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Yarn Harlot

Yarn Harlot

knit too TaskRabbit: Life is busy. We can help. Peasy pattern by Heidi Kirrmaier Starting June 1, 2013, if you purchase 4 or more patterns from my Ravelry Shop at the same time, you automatically receive a 20% discount. A cropped cardigan with 3/4 sleeves, worked in one piece from the top down, which means you can easily change the length of the sleeves and body as you like. You could also add more buttons if you prefer a closed cardigan. Suitable for an adventurous beginner, who understands top-down raglan construction, is not afraid of a little lace and picking up stitches for the trim. Body length from underarm =31 cm (12.5 inches) Sleeve length = 28-30 cm (11-12 inches) Choose a size that gives you approx. 0-2 inches of positive ease. Yarn requirements:(Make sure you increase the amount of yarn required if you intend to lengthen body and/or sleeves.)

KNIT-O-MATIC blog Olivia's Butterfly This is a very simple hat and very quick to make. Using a J hook and worsted weight yarn, I used red heart, and it fits a 20 1/2 inch head very nicely. Very easily adjustible by either adding increase rows or taking away. Rnd 1) ch3, 11dc in 3rd ch from hook (11dc) sl st to top of first dc (now and through out),Rnd 2) ch2, (does not count as dc now and through out) 2dc in each st around, sl st to top of first dcRnd 3) ch 2 * 2dc in first st, 1dc in next st around, repeat from * around slip st to joinRnd 4) ch2, *2dc in first st, dc in next 2dc , repeat from * around, joinRnd 5) ch2, * 2dc in first st, dc in next 3dc , repeat from * around, join Rnd 6) ch2, dc in same st and each st around Rnd 7 and 8) Repeat rnd 6 Rnd 9) ch2, dc in same st, dc in next 21 sts, ch10, skip next 9 sts, dc in next st and in each st accross, slip st to join Rnd 10) ch2, dc in same st and in next 21 sts, ch 10, skip 10 chains, dc in next dc and in each remaining dc, slip st to join Rnd 11 and 12) Repeat rnd 10

the knitsmithy Body updated version is published in Mathematical Intelligencer, Vol. 23, No. 2, pp. 17-28, Spring 2001. David W. Henderson Department of Mathematics, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA, Daina Taimiða Department of Mathematics, Cornell University, For God's sake, please give it up.  Wolfgang Bolyai urging his son János Bolyai to give up work on hyperbolic geometry. In June of 1997, Daina was in a workshop watching the leader of the workshop, David, helping the participants study ideas of hyperbolic geometry using a paper and tape surface in much the same way that one can study ideas of spherical geometry by using the surface of a physical ball. But, Wait! Constructions of Hyperbolic Planes We will describe three different isometric constructions of the hyperbolic plane (or approximations to the hyperbolic plane) as surfaces in 3-space. 1. This is the paper and tape surface that David learned from William Thruston. Figure 1. 2. Figure 2. Figure 3. 3. 1.

back-tack StumbleUpon WigUsing straight needles or one set of circulars, cast on 96 sts. Work in 2 x 2 rib until the piece is as long as the distance between the bottom of your chin, and your eyebrow (about 6.5"), ending with a WS row. NOTE: The extra stitches along the edge of the work will balance the width of the first and last ribs. Later on, when the bangs are added, these stitches will become parts of purl ribs. If more length in the main body of the wig is desired, work more rows at this point. Next row [RS]: work as before, but slip the first and last stitch. Bangs With RS facing and using backward loop cast on, loosely CO 32 sts. If more length in the bangs is desired, work more rows at this point. Work Decreases Using diagram B below as a guide, rearrange stitches on needles and add stitch markers. NOTE: Decreases will be worked identically at the front and back of the wig. Begin decrease round by working decreases over bangs.

