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Running Along the Disaster: A Conversation with Franco “Bifo” Berardi LaborinArt Önder Özengi & Pelin Tan (LaborinArt): You wanted to speak about the European crisis, especially its effect on the Mediterranean, the Near East, and the Middle East. What does the collapse of social welfare mean for these territories and countries? Franco “Bifo” Berardi (FBB): After May 25, we must be able to say that the “European experiment” is over. The impressive result that the National Front will have in the French elections is going to add the word “end” to this expression. The financial system has pushed the EU into the abyss, provoking the resurgence of French nationalism: the EU is now a dead man walking. Istubalz, Untitled, 2014. LiA: Europe is heterogeneously filled with migrant workers and refugee labor economies. FBB: In general, European politics is now polarized between financial capitalism and the resurgence of nationalism. Society has been crushed, precarized, impoverished. Hewsel, Diyarbakır, March 2014. FBB: No, it is not a question of size. LiA: Escaping.

Consigli per riconoscere la destra sotto qualunque maschera | Giap [Un montaggio di cose scritte (non solo da noi WM) in diversi post e interviste, utile a riprendere e mostrare il filo della questione. Prendetelo come il nostro contributo alla fine della campagna elettorale più brutta e angosciante dal 1946 a oggi. I link alle fonti sono nei “cancelletti”.]– # Le categorie di «destra» e «sinistra», nate durante la Rivoluzione francese, furono date per morte già sotto il Direttorio, nel periodo 1795-1799. La divisione destra-sinistra ha basi cognitive profonde, se ne occupano anche le neuroscienze. Tagliando con l’accetta, «di sinistra» è chi pensa che la società sia costitutivamente divisa, perché al suo interno giocano sempre interessi contrapposti, prodotti da contraddizioni intrinseche. Non c’è dubbio che nell’Italia di oggi il discorso egemone, anche tra persone che si pensano e dichiarano di sinistra, sia quello di destra. Dietro questo punto di vista, che è molto diffuso, c’è una buona dose di mistificazione. Osserva Salvemini:

Organized movements of resistance to tamper, disable, or destroy positions of power, authority, or coercion. through europe Has a libertarian society ever existed? - The Libertarian Republic by Ian Huyett It’s sometimes suggested that libertarian ideas are hazardous because they lack precedent. Functioning decentralized societies, it’s implied, are absent from humanity’s past. Yet throughout recorded history, nations have survived and thrived without the overarching authority that President Obama assures us is necessary for prosperity. My observation is nothing new. Icelandic Godord Perhaps the most familiar example of a historic libertarian order, the godord system of old Iceland has been cited by economist David Friedman and other libertarian thinkers as an example of a decentralized legal system. It’s not a coincidence that many advocates of liberty see a paradise amidst the pages of Iceland’s sagas. The creation of Iceland was, first and foremost, a flight from overarching government. Because Icelanders rejected kingship, men who wished to become godar – religious and political leaders – had to persuade others to follow them voluntarily. The Hoplite-Farmer Related

Franco “Bifo” Berardi | Adbusters The Spanish colonization of Mesoamerica was essentially a process of symbolic and cultural submission. The “superiority” of the colonizers lay on the operational effectiveness of their technical production. The colonization destroyed the cultural environment in which indigenous communities had been living for centuries: the alphabetic technology, the power of the written word overwhelmed, jeopardized and finally superseded the indigenous cultures. Before the arrival of the Spanish invaders Malinche (Malinalli in Nahuatl language, Marina for the Spaniards), the daughter of a noble Aztec family, was given away as a slave to passing traders after her father died and her mother remarried. She became the lover of Cortés and accompanied him as interpreter. Malinche is the ultimate symbol of the end of a world, and also the symbol of the formation of a new semiotic and symbolic space. The Eurasian continent is heading toward a proliferation of fragmentary conflict.

Attack the System Contributions des inventeurs d'incroyances appliquées à un changement de perspective, utilisant des pratiques révolutionnaires, anarchistes, marxiennes, dialectiques, situationnistes, écologiques, psychanalytiques, constructivistes radicales, sceptiques,