouvelles Deutsch English Nouvelles Italiano

it roCkS! CB750 Gravedigger Osvaldo Coutinho and Alexandre Santos are the guys behind it roCkS!bikes, based in Oporto in Portugal. They are both engineers and self-confessed motorcycle addicts. Journal — Iron & Air Magazine I think we all take ourselves a little too serious sometimes. I mean, we play with toys for a living! Granted, not all toys are alike. Take this one in particular. She's the ugly duckling you can't stop looking at. The fat chick that got skinny. Roland Sands Design POSTED Wednesday, March 30, 2011 Blog 23 COMPLETE Here’s a few shots of the new owner and her brand new KTM.

cafe racer culture bubble support Lennard Schuurmans is hunting down the good stuff on planet cool to post for you on Bubble Visor. In the spirit of Bubble Visor he started the Barn Fresh Company in 2012. Old fashioned high quality garments. Support this blog and buy his Barn Fresh products. bubble mail Search Showing 1-15 of 532 results for cafe racer Thursday 27th March, 2014 Saturday 22nd March, 2014 Wednesday 5th March, 2014 Sunday 19th January, 2014 Tuesday 4th February, 2014 Tuesday 3rd December, 2013 Tuesday 19th November, 2013 Thursday 19th September, 2013 Thursday 25th April, 2013 Tuesday 5th February, 2013 Thursday 21st March, 2013 Tuesday 2nd October, 2012

Search Showing 1-15 of 393 results for honda cb350 Friday 17th January, 2014 Saturday 5th October, 2013 Thursday 3rd January, 2013 Saturday 15th September, 2012 Wednesday 14th September, 2011 Thursday 25th November, 2010 Thursday 20th March, 2014 Tuesday 3rd December, 2013 Thursday 3rd October, 2013 Saturday 25th January, 2014 Sunday 27th October, 2013 Thursday 29th August, 2013 Thursday 20th August, 2009 Saturday 7th September, 2013 Not what you're looking for? Try a new search: CafeRacer.XXX - Projects A Cafe Racer XXX project with British Customs and Loaded Gun Customs!!! As Sasha and I near our one year anniversary of Café Racer XXX, I had a order of unfinished business. Her Bike. Her baby.

Motorcycle Shopper While the Honda CB350 engine in stock form is quite potent, it lends itself quite readily to some added horsepower.If you choose not to build up your engine right away, you still need to disassemble it, check it out and replace any worn components. If you decide to get it blueprinted and balanced (making sure your pistons are equal weight, rods are equal weight, carbs to intake and intake to heads are matched, etc. ) you will find this alone will make the engine much faster and reliable than before. Since I already had racing experience, I opted for more performance. I chose the 123-20 cam from MEGACYCLE CAMS, San Rafael, California.

Carb Rebuild Picked up two carb kits for $25 each, and the correct main jets for another $6 each, for a total of $31 per carb. Now, instead of topping out at fifty-five, I'm shifting into fifth at fifty. She makes sixty at just about 5900 rpm, seventy at about 7k. Honda cb350 - Pictures, tips and links - ben miranda . com Searchable Parts List This is still a work in progress: Searchable cb350 parts listSo far, I have the complete parts list for the K5 (cb350g) through K2. Once finished it will have all 5 models plus the complete CL350 parts list as well. Easily Test Your Condensers (without expensive equipment) & Searchable Parts List This step by step guide walks you through how to test your condensers with a battery, a couple resistors (easily found at Radio Shack), a stopwatch and a volt meter. My Honda cb350 twin