gallery of projects at fluffa! Salina, from Rowan's Vintage Style. "Salina" from Rowan's Vintage Style, using Felted Tweed in Crush. (I used Felted Tweed once before, to knit Elfin. Oh, Felted Tweed! How I love your oh-so-British tweediness!) (Visit the rest of this page for images and descriptions of this project in progress.) Please note: All of the pictures, images and text on this site are copyrighted and may not be taken from here and/or republished anywhere else. A quick post for all the cool people who visit on Wednesdays. Dinner's a-callin', but here's a quick post so I can show you the lapel of one side of the front piece of Salina: I photographed it bathing in the sunlight, because the fabulousness that is Felted Tweed in Crush requires that it be so. Back to Salina. And while we're on the subject of fiber bathing in sunlight, look at this: Crystal Palace Fizz Stardust sent as a surprise from my pal Silvia! This just in: Skinny Rabbit suffers another Bonehead Knitting Moment. Yes, yes...I know. Rock on. NEWSFLASH!

Free Hobbes Crochet Pattern I've finally decided to write up my Hobbes pattern and instead of selling it I'd like to give it to you for free. The reason he is free is because the creator of Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Watterson did not want to commercialize his work so keeping that in mind Please don't sell this pattern and don't sell the completed work. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I originally made this up for my son because of his love for Hobbes (he's 23 now) I armed myself with Watterson's brilliant drawings as a reference. I made this pattern to look as close as possible to the Hobbes' drawings . I realized that Hobbes could be broken down into basic shapes. He also had the muzzle of a cat so I looked to the famous Amineko cat. Once I got the shapes down I worked on size. Until I started making him I never realized how different Hobbes looks from a regular cat. His head and body are a lot longer thanan normal cat plus he has the shortest fattest legs. That caused me problems since tubular legs and arms don't want to bend. Resources:

Free Knitting Patterns Netring + ADD YOUR SITE (352 members) What is knitting? Knitting patterns are the road map to this bliss and the variety available is amazing. Knitting Patterns Patterns that are the most popular are usually the simplest and easiest to work with but satisfies an experienced knitter through the uniqueness of the yarns used. Search out knitting resources! Here are a few things to keep in mind: When you are just beginning, knitting needles should be of medium size. Knitting from old patterns can be especially fun as making vintage looks available to the modern knitter and it is also a great way to connect to the way women lived in other times. Free Knitting Patterns Free knitting patterns for fast, easy projects are available to you. Look around and you will easily find free knitting patterns for making hot pads, dishcloths, kitchen towels and face cloths. There are many patterns available for easy afghans, fast and easy baby booties, great looking caps, baby blankets and so much more.

the blue blog archives: another weasley harry potter anyone? another weasley-along Gryffindor socks, knit in Dani's hand-painted self-striping sock yarngryffindor striped hat in leftover yarn from my HiP scarfa weasley sweater for me knitted with Rowan Felted Tweed in Ginger(p.s. - I've posted a weasley sweater pattern if you're looking for one!)Hermione hat in Manos #115 august 12, 2005 knitalong reborn After seeing S's weasley sweater every day in the window in the store, I've decided that I have to make myself one. Now, I thought this was the great red color that my weasley-along co-hostess, Jenn, used for hers (that color, by the way, was called Conker), but it's purple. So I'm thinking I need to officially re-open the weasley knitalong. And for the few who are interested, here's the house I was recently sorted into. august 18, 2005 another weasley?! There are so many Weasleys, why not another weasley knitalong? pick a button, any button what could it be? Got any more links and/or pattern suggestions for me? august 24, 2005

Harry Potter Knitting Patterns One eco-friendly way of getting knitting supplies that we sort of touched on yesterday is by upcycling, or making yarn out of some other material that was already in existence as something else. T-shirt yarn is a common example. I have a whole box full of T-shirts that one day I really will make into a quilt, and many of them I've cut the bottoms off of to make into T-shirt yarn. It's a relatively easy process but it can be really hard on your hands to cut through all that material and to keep the "yarn" a somewhat consistent thickness. I made this little bag for holding coupons out of plastic yarn. © Sarah E. When you've made your yarn, you should know that it can be a little difficult to work with, but it's still a lot of fun for projects like this super-sturdy bag. Another kind of upcycled yarn is known as plarn or plastic yarn, which is made out of plastic shopping bags. Recycled silk yarn. © Sarah E. You can also purchase yarn that includes recycled materials.