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Knitting Patterns - Chic Knits FALL 2010 - Designed by Bonne Marie Burns

Knitting Patterns - Chic Knits FALL 2010 - Designed by Bonne Marie Burns

Grocery Bag “Yarn” | When people see the handbags some of us carry around they never believe that we’ve made them from regular grocery bags. I bet I’ve been asked about 65,000 times in the last few years–”How can you possibly crochet with a grocery bag?” Consequently, this story has been told quite a bit, but never here on the blog. So, for those of you who’d like to know—this is how you do it. Take one innocent looking grocery–the thin, noisy kind–and smooth it out flat. Fold it in half lengthwise and smooth out again. Fold in half again, and smooth out. Cut off the bottom seam, and the handles at the top. Fold in half again. Cut the strip into 1 inch pieces… until you’ve cut the whole strip. Open up the loops… Remember making rubberband chains when you were a kid? Well, it’s like that. Pull one loop through the other until… they knot together. -pretty much like yarn. It’s a great way to recycle those silly bags and make our own teeny tiny dent in the local land fill. And now you know the true secret of the universe.

Free Knitting Patterns & Project Gallery Free Knitting Patterns from Knitting On The Net January 2011 Archives January 31, 2011 A Small Parade The hunt for unfinished things, and the desire to move them to the other category yielded up a few things in the last few days. The urge to tidy the box holding UFO's didn't go away. It's such and unusual feeling that I thought I might recover from it - the same way you get better from a cold, but nope. I looked to the socks first. I know that picture is blurry, but you have no idea what it took to get a good enough shot of my own feet. My Lenores have been sitting on my desk, waiting only for the ends to be woven in for months. They've finally made it into rotation. Next up, the January socks for this year. Pattern: Basic Sock Recipe from Knitting Rules , and the yarn is a discontinued one from the depths. It's Online Supersocke 100 "Sierra Color" #893... That tidy up meant that the only socks around are the cashmere ones... and I've finished one of the pair there. Tomorrow - finishitupitis and the mitten portion of the basket. Then the sweaters. Delayed 1. 2.

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Sew Your own Clothes, how to sew clothes, how to make your own clothing, crafts of chadds ford, love to sew A Message for the Beginner Seamstress and Fashion Designer Sewing your own clothes can be anything from pajamas to your own winter coat. If you are just starting out, I would suggest that you start with a simple pair of shorts or pants that have an elastic waistband. Have fun sketching your clothing line too. As you begin to sew more clothes and you become more experienced, than you can go onto more difficult projects. The basic rule for buying patterns for beginner sewers is; buy ones that have elastic for the waist band or just pull over tops and pjs .

fear of commitment cowl - cocoknits Your options are wide open with the “fear of commitment” cowl! Button it right up close to your neck for maximum warmth. Too warm? Skills Needed General knitting skills. Size One size, approximately 9" wide by 33" long. Materials Yarn 250 yards any soft, bulky yarn which calls for #10.5–11 needle. Sample: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Super Chunky (55% Merino, 33% Microfiber, 12% Cashmere, 72yds/50g) Needles Size appropriate for your chosen yarn. Notions buttonselastic cord Gauge 14–15 sts = 4" (row gauge not important) in stitch pattern. Free, Online Knitting Patterns - Begi EMBROIDERY STITCHES Here is some information on embroidery stitches and how to work them effectively Back stitch Back stitch is most often used to outline an area of a design.Each back stitch is worked along one side of a square or diagonally across the square as indicated on the chart for that particular design. On Aida fabric the back stitch is worked across one block, on evenweave fabric the stitch is usually worked over 2 threads of the fabric.When using back stitch in a design, these stitches are usualy worked last and with a finer thread. For example, if 2 strands of thread have been used to work a cross stitch pattern, the back stitch will be worked with one thread. Bullion knots To work a bullion knot, bring the needle up at one end of the stitch. Chain stitch To work chain stitch, bring the needle through the fabric at one end of the stitch. Couching To work a line of couching, start by laying the surface thread along the line it is to cover. Cross stitch French knot Running stitch Stem stitch