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The world's 10 oldest living trees

The world's 10 oldest living trees
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Global Justice Ecology Project: , Hinesburg, VT Israeli biotech firm says its modified eucalyptus trees can displace the fossil fuel industry by John Vidal, environment editor, The Guardian, Thursday 15 November 2012 GM eucalyptus trees at five-and-a-half years old, grown in a field trial. The prospect is close, says Stanley Hirsch, chief executive of the Israeli biotech company FuturaGene. FuturaGene has spent 11 years trialling thousands of GM eucalyptus and poplar trees on 100-hectare plots in Israel, China and outside São Paulo in Brazil, and is now at the last stages of the Brazilian regulatory process for commercial planting. Hirsch claims the gene-altering technique is an industrial "game-changer" and integral to the UN's vision of a future "global green economy". "Our trees grow faster and thicker. The next step for FuturaGene comes in just over a year, when it expects to submit its final biosafety dossier to the Brazilian government. The stakes are high and the financial prize vast, he says.

Traitaut Top 10 des arbres hors du commun dans le monde (c’est autre chose que ton ficus oui) Quels sont les êtres vivants les plus anciens, les plus grands, les plus mythiques ? Qui a vu se bâtir les premières civilisations, naître et mourir les prophètes, et respire encore aujourd'hui ? Qui peut faire office de sanctuaire sacré comme de support à balançoire ? Le Chêne d'Allouville Avec un âge estimé de 1200 ans, le Chêne-chapelle d'Allouville est le plus vieux chêne de France. Crédits photo (creative commons) : Karl Brodowsky Un telle longévité, ça vous fait rêver ?

Tree Encyclopedia Trees have three principle features that distinguish them from all other plants. First, they have a woody stem, roots and branches which do not die back in winter, but continue to grow year after year. From the moment of its germination, a tree remains visible; from the tallest Sequoia to the smallest garden fruit tree, this principle of growth remains constant. Trees live longer than any other organism on earth. Pando (Latin for “I spread”), aka “the trembling giant,” is a clone colony of male quaking aspen, (Populus tremuloides) a single living organism identified by identical genetic markers. Trees have been living on Earth for more than 370 million years, and today can be found almost everywhere from the Arctic Circle to the Sahara Desert. Family Aceraceae: Maples are some of our most familiar and beloved trees. NASA thoughtfully provides instructions on constructing a helicopter out of paper: “Maple seeds are superb autorotating helicopters. Family Magnoliaceae – Magnolia.

Dutch Study Says Wi-Fi Makes Trees Sick A recent study by Dutch scientists found that Wi-Fi radiation could be responsible for sickness in urban-populated trees. Image: baltimoresun What would life be like without Wi-Fi, bringer of high speed internet access? The study began five years ago in the city of Alphen aan den Rijn. According to an article from PC World : “The study exposed 20 ash trees to various radiation sources for a period of three months. Image: p2pnet Sounds pretty scary, doesn’t it? What do you think? digg

Clés de forêt Jérôme Hutin - Les Arbres Vénérables de la Planète. LeWebPédagogique The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation GFIS Newsletter From the GFIS Partners European Commission urged to release the EU Forest Strategy Peering Through the Haze: What Data Can Tell Us About the Fires in Indonesia - See more at: EFI: European forest related organisations are seriously concerned that the European Commission has delayed publishing the new EU Forest Strategy. Panama: Researchers produce the most accurate carbon map for an entire countryMongabay: Using satellite imagery and extremely high-resolution Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) data from airplane-based sensors, a team led by Greg Asner produced a detailed carbon map across the Central American country's forests. New light on causes of ash declineNBForest: The accelerating decline of Fraxinus excelsior in Europe has been a mystery. Access more forest-related news via - Your gateway to forest information.

Tous les arbres et arbustes de France L'ARBRE est un type biologique majeur chez les plantes. Les arbres sont remarquables par leur longévité et leur taille. Lorsqu'ils sont groupés, les arbres constituent les forêts. Les arbres, les arbustes et les buissons sont cultivés également dans un but ornemental dans les parcs, les jardins et le bord des routes. Parmi les arbres et les buissons, certains sont cultivés pour leurs fruits ou pour leur bois. Ce dossier donne des informations sur les arbres, arbustes et buissons communs.