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Marjorie Harris' Blog. Aglaonema commutatum ‘Silver Queen’ Aglaonema commutatum ‘Silver Queen’ (28/02/2016, Kew Gardens, London) Position: Indirect bright to low light Flowering period: Late summer to early autumn Soil: Moist, well drained Eventual Height: 50cm Eventual Spread: 50cm.

Aglaonema commutatum ‘Silver Queen’

Dwarf purple pixie weeping loropetalum. My Fudingzhu Sweet Olive from AE bloomed! Purple-leaf hazel. Here is a distinctive small tree, or large shrub, that produces stunning purple foliage that fades to green in summer.

Purple-leaf hazel

It is the Purple-leaf hazel, or Corylus maxima ‘Purpurea’. This plant has been awarded the Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit. The RHS Award of Garden Merit is so difficult to come by that any plant so designated deserves a close look, and Purple-leaf hazel is just such a plant. This form of Hazel has beautiful, scalloped, heavily-textured leaves. And the opulent deep purple color rivals any other shrub of this shade. Purple-leaf hazel is very easy to grow and tolerant of a wide range of conditions. Landscape & Lawn Service ,425-492-5000 Tree, shrub, mulch, perennials, flowers, landscape lighting. Miscanthus sinensis 'Morning Light' (Maiden Grass) Regarded as the best of all Miscanthus species and cultivars, award-winner Maiden Grass 'Morning Light' (Miscanthus sinensis) is a remarkable ornamental grass.

Miscanthus sinensis 'Morning Light' (Maiden Grass)

First, it enjoys a unique and exquisite vase shape that stands out beautifully in the garden. Second, its fine-textured foliage that sways gracefully in the slightest breeze and delicately softens any landscapes, is slightly ivory variegated, making it look silver from a distance. Finally, this graceful ornamental grass is one of the best grasses for winter color in mild climates. Distylium Shrubs Georgia Evergreen Bushes Kinsey Family Farm. Distylium 'PIIDIST-II' PPAF 'Blue Cascade' 3-4'.

Distylium Shrubs Georgia Evergreen Bushes Kinsey Family Farm

A compact, evergreen shrub with matte blue green leaves. Grows in sun to partial shade. 'Blue Cascade' distylium is an excellent choice for southern gardens as it is heat and drought tolerant. Small, reddish maroon flowers in late winter to early spring add winter interest. Variegated Weeping Korean Dogwood. Published: August 14 2013 The bracts of Korean dogwoods can be effective for a month or more.

Variegated Weeping Korean Dogwood

Even so, by July they're done. Variegated foliage keeps up the interest, in Spring before the bracts have emerged, and Summer into Fall, after they're gone. Buy Lemon Lime Abelia For Sale Online From Wilson Bros Gardens. To use the map, find your location to see what color region it is in and then find the number that corresponds to the color of that zone.

Buy Lemon Lime Abelia For Sale Online From Wilson Bros Gardens

This will be your USDA Zone. * For more information about USDA Zones look below the map. * The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map was created so that gardeners, growers and landscapers have a way to compare the average lowest temperature in their area with the average lowest temperature that a specific plant will survive without damage. Every type of plant has a low temperature threshold. Before purchasing plants to grow in your landscape or gardens, make sure it is one that will most likely survive the average low temperature in your zone.

Selenicereus chrysocardium. Yucca carnerosana. Micfiga. Banana Shrub Care – Growing And Pruning Michelia Banana Shrubs. By Bonnie L.

Banana Shrub Care – Growing And Pruning Michelia Banana Shrubs

Grant Banana shrub is a tropical to subtropical elegant tree to bush. The scientific designation is Michelia figo, and the plant is hardy in the warmer USDA plant hardiness zones 7 to 10. Michelia banana shrubs are more properly trees that can grow 6 to 15 feet in height. If you are a warm region gardener, you should explore how to grow banana shrubs and experience the sweet fragrant flowers with a scent reminiscent of our favorite yellow fruits. About Michelia Banana Shrubs Michelia banana shrubs are members of the Magnolia family, which is evident in the shape and form of their large blooms. Gardening : Dodonaea viscosa "Purpurea" - latimes. Purple hop bush Evergreen shrub with purple leaves and insignificant flowers The first Dodonaeas I ever noticed were (still are) at the Los Angeles State and County Arboretum in Arcadia--an entire hedge of them near an enormous live oak tree.

