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Polka Dot Pineapple: Tutorial

Polka Dot Pineapple: Tutorial
**This tutorial is intended for personal use only.** About 5 years ago, I prepared a tutorial with pictures showing how to create yarn from cotton t-shirts. Wouldn't you know it, when I looked for it this morning to post to my blog, it was nowhere to be found. I want to apologize in advance for the quality of this new tutorial. T-shirt yarn is a very durable yarn. Okay, I will start off by saying that I have had these t-shirts sitting around my house for over 3 months just taking up space. Luckily the t-shirts that I have to work with are in a good array of colors so eventually it will give me a nice variety to work with. **Please note that only the unprinted, plain portions of the t-shirts are suitable to make into yarn. Start by placing a t-shirt onto a flat work surface. Using a sharp scissor or rotary cutter and ruler, cut away the bottom hem. Take the bottom of the tube (closed end) and fold it upward, leaving a 1-inch margin at the top. Unfold the strips.

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How to Crochet Extreme Drop Stitch - Free Patterns - C K Crafts Learn how to make the Drop Point Video Tutorial The crochet is a very old technique, but is increasingly high. Crochet is to handle the line, either wool or yarn, with a long needle tip curve. The size of the needle will depend on the thickness of the yarn you choose to work. The promptness of the hands is forming a plot that may contain different combinations of points. GREEN challenge T-shirt yarn rug As we were packing for our move, we were also getting rid of stuff. My husband and I piled together a few large boxes for donating or to toss out. There was a pile of T-shirts. Too worn and stained for donating, but not raggedy enough for the trash. In my opinion, that is.

Knit One Below (K1B) Baby Hat Variegated yarns are beautiful, but they are not always easy to incorporate into projects. You never know until you start knitting how the colors will pool. If the yarn is self striping each colored section is long enough for you to knit multiple rounds in a single color. Otherwise, you don't know if you'll get a spiral, or big patches of color that appear unordered. How to Cross-Stitch on Tunisian Crochet - FREE Photo Tutorial When it comes to finishing projects, you will sometimes find yourself wanting to add a customized detail after you have completed your crocheting. Perhaps you want to add some initials or a date to a gift. Maybe you feel like your item lacks color and want to spice things up. Today, I'm here to show you how to cross-stitch on your Tunisian crochet projects.

Tutorial for crochet roses One of the first things I crocheted was roses. I saw cute brooches and I decided that I should have at least one)I found some tutorials in Internet here and hereMy first rose I don't want to show you) It was so strange and not much to look at) The second was better and after that all my roses was beautiful. So If you have problem doing it try again and you will have perfect rose! Depending on the thickness of yarn rose can be smaller or bigger. When you buy yarn in the shop ask also which number of hook you should use for it.This rose you can use to create cute brooch. Wear it as you want - I put it on my hat Lacey Tunic Eng - Welcome to the Fiber Republic! A Ewe-Topia of XS [S, M, L, 1X, 2X, 3X] (shown in size M) FINISHED MEASUREMENTSChest: 30[33, 36, 40, 44, 48, 52] inches Length: 26.9[27.4, 28.2, 29.5, 30, 30.65, 30.9] inches Jo Sharp Soho Summer DK Cotton [100% cotton; 109 yd/100 m per 50g skein]; color: Pennant; 7[8, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12] skeins

Tutorial ~ Sweater Refashion I shared this sweater refashion at Me Sew Crazy last week. I am posting this here today just in case you missed it! {You will need} Tutorial: How to join fabric – The Crochet Dude From time to time companies will send me a product that they would like me to test out and since I’m always looking for stuff to blog about, I like to write up quick reviews too. This time around I got the new Rotary Cutting Machine from Simplicity – and it is amazing. This is how the rotary cutter comes out of the box! Pretty much no assembly required, although the blade and roller ball need adjusting with a flat head screwdriver. That’s pretty much all you have to do, then plug it in and start stripping, er, I mean rotary cutting. There is a slotted guide that you slide the fabric through and it is adjustable from 3/8” up to 2 ¾” widths.

Knotted Headband Back in October, I was perusing Facebook when I noticed a picture that my fashionable friend Erika posted of herself wearing a crocheted earwarmer/headband. She is studying overseas in the UK, and she told me that she purchased this headband from Topshop for 10 British pounds, or about $15. I thought her headband was so cute and chic, and I immediately wanted to try making one, especially since hers was crocheted and looked so simple to make! I had seen some other knitted and crocheted headbands on-line through Craftgawker and on Etsy, and they were definitely very popular as stores such as Aldo and Urban Outfitters were also selling them. Below is my friend Erika wearing her Topshop earwarmer, and below her is a similar headband I found from ASOS. This earwarmer/headband is also commonly referred to as a turband (knotted look of turban + headband), and knitted/crocheted turbands as well as silk/fabric turbands have been spotted on many celebrities as part of the boho chic trend.

Anthropologie-inspired capelet - Pattern + Tutorial! - KNITTING Have you seen this capelet from Anthropologie's Winter '05 collection? I think I figured out the pattern...Here are some photos of my interpretation, and the pattern. It's really easy (I started on Saturday!) I used 1 ½ balls of Rowan Polar on size 11 needles. (gauge = 12 st and 16 rows over 4”) Squaring the Circle Crochet Pattern Tutorial - spincushions Hi folks I love squaring the circle – turning crochet circles into squares. It’s always so much fun. I’ve written up a few slightly different patterns over the past few years – in my More Than a Granny ebook , my Dotty Spotty Baby Blanket, my Block Bag & for my Beyond the Granny CAL.

MaryMs Original Daisy Bullion Edging, tatting with crochet hook, crochet tatting, cro-tat, Cro-Tat, cro tat, edging, trim, tutorial If you like the project you can donate bitcoins to: 1E8rQq9cmv95CrdrLmqaoD6TErUFKok3bF MaryM's Original Daisy Bullion Edging©2001 - tatting with crochet hook, crochet tatting, cro-tat, tutorial, how to - Copyrighted. Please copy, reproduce, collect or redistribute with permission only. Finding little to not-much on the internet for tatting with crochet hook, I dreamed up this little design. (Of course, Crochet Tatting is quite an old art, recently come into vogue again - It is described and pictured in "The Godey's Lady's Book" in the 1850's!)

SANDS memory blanket (charity knit) with Pattern Errata - KNITTING My mum found out about this charity from the Rural (a Scottish version of the Women's Institute) and brought home a pattern. So many people are affected by the loss of babies so when I was offered an opportunity to do something small to help people going through this I decided to give it a shot. They really wanted all the blankets to be white seeing as that is quite neutral and respectful so I tried pretty hard to keep it white which made working on this all the slower, unfortunately. The charity's website is here: I hope that doesn't count as advertising!The pattern can be found here: