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Problem-Solving Skills From

Problem-Solving Skills From

What is Problem Solving? - Problem Solving Skills from © iStockphoto/PerlAlexander Problems are only opportunities in work clothes. – Henry Kaiser (American industrialist) Having good strong problem solving skills can make a huge difference to your career. Problems are at the center of what many people do at work every day. A fundamental part of every manager's role is finding ways to solve them. There are four basic steps in solving a problem: Defining the problem. Steps 2 to 4 of this process are covered in depth in other areas of Mind Tools. The articles in this section of Mind Tools therefore focus on helping you make a success of the first of these steps – defining the problem. Defining the Problem The key to a good problem definition is ensuring that you deal with the real problem – not its symptoms. Tools like 5 Whys , Appreciation and Root Cause Analysis help you ask the right questions, and work through the layers of a problem to uncover what's really going on. Understanding Complexity Problem-Solving Processes Key Points

KS Methods Skip to main content You are not a member of this wiki. Join now Dismiss guest Join | Help | Sign In Knowledge Sharing Tools and Methods Toolkit Home guest| Join | Help | Sign In Turn off "Getting Started" Loading... 15 Free Charlie Chaplin Films Online A few things to know about Charlie Chaplin. He starred in over 80 films, reeling off most during the silent film era. In 1914 alone, he acted in 40 films, then another 15 in 1915. By the 1920s, Chaplin had emerged as the first larger-than-life movie star and director, if not the most recognizable person in the world. The film icon died on Christmas Day in 1977, and we're commemorating this just-passed anniversary by highlighting 65 Chaplin films available on the web. Above, you will find a Chaplin mini-film festival that brings together four movies shot in 1917: The Adventurer, The Cure, Easy Street and The Immigrant. Most of the quoted summaries above were written by Ed Stephan on IMDB. Related Content: Free Alfred Hitchock Films Free John Wayne Films Tarkovsky Films Free Online

Design and Research January 2003 (This article is derived from a keynote talk at the fall 2002 meeting of NEPLS.) Visitors to this country are often surprised to find that Americans like to begin a conversation by asking "what do you do?" I've never liked this question. I don't consider myself to be doing research on programming languages. The difference between design and research seems to be a question of new versus good. What I'm going to talk about today is what your target looks like from the back. The biggest difference is that you focus more on the user. Notice I said "what they need," not "what they want." The customer is always right in the sense that the measure of good design is how well it works for the user. And yet, making what works for the user doesn't mean simply making what the user tells you to. The answer to the paradox, I think, is that you have to design for the user, but you have to design what the user needs, not simply what he says he wants. You can do this in software too. Related:

Topics / CAF - Common Assessment Framework A common European quality management instrument for the public sector developed by the public sector. The Common Assessment Framework (CAF) is a result of the co-operation among the EU Ministers responsible for Public Administration. A pilot version was presented in May 2000 and revised versions were launched in 2002, 2006 and 2013. A CAF Resource Centre (CAF RC) was created at the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) in Maastricht following the decision of the Directors General in charge of public service. It works in close cooperation with the network of CAF national correspondents. The CAF is an easy-to-use, free tool to assist public-sector organisations across Europe in using quality management techniques to improve their performance. The model is based on the premise that excellent results in organisational performance, citizens/customers, people and society are achieved through leadership driving strategy and planning, people, partnerships, resources and processes.

Icon Archive - Search 349,386 free icons, desktop icons, download icons, social icons, xp icons, vista icons Drill Down Technique - Problem Solving Skills from Breaking Problems Down Into Manageable Parts © iStockphoto/lurii Drill Down is a simple technique for breaking complex problems down into progressively smaller parts. To use the technique, start by writing the problem down on the left-hand side of a large sheet of paper. Next, write down the points that make up the next level of detail on the problem a little to the right of this. These may be factors contributing to the problem, information relating to it, or questions raised by it. For each of these points, repeat the process. Drilling into a question helps you... ... for the complete article: Mind Tools Club members, click here. Join the Mind Tools Club to finish this article AND get 1,000 more resources Join now for just $1, first month "When I started using Mind Tools, I was not in a supervisory position. Join the Mind Tools Club Now and Get Our People Skills Workbook FREE Access training, help and ideas to boost your career. Find out more

The End of Austerity in Europe? French presidential candidates Francois Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy A few months ago, when Occupy movements bloomed across Europe, the absence of any similar uprising in France appeared to be an anomaly in a country infamous for its people’s propensity to take the streets. One explanation was that the presidential election was just around the corner, and that after 10 years out of government, the Left was capable of channeling the French people’s indignation into electoral gains. Indeed, the election’s big surprise was the spectacular surge of Jean-Luc Melenchon’s Front de Gauche (Leftist Front), a coalition of parties to the left of the traditional social-democratic PS (Socialist Party). With an Occupy-friendly platform, the Front went from virtual non-existence to a double-digit finish in the election’s first round, gathering crowds beyond President Nicolas Sarkozy’s wildest dreams throughout the campaign. The Front de Gauche did not, however, make it to the second round.

