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Craft Passion: Free DIY Craft Patterns & Tutorials

Craft Passion: Free DIY Craft Patterns & Tutorials
Hamburger Cookie Recipe These hamburger cookies make real good memory cookie that many people will remember for lifetime. Apart the character look, the hamburger cookies are delicious, my kids love them a lot. Thanks to Mandy who helped us to bake these for Chinese New Year. The cookies were supposed to keep until… more

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Fleece/Leather Look Booties Introduction These booties are perfect for a new baby. Their little feet are guaranteed to be warm. These are worked in the round from the sole up. Materials List Beyond Basic Machine Quilting Take your machine quilting skills in new directions as Ann Petersen teaches you 17 quilting designs that will add richness to your free-motion work. Take your machine quilting skills in new directions with Ann Petersen. In this class, Ann demonstrates more than a dozen challenging designs, from vines and flowers to dragonflies and quilted lace. Carol Bristol Designs » Bag Patterns #2 The Fling Bag Small Fling H / 8″, W / 12″, D / 3″ 440 yds worsted yarn Large Fling H 11″, W / 13″, D / 3″ 560 yds worsted yarn

DIY Fendi Frill It was love at first sight when we laid eyes on the amazing oversized, billowy, ruffled frills adorning the Fall 2010 runway looks at Fendi. We immediately wanted one and just couldn’t imagine having to wait another several months to actually see these frills materialize. With some research, persistence, and umpteen botched attempts, we finally figured out a fail-proof pattern.

Gathering Threads – Ellie aka Elsa’s ‘Frozen’ dress Sometimes, we do crazy things for the people we love. Case in point, when the boys and I were up visiting my brother and sister in law a couple of weeks ago, and the movie “Frozen” came up (probably because Andrew was singing Let it Go For the ten millionth time and I was considering letting him go — onto an ice flow!), Ellie made a request. “Aunt Claire, could you make me a dress like Elsa’s?”. Inside, I was screaming “Gack! Spring lacy hat for little girls - Free Pattern with Tutorial and Chart The pattern is written for toddler size, but you can adapt for a smaller/ bigger size, making less/more rounds with increases for the crown of the hat. Each round you'll increase 12 stitches. Other sizes can be obtained also using other yarn weight and hook size. Materials: - 1 skein of Caron Simply Soft, colors of your choice (2, 3 or how many colors you want) - 4.5 mm crochet hook Special stitch:tw sc: twisted sc See the stitch instructions in my Twisted Single Crochet Tutorial . Notes: (Update 22.02.2014 - I modified the crown of the hat for better results)

architectural academic crochet This is one of my recent projects. Just to show that I can crochet something else, not just hyperbolic planes. Since there is a crochet in the title of my blog I should write about it too. Especially because recently one of my friends complained that my blog is too academic, too mathematical, and too serious. I think he meant too boring, just was polite not to say that to me directly. Style Log In or Sign Up Get the Official App! Literally just became my favorite app, ever! How to make a diaper for a child’s doll Okay this might seem like the craziest gift, but I tell you my little girl is going to adore a stack of these baby doll diapers. Really a diaper is the only ‘clothes’ our babies wear, if any. These are very easy to make, but if you want a simple pattern so you don’t have to spend time figuring it out you may download the Baby Doll Diaper Pattern

Attic24 Every time I look at this yarn rainbow the very sight of it makes me soooooooo happy!!! Isn't happy colour a wonderful, wonderful thing? I think so, I really do, I feel like I can gaze at these colours and absorb all the vibrant, happy brightness into my soul and feel the warmth radiating. Free Pattern: Crochet Bow and Ribbon Baby Hat I have a confession to make: close on the tails of my yarn addiction is my ribbon addiction. It’s mostly fueled by a discovery several years ago of a RIBBON FACTORY in Hagerstown, MD from where I used to live in Virginia. The possibilities of ribbon decor are endless, but not the price – $5 for 10 yards at your local big box hobby store? No thank you. But, BUT… the Berwick ribbon factory gives their castoffs, remnants, and extras a very honorable resting place in the attached outlet store, where you can find 100 yards of 1″ grosgrain for – wait for it – $2. I know, right??

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