Gardening : Dodonaea viscosa "Purpurea" - latimes

One look at their extraordinary mahogany color and I knew I'd have to own one some day. I can't resist purple or silver leaves, or any of their reddish or gray permutations, and this weakness has occasionally led to disaster. But with Dodonaeas, I had a winner. Such a bush: graceful, slender leaves, a nice, round, spreading growth habit reaching 12 to 15 feet (it can be tree-like if you insist--just remove all but one main trunk; it also can be kept to a modest 4 feet by careful pruning).

Dodonaea is impervious to ocean wind, and it also thrives in a lawn with frequent watering. Helleborus x hybridus (Ashwood Garden Hybrids) Double Spotted Green - Hellebores - Plants. Helleborus foetidus - Hellebores - Plants. Helleborus foetidus Wester Flisk Group - Hellebores - Plants. Buy spurge Euphorbia characias subsp. 'wulfenii': Delivery by Crocus. Euphorbia wulfenii. Tulips 101 - planting, growing & enjoying. Sometimes plans change.

Tulips 101 - planting, growing & enjoying.

I planned to share something else with you today. Then I popped a pic on IG with a quick tip. It got a bit of a reaction and my plans changed. Give the people what they want – seems everyone wants to talk tulips! Want to know the tip that turned my day around? Tulips 101 – planting, growing, enjoying Planting Tulips. How to Draw a Garden Plan. You been thinking about your garden?

How to Draw a Garden Plan

Me too. Got any new ideas & plans? Yeah, me too. Boxwood Shrubs - varieties & characteristics. Boxwood Shrubs – varieties & characteristics There are four basic varieties of boxwoods: English Boxwood English boxwood, B. sempervirens ‘Suffruticosa,’ is the most commonly grown cultivar, and it was first cultivated in the early 1700’s in the United States. Bluestone Perennials. Amazing Daisies® 'Banana Cream' - Shasta Daisy - Leucanthemum superbum. Superbena® Royale Peachy Keen - Verbena hybrid. Sweet Caroline Raven - Sweet Potato Vine - Ipomoea batatas. Sweet Caroline Bewitched After Midnight™ - Sweet Potato Vine - Ipomoea batatas.

Maintenance Notes: Ipomoeas are great additions to combination planters, but they can sometimes overwhelm less vigorous plants. If you are like me you can let your combination plants duke it out Darwinian style, however, if you prefer to keep a more balanced look to your combination planters, you can cut back or remove stems at any time. Ipomoeas also make great annual groundcovers in the landscape.

They love the heat and humidity (growing up to 36" a week in the Deep South), cooler temperatures and low humidity cause them to stay more compact. While Sweet Potatoes all come from the same parent material out of Southeast Asia, there is a big difference between the Sweet Potato you buy in the store and the tubers produced by the Sweet Caroline and the Illusion plants. An application of fertilizer or compost on garden beds and regular fertilization of plants in pots will help ensure the best possible performance.

Karalee® Petite Pink - Wand Flower - Gaura lindheimeri. Graceful Grasses® Baby Tut® - Umbrella Grass - Cyperus involucratus. Maintenance Notes: Cyperus is not hardy enough to survive winters with freezing temperatures and it is not a candidate to overwinter inside. It is a very fast grower and will quickly grow to impressive size when replanted in the spring. The plant can be planted in pots, along the waters edge of a pond, or even in a pond. The crown of the plant should never be covered in water and in fact both of these varieties can thrive in water as shallow as a few inches. The purpose is to keep the bulk of the soil or root mass wet. Baby Tut can also be planted in regular garden soil. Baby Tut is an evergreen or neutral grass.