101 links para aprender qualquer idioma de graça Se você quer aprender uma língua estrangeira, mas não tem dinheiro para o curso, agora é hora de parar com desculpas. Separamos uma lista com 101 links para aprender qualquer idioma. Os links contêm conteúdos para iniciantes, canais de vídeos no YouTube com aulas, podcasts, livros, ferramentas para correção e tradução, comunidades com pessoas que também estão aprendendo e podem ajudar você, aplicativos para celular e muito mais. » 5 dicas para aprender um idioma pelo YouTube» 8 dicas para aprender inglês» Saiba quais são as melhores universidades do mundo que oferecem aulas online de graça» Universia Brasil desenvolve exclusivos cursos online de inglês, espanhol e mandarim 101 links para aprender qualquer idioma de graça: Cursos para iniciantes: 1. » BBC Languages Se você já fala inglês e deseja aprender outro idioma, como grego, francês, italiano, mandarim ou alemão o site BBC Language pode te ajudar. 20. » Híndi O híndi é um dos idiomas mais falados em todo mundo. Canais de vídeos:

The Coolest Thing on Earth: Looking Around Mars on Your Phone - Robinson Meyer Take out your phone and click on the link below. Just do it. Updated, 12:10pm. This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen. Not the photo above, but what lies through that link. Pause: As per the instructions of Joel Housman who first recommended this, you need to be on an iPhone or iPad, or maybe a tablet browser, for it to have its full effect. This is a 360 degree view of the planet Mars. If you move the phone in any direction, it acts as a window, and the view moves with it. Show it to your parents. Here is what this visualization has shocked me into: Mars, through this app, isn't a series of inquiries or a collection of images. Mars is a planet, full of places. This view demands wonder. UPDATE: To maximize enjoyment, some of Curiosity's images were altered or augmented.

Old Spice: Muscle Music 0 likes 0 Tweets 0 Pin it 0 pin it Além de responder seus fãs nas mídias sociais e garantir milhões de views enrolado numa toalha, o Old Spice guy também pode fazer música com seus músculos. É um projeto da Wieden + Kennedy de Portland, junto as produtoras MJZ, The Mill, além da parceria com o Vimeo. Até no embed abaixo o vídeo interativo. Depois que vi Terry Crews como segurança do Will McAvoy em “The Newsroom”, não esperava vê-lo de volta em uma campanha da Old Spice tão cedo. /dica do @oct o registrar marca no INPI: um guia rápido Como atuais consumidores de um registro de marca, resolvemos escrever um pequeno guia pra ajudar quem quer fazer isso e tem dúvidas, ou mesmo quem quer ver se realmente vale a pena. Por que registrar sua marca? Provavelmente desde o dia em que lançamos o Empreendemia e as pessoas começaram a elogiar nosso ovo de gravata, passamos a ouvir também “Vocês já entraram com o registro de marca? Cuidado hein, vai que alguém registra antes“. Apesar do tom apocalíptico, esse é um dos fatores que se leva em conta na hora de se tomar a decisão: e aí, vale a pena registrar minha marca? Pra responder isso, você precisa conseguir responder apenas duas perguntas: Qual o valor da sua marca? Se sua marca valer menos do que o valor pra protegê-la, realmente não valerá a pena. Se sua decisão for “Ah, eu vou registrar, mas só mais tarde“, cuidado. Passo-a-passo para registrar sua marca Só isso? Sim, pra entrar com o pedido, o escritório pedirá os seguintes documentos: Em caso de PJ: CNPJ, Nome do sócio, CPF e RG.

20 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools You Should be Using » Small Business News, Tips, Advice - Small Business Trends Small Business News, Tips, Advice – Small Business Trends Social media is quickly becoming a main focus of marketing for small businesses. Social media is an excellent tool to build a community around your product or service, expand your target market, and to listen to what your customers want. It’s clear that social media is valuable, but measuring social media ROI proves to be a challenge. Luckily, there are numerous free and low cost tools you can use to measure your social media activity. Here’s a list of 20 free social media monitoring tools worth checking out: 1. Hootsuite is a web-based dashboard that allows you to monitor multiple social networks in one place. 2. Klout provides an influencer score based on your social media activity. 3. Who is reading your tweets? 4. TwentyFeet aggregates your activity from various social media platforms so you can get the full picture of your online presence. 5. Measure your impact, engagement, and influence on Twitter with this tool. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

Automated Backup on Linux Here are some scripts which will backup all databases in a cluster individually, optionally only backing up the schema for a set list. The reason one might wish to use this over pg_dumpall is that you may only wish to restore individual databases from a backup, whereas pg_dumpall dumps a plain SQL copy into a single file. This also provides the option of specifying which databases you only want the schema of. pg_backup.config - The main configuration file. pg_backup.config ################################ POSTGRESQL BACKUP CONFIG ################################ # Optional system user to run backups as.