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SOLO - Sense of Life Objectivists Now we're at the halfway point of our architectural debate over at my main blog 'Not PC,' here's a brief meditation on what architecture is all about. In five words or less: giving meaning to our lives. To quote the late Claude Megson, "If it doesn't have meaning, then you're just wanking." Read on now for the thousand-word meditation... . . *** WHEN HILLARY AND TENZING reached the top of Everest for the first time, the story goes that Tenzing fell to his knees and gave thanks to the spirits that had helped their journey; he prayed to each of the four winds, and he carefully placed in the ground a small stake on which prayer ribbons were attached. While he was doing this, Hillary stuck a flag in the ground, unzipped his fly and took a piss. We each mark our territory in very different ways.

AL_A : Amanda Levete Architects : First photos of Spencer Dock Bridge News Profile Selected Projects Selected Furniture Archive Writing Recruitment Contact First photos of Spencer Dock Bridge The 40 metre span bridge with its fluid lines and undulating concrete surface will take trams, traffic and pedestrians across the Royal Canal. The edges of the deck peel down to reveal a space for pedestrians to pause and take in views of the dock and Linear Park which is currently under construction. diller scofidio + renfro Open standards such as HTML5, WebGL, and WebAssembly have continually matured over the years and serve as viable alternatives for Flash content. Also, major browser vendors are integrating these open standards into their browsers and deprecating most other plug-ins (like Flash Player). See Flash Player EOL announcements from Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla. By providing more than three years’ advance notice, Adobe believes that there has been sufficient time for developers, designers, businesses, and other parties to migrate Flash content to new standards. The EOL timing was in coordination with some of the major browser vendors.

04 Counter To mark its 75th anniversary Knoll joined forces with OMA, co-founded by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas. At Salone del Mobile 2013 in Milan earlier this month they launched a new collection of kinetic furniture called Tools for Life. The collection features adjustable tables, swivel chairs, a stool, an executive desk, and other items. The minimalist material palette makes the furniture compatible with a range of residential and workplace interiors. I would like to highlight one of the collection pieces named 04 Counter. A horizontal stack of 3 timber blocks that can be transformed from a wall-like unit to cantilevered benches that swing around a central axis. Architecture Research Office (ARO) About ARO Principals Stephen Cassell, Kim Yao and Adam Yarinsky 2014 Honor Award SOLO - Sense of Life Objectivists What is Objectivism? Let its founder speak first. Asked to specify Objectivism's essentials standing on one foot, Ayn Rand, standing on one foot, said: "Metaphysics: Objective Reality; Epistemology: Reason; Ethics: Self-interest; Politics: Capitalism." Writing about this episode later, she went on to say:

Firms House Hunting? This Haunted Italian Island is For Sale Welcome to Poveglia Island. Thanks to Italy's difficult financial straits, this honeymoon-retreat- meets-horror-movie-set is on the market. Are you an architect who wants to easily reach the Venice Biennale, but also dreams of building a home on foundations echoing with the undead screams of your enemies? This could be your spot. Calabar International Convention Center The multi-functional and flexible building will also offer the citizens of Calabar a new cultural centre that will provide the setting for concerts, film festivals and exhibitions. The Calabar International Convention Centre consists of four adjoining, sculptural volumes. The building is situated on top of a hill and has a panoramic view from the foyer.

OMA milstein hall . cornell aap . ithaca OMA . Cornell AAP . photos: Matthew Carbone . William Staffeld . Höweler + Yoon Höweler + Yoon is a internationally recognized architecture and design studio, founded by principals Eric Höweler and Meejin Yoon. Originally known as MY Studio, our multidisciplinary practice operates in the space between architecture, art, and landscape. We believe in an embodied experience of architecture, seeing media as material and its effects as palpable elements of architectural speculation.

Objectivism v. Existentialism - Chewing on Ideas - Objectivist Living Dr. Hazel E. Barnes, Ph.D is best known for translating Jean-Paul Sartre's "Being and Nothingness." She also wrote several books about him and existentialism. In one of her books, "An Existentialist Ethics," published in 1969, she has a chapter called "Egoistic Humanism: Ayn Rand's Objectivism," which compares Sartre's existentialism with Rand's Objectivism. Although the chapter is much too long to copy word for word and post here, I will try to paraphrase the gist of that article in my own words and then respond with my own views: Louisiana State Museum LOCATION: St. Amant, Louisiana AREA: 17,000 Square Feet CONSTRUCTION COST: $2.5 Million COMPLETION: 2004 The design of the Holy Rosary Complex – comprised of an oratory, administrative building, and religious education building – for a rural Catholic Parish in South Louisiana, is an honest exploration of form, function, light and materials that results in an engaging and profound study in sacred space. Neither opulent nor austere, Holy Rosary Chapel presents a thoughtful meditation on sacred spaces and the spatial embodiment of spiritual experience. The masterplan for the rural campus creates a strong sense of place and draws a distinction between the program’s sacred and secular components. Secular components of the campus take form as linear or “edge” buildings – an administrative block, two linear classroom bars, a religious education building – which form the courtyard in which the oratory is located.

AR Design Studio - Modern Grade II Listed Design:. AR Design Studio .: Scheme: Private Internal and External Alterations, Hampshire. Commencement: June 2012. Completion: March 2013. Photographer: Press:

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