Cape Town Blue - Blue Felicia Daisy - Felicia hybrid. ColorBlaze® Lime Time™ - Coleus - Solenostemon scutellarioides. Sunsatia® Blood Orange™ - Nemesia hybrid. Angelface® Blue - Summer Snapdragon - Angelonia angustifolia. Buy angelonia plants. Looking at Plants - Cordyline fruticosa ‘Chocolate Queen’ Cordyline fruticosa ‘Chocolate Queen’ Chocolate Queen Hawaiian Ti Plant, Chocolate Queen Ti Plant, Chocolate Queen Good-Luck Plant, Chocolate Queen Cordyline Cordyline (kor-dih-LY-nee) - Greek, for a club, in reference to the shape of the roots fruticosa (froo-tih-KO-uh) - shrubby, bushy ‘Chocolate Queen’ – cultivar name Species -Dracaena terminalis, Cordyline terminalis, Asparagus terminalis, Convallaria fruticosa, Terminalis fruticosa, Taetsia fruticosa Monocot Some taxonomists put in Agavaceae; others put in Liliaceae; while still others put in Asparagaceae Species - S.E.

Chocolate Queen Ti Plant is an evergreen shrub that averages 3 to 4 feet in height with a comparable spread. Dianthus Devon Cottage ‘Waterloo Sunset’ Dianthus ‘Waterloo Sunset’ Deep magenta pink has always been my favorite color to make all other garden plants come alive. Its intensity makes pale blues and lavender look softer. Combined with yellow and orange, magenta turns the garden into a Monet painting.

It harmonizes all other pinks and makes white sparkle. Artist® Blue - Flossflower - Ageratum hybrid. Replacing Roses Affected by Rosette Disease. Time after time designers, landscapers, municipalities and homeowners overuse certain plants to the point of making them a monoculture and then an insect or disease comes along and wreaks havoc. We’ve seen it with elm trees, ash trees and now we are seeing it with landscape roses. Carex siderosticha 'Variegata' Carex siderosticha 'Variegata' Red leaved phormium.

Planting a New Flowerbed // Garden Answer. Take a look at how we trim arborvitae. Echinacea Secret Affair/ Plant in Spring 2018. Whats causing purple streaks on celosia leaves. Whats causing purple streaks on celosia leaves. Persicaria polymorpha - Giant Fleece Flower. Top 10 Perennials of the 21st Century - Perennial Gardening. Top 10 Perennials of the 21st Century Top 10 Lists Though many new perennials are introduced every year, only a few become instant classics that will stand the test of time. In our thirty plus years of growing plants, we’ve seen our share of new plants come and go. Since the beginning of this century, the flow of new plants has turned into an avalanche. It’s hard even for professional growers like us to keep up. NEW ZEALAND FLAX – PHORMIUM – Southern Living.

From New Zealand, these dramatic plants have many swordlike evergreen leaves that grow in a fan pattern; they're good massed or used as focal points. Many variegated selections provide year-round color in perennial and shrub borders, on hillsides, in seaside plantings, near swimming pools. Camellia japonica 'Chandleri Elegans Variegated' Camellia from Quackin Grass Nursery. Cornus sanguinea 'Compressa' Bloodtwig Dogwood from Quackin Grass Nursery. Cornus sanguinea ‘Compressa’ (syn. Thelycrania sanguinea 'Compressa') – is a most uncommon form of the Common Dogwood with all stems strictly vertical ascending within a narrow framework. Actinidia kolomkitka 'Arctic Beauty (MALE)' Hardy Kiwi from Quackin Grass Nursery. Persicaria virginiana var. filiformis 'Painter's Palette' Jumpseed from Quackin Grass Nursery.

Amsonia seaford skies. Amsonia ‘Seaford Skies’ Cimifuga. CimifugaA genus of perennial plants that are part of the larger Buttercup ( Ranunculacae ) family. The Bugbanes thrive in sun or shade on moist, fertile, humus-rich soil. Easy to grow, however may lack in vigor if competing with dense tree roots.Insect pests and disease problems are rare.Bugbanes can be propagated from seed or division ( division preferrable for cultivars ). Seed should be sown outdoors during autumn as they need a long period of cold before they will germinate. Bugbanes do not like root disturbance and should not be divided unless necessary for reproduction.

