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EXTERMIKNIT! Dalek Knitting Pattern

EXTERMIKNIT! Dalek Knitting Pattern
Even the Doctor might feel differently about Daleks if faced with one of these cuddly monsters. This pattern will let you knit your very own plushy Dalek, to keep for yourself or give away. Knit a whole army and prepare for world domination! If you use this pattern, I would love to hear from you. The pattern is available in Word, PDF, or plain text format. 11/8/07 - ERRATA: Row 23 of the body had an extra k2 that should not be there. 11/22/07 - ERRATA 2: Row 6 of the shoulders should be knit in body color, not contrast color. EXTERMIKNIT (.doc) EXTERMIKNIT (.txt) EXTERMIKNIT (.pdf) (Thank you to jenviolet for the new, improved PDF!) If you have questions about the pattern, feel free to ask and I will try to answer. ContactHomeCopyright "Penwiper" '07 Related:  Free Knitting Patterns: Stuffed Animals & Toys

Knitting: White Fluffy Chick Easter Pattern This knitting pattern shows you how to knit a little fluffy white chicken using powder puff or similar fashion yarn. This chick measure 6 inches. What you need Size 6 Us (8UK) (4 mm) needles 50 grams of white powder puff baby wool 25 grams of white feather soft baby wool Small amount of orange felt. Instructions Begin with the bottom of the body – cast on 13 stitches. 1) knit into the back of every stitch 2) knit twice into every stitch (26 stitches) 3) knit 4) knit 5)(knit 2 knit twice into the next stitch) to the end ( 34 stitches) 6) knit 7)( knit 2 knit twice into the next 2 stitches) to the end (50 stitches) 8) knit 9) knit 10) knit 11) knit 12)( knit 2 knit 2 together twice) to the end (34 stitches) 13) knit 14) knit 15) knit 16) knit 17)( knit 2 knit 2 together) to the end (26 stitches) 18) knit 19) knit 20) knit 21) knit 22) this row is the start of the head – drop the feather soft yarn and continue in powder puff Knit 14 rows 35) (knit 2 knit 2 together ) to the end 36) knit Wings (make 2) Knit 12 rows

Scooped ou comment tricoter des glaces C’est l’été, vous avez envie de glaces mais vous n’avez pas envie d’enfler comme une baudruche de grossir, j’ai la solution ! Tricotez des glaces ! MOUHAHAHAHA !!! Hier ma très chère Point Mousse m’a écrit car elle a trouvé des patrons trop mimis de glaces en cornets sur le site i like lemons. Malheureusement pour elle, notre petite Point Mousse ne comprend pas grand chose aux patrons en anglais. Matériel - jeu d’aiguilles double pointes n°4,5 - laine peignée dans les coloris de votre choix - anneaux marqueurs - rembourrage - aiguille à laine pour coudre les bouts et assembler les boules aux cônes - perles et/ou sequins qui feront comme des noisettes et autres trucs à mettre sur les glaces (facultatif) - aiguille et fil pour coudre les perles et sequins sur les boules (facultatif) Abréviations aig. : aiguille augm. : augmentation end. : endroit ens. : ensemble env. : envers ggt : glisser 1 m. à l’end. puis glisser la m. suivante. PatronsSugar cone Rg 7 : env. Wafer/Cake Cone Classic Scoop

Stuffed Hobbes (With Pattern) I spent a while digging through my Calvin and Hobbes books studying the Hobbes character when he was in the stuffed-toy form. Early versions of Hobbes were very cartoony, and things like the shape of the nose and the number and placement of stripes were not always consistent. His proportions also appear to have changed slightly over the years. Later versions were crisp, clean and very consistent in the features. To create the pattern, I broke the doll down into separate basic shapes. This pattern requires creating and stuffing all of the different body parts separately, hand stitching them all in place, and then hand stitching all of the stripes in place individually. If that wasn't completely clear, this project requires a ton of hand stitching. Begin by printing out my homemade Hobbes pattern, preferably on stiff paper like cardstock. You will need orange, black, and white fleece, with thread of the same colors.

