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Work and Study Abroad International CVs If you are applying for jobs or placements abroad, do be aware that the style of applications may differ from that used in the UK. Since the birth of the Internet, CVs have moved closer to an international style but there are still substantial differences in the CV style used in different countries. In many European countries such as France, Belgium and Germany, and some non-European countries such as China, it’s common for CVs to include a a passport-sized photograph in the top right-hand corner whereas in the UK and the USA photographs are frowned upon as this may contravene equal opportunity legislation - a photograph makes it easier to reject a candidate on grounds of ethnicity, sex or age. In France, your CV should be in French. Newseum Anyone seeking permission to use or reproduce the front page of a newspaper featured in our Today’s Front Pages online gallery must contact the newspaper’s publisher directly. U.S. copyright laws apply. The Newseum DOES NOT provide access to front pages from previous dates. The archives include dates of historical significance only.

Competitive Intelligence - A Selective Resource Guide - Updated and Revised July 2011 [Note: The accuracy and reliability of data and information published on the Web is subject to continuous verification. It is recommended that you use multiple sources, cross-check data and routinely perform due diligence reviews on sources and publications to which you cite and from which you source data. The Web is a dynamic entity - sites often change URLs, content focus, and ownership. Many sites go offline with little or no notification. This guide is updated bi-annually in an effort to document sources for researchers that have been verified at the time of publication. This latest version of the guide includes dozens of updated links, deletion of sites that are no longer live, as well as numerous new entries throughout.

Case Files of Detective Nose It was a long and almost unbearable drive out into the desert as the hot sun beat down on Detective Nose’s face. As luck would have it, his air conditioning had broken down only two days earlier and despite having all the windows open, the heat was simply excruciating. As the inspector sipped on some of the water that he brought for the trip, the thought that he may have somehow missed his destination was beginning to penetrate his mind. Just as he was about to turn around and head back, a small sign appeared that read “Ross Expeditions Here”. With a silent sigh of relief, he turned his car towards the small cabin that could be seen in the distance. As Nose reached the front door, Jason Ross introduced himself and motioned for the detective to come inside.

ERASMUS programme What is ERASMUS+? If you are thinking of doing a work placement, have you thought about doing it in Europe? The University of Leeds is a participant in a European placement scheme called ERASMUS+. Administered by the British Council and ECORYS UK, and co-funded by the European Union, ERASMUS+ supports activities in education, training, youth and sport across all sectors of lifelong learning including Higher Education. The ERASMUS+ scheme enables you to undertake study or work abroad. The Communications Market 2011 (August) This is Ofcom’s eighth annual Communications Market report. This supports Ofcom’s regulatory goal to research markets and to remain at the forefront of technological understanding. Nearly 10 million TV sets were sold in 2010, almost all of which were HD ready Viewers currently watch just over 4 hours a day, up by approximately 18 minutes over ten years There were nearly 1 million internet-enabled TV sales during 2010, and 125,000 sales of TVs with 3D capabilities Almost half (46