Mexican sage limelight. Columnar sugar maple monumentale. Acer saccharum 'Monumentale', Columnar Sugar Maple – Dancing Oaks Nursery. Abies squamata 'Flaky' - Conifer Kingdom. Abies concolor 'Archer's Dwarf' - Conifer Kingdom. Sun Parasol® Giant Crimson Mandevilla. Viburnum for American Gardens - Michael Dirr's Plants  Viburnums for American Gardens:Abbreviated Discussion Michael A. Dirr, Ph.D. Copyright © 2012; revised 4-15-12 In the August, 2011, Nursery Management, a survey of 4,000 landscape professionals listed Viburnums as the number two most utilized plant after Buxus (1) and before Hydrangea (3). Viburnums are often tagged as utilitarian, functional, reliable garden denizens without the pizzazz of hydrangea. Viburnums have contributed to every Dirr garden and the newest currently houses 45 species and cultivars. I planted the first in fall 2010 in a sinuous border to screen the vegetable garden.

Viburnum prunifolium 'Ovation' from Classic Viburnums. Rhus prairie flame. Styrax japonicus ( Japanese Snowbell ) Rich's Foxwillow Pines Nursery, Inc. - Gleditsia triacanthos – 'Emerald Kascade'Honeylocust. Rich's Foxwillow Pines Nursery, Inc. - Salix caprea – 'Pendula'Weeping Goat Willow. Rich's Foxwillow Pines Nursery, Inc. - Liquidambar styraciflua – 'Variegata'Sweetgum. Rich's Foxwillow Pines Nursery, Inc. - Euonymus alatus – Winged Euonymus. Rich's Foxwillow Pines Nursery, Inc. - Cercidiphyllum japonicum – 'Pendula'Weeping Katsura Tree. Rich's Foxwillow Pines Nursery, Inc. - Carpinus betulus – 'Pendula'Weeping European Hornbeam.

Rich's Foxwillow Pines Nursery, Inc. - Acer griseum – Paperbark Maple. Rich's Foxwillow Pines Nursery, Inc. - Sciadopitys verticillata – 'Joe Kozey'Japanese Umbrella Pine. Sciadopitys verticillata ‘Joe Kozey’ Sciadopitys verticillata ‘Picola’ Blog 2 - Foliage Color in Design. Variegated Box-Leaf Azara. Calocedrus decurrens 'Berrima Gold' (Golden Incense Cedar) Calocedrus decurrens 'Berrima Gold' (Golden Incense Cedar) Winter Daphne - State-by-State Gardening. There are just not that many landscape plants that boast beautiful blooms in late winter. For all but the coastal areas of the South, February tends to be more of a planning month, even though it's camellia season. The likes of Lenten rose, Carolina jessamine, forsythia and daffodils are also there, building anticipation of spring.

Beyond these, however, you have to do a little searching to find a shrub that provides spectacular winter interest. Winter daphne (Daphne odora) is a February treasure that often gets overlooked. Though it might not be readily available, you should certainly consider this small shrub for your yard if you can find a source. Buy affordable Beautybush trees at our online nursery.

Landscape architect's pages. Daphne laureola (23/03/2013, Kew Gardens, London) Great Plant Picks. Great Plant Picks. Garden Forum: Veronicastrum sibericum. Veronicastrum virginicum fascination. Osmanthus heterophyllus 'Sasaba' Buy mock orange Philadelphus 'Belle Etoile': Delivery by Crocus. Great Plant Picks. Goldenrod fireworks. October 2013. Groundsel bush photos. Evergreen Huckleberry. (EVERGREEN) WISTERIA—Except it’s not. Tangerine Beauty Cross Vine - Hummingbird Plants - Almost Eden. Viburnum rufidulum. White-flowered Enkianthus.