Ollie O'Owl Knitting Pattern Category: Knitting Type: Toy Item: Animal Skill Level: Beginner Basic Skills Necessary: knitting in the round with dp needles. Pattern Description: A gift to you, I hope you enjoy making Ollie! The "owl" is one of the most popular and beautiful birds in the world. "Ollie" is knit in the round, so the only sewing will be his eyes, beak, and on his feet. Gauge: is not crucial, but the knitted fabric needs to be firm. All of my patterns are for knitting with dp needles and knitting in the round. If you have questions, I have also added a couple of how to videos to my blog at: Copyright (c) 2010 bjfromnv all rights reserved Gauge: For this project gauge is not crucial, although it is important to create a very firm fabric so that your stuffing will not show through. Sizing / Finished Measurements: He stands just about 10.5 to 11 inches tall, the perfect size for hugging. Materials: Materials needed: worsted weight yarn, approx. 3.5 oz. You Will Also Need:

Potted Button Trees Last week as part of the UFO challenge for Iron Craft, I finished one of these potted button trees that I had been sitting for almost a year. I promised I would share the pattern with all of you this week and here it is. These were so quick to make up that I made two more in a medium and small size on top of the one I had made last week. Color-wise, I stuck to the colors of my inspiration trees from a Christmas store in Bruges, Belgium, but I think they could be done in so many ways. Potted Button Trees Approximate tree sizes including pot (if you knit them to gauge) Large – 15” Medium – 14” Small – 12” Paint: Paint the dowels white and the pots red. Knit the Trees: Lion’s Brand Vanna’s Choice or similar medium weight yarn (you won’t use a whole ball) Gauge – 4.5 stitches per inch (gauge isn’t super important here but smaller gauge=smaller tree and vice versa.) Knit two triangles of the same size for each tree. Large Tree Medium Tree Small Tree Weave in all your ends.

How To Make An Adipose Plush Toy From Doctor Who It's Doctor Who's 50th anniversary, and to celebrate, you can learn how to make a cuddly plush Adipose toy in this tutorial. The Adipose, for those who may not be familiar with the Whoniverse, are a race of slightly humanoid little blobs of fat. The finished softie will be around 17cm tall, perfect for hanging out on your desk or shelf. Plush pattern - download here31cm (1/3 yard) of white fleece1 sheet of black stiffened felt1 sheet of white stiffened feltFabric glueSewing needleSewing machinePinsSmall fabric scissorsRegular scissorsSmall scissors or a craft knifeWhite threadMarker12mm black safety eyesPolyfil stuffingLow tack spray adhesive Download and print out the pattern. Using regular scissors, cut out the pattern pieces just outside of the guide line. Take the two body sides and tape or glue them together to form one long strip. Grab the white fleece. Trace the tooth onto the white stiffened felt. Spray the adhesive on to the black stiffened felt. Cut out the tooth shape.

Buddy Doll Toys Boy Buddy Body With smaller needles and A, cast on 48 sts. Proceed in stocking st (knit on RS and purl on WS) until work from beg measures 5½ ins [14 cm], ending with a purl row. With MC, cont in stocking st until work from beg measures 8½ ins [21.5 cm], ending with a purl row. Shape shoulders: 1st row: K9. 2nd and alt rows: Purl. 3rd row: K8. 5th row: K1. 6th row: Purl. Shape head: 1st row: K1. Beg with a purl row, cont even in stocking st until work from marked row measures 4 ins [10 cm], ending with a purl row. Next row: K1. Next row: *P2tog. Break yarn and thread through rem sts. Arm (make 2) With smaller needles and MC, cast on 10 sts. 1st row: (RS). Beg with a purl row, work even in stocking st until work from beg measures 4 ins [10 cm], ending with a purl row. Cast off knitwise. Fold Arm lengthwise. Finishing Sew Back seam of body. Sew bottom closed. Shirt Front and Back (make alike) With larger needles and A, cast on 26 sts. With A, work 2 rows in stocking st. Sleeves (make 2) Hat Sew back seam.

Mamie Tricot Social Club Dalek Amigurumi Crochet Pattern By Lucy Ravenscar These are instructions to make a classic 1970s grey and black Dalek or a bronze and gold new series Dalek. They are quite complicated, using different stitches and some difficult colour changes, so this pattern is recommended for fairly experienced amigurumi crocheters. Materials: Use double knitting (dk) weight yarn. This is equivalent to light worsted, although worsted weight should work just fine, as long as you use the same weight of yarn throughout. For classic grey and black Dalek: Approx 35g grey yarn. For new series bronze and gold Dalek: Approx 35g ‘bronze’ mid brown yarn. For both: Small amount of blue yarn. Finished size: approximately 7” tall