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Games, quizzes, hangman, math games, same game, roman numeral games

Games, quizzes, hangman, math games, same game, roman numeral games
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Quiz : démarche pour en créer... Le quiz : un outil à tout faire dans les formations ? Les quiz sont les outils pédagogiques qui viennent le plus facilement à l’esprit des formateurs quand on parle de pédagogie active. Pour beaucoup, le quiz peut paraître assez évident à réaliser et à mettre en œuvre (avec un recours assez spontané aux QCM) mais les possibilités des quiz sont extrêmement nombreuses, et ils méritent quelques instants de réflexion avant de se lancer. A quoi servent les quiz ? Les bonnes raisons d’utiliser des quiz dans une formation ne manquent pas… Lire la Suite Quipper Zunal WebQuest Maker Quiz-Busters Plenary and Revision Quiz from teachers Quiz-Busters is an interactive plenary quiz for two teams based on the popular television quiz program Blockbusters. The resource is designed to be used on an interactive whiteboard as a teacher led activity but can be played by individual students. Hopefully you and your students will find this a fun alternative to traditional question and answer plenary and can actively contribute to Assessment for Learning (AFL). Completely free to use! Great for SATs Revision or GCSE revision. Make a new game To make a new game simply type in (or cut and paste) your questions and answers. Before creating a game please check the database to avoid duplicating games. Search for ready made games Search our database of ready made games by subject, topic or key stage. Quick Subject Links:

Quiz Revolution - Most Popular Quiz Maker, Make a Quiz or Survey, Create a Fast Quiz or Survey Quizboard 7 Herramientas gratuitas para elaborar un Quiz en Internet Ser profesor siempre es complejo, por tratarse de esa enorme responsabilidad que representa el jugar papel activo dentro de la educación de un grupo de personas y especialmente jóvenes; por lo que, conscientes de ello, hemos encontrado algunas herramientas que muy seguramente le harán más sencilla la engorrosa tarea de educar. Dentro de las labores que debe asumir un docente esta el hecho de evaluar a los estudiantes, para de esta manera poder validar que el aprendizaje ha sido apropiado de la forma esperada, algo que en muchas ocasiones pone a pensar al maestro sobre las herramientas adecuadas para calificar a sus alumnos, siendo el quiz una interesante opción para hacerlo, y que mejor si para ello aprovechamos las ventajas de la tecnología. QuizBean Este aplicativo facilita las cosas en lo que respecta a la formulación de quiz evaluativos y sus respectivas calificaciones. Google Forms Una de las más populares. QuizWorks Socrative Kuizza Zoho Zurvey QuizStar

Two Useful Web Tools to Create Educational Games for Students September 8, 2014 Below are two good web tools to help you create your own review games to use with your students. These games are particularly helpful for test reviews in classroom and also for any other review activity in class. Using these tools will enable you to customize and edit your games the way you want , adding different questions and answers and also presenting them in a gameshow-style board. Enjoy FlipQuiz FlipQuiz is a web tool that allows teachers and educators to easily create game-show style quizzes to share with their students. Jeopardy Rocks Jeopardy Rocks is a good web platform that teachers can use to create educational review games in Jeopardy-game style.

An Easy and Quick Way to Grade Quizzes on Google Drive Using Super Quiz Tool February 22, 2015 Super Quiz is an excellent Google Sheets add-on that allows teachers to add some amazing functionalities to the quizzes they create through Google Forms. For instance, when you create a quiz, you only need to complete it once with an answer key and all future submissions will be automatically graded according to the answers you provided. Another important feature of Super Quiz is that it enables you to get a break down of class understanding and a list of incorrect students' answers for each question in case you want to stage an intervention. Also, “By filling out a few cells of information, you can also generate personalized differentiated written feedback emailed to students as soon as they submit a response. No need to monitor and ‘re-grade’ - just set-up and go!You can split your quiz in up to 4 different topics, and provide specific feedback on each. Watch the video below to learn more about Super Quiz

Dashboard Questionform is a web application for creating, publishing and analyzing online surveys and forms (learn more). Build It is easy and fun, with drag and drop and a few clicks, you can build powerful online surveys in no time. Analyze Track your survey responses in real time, analyze the results, create reports and export the data to your favorite spreadsheet. or Check our features, see plans & pricing. "Thanks again for such a useful tool. "It's amazing how you can build powerful data collection forms in just a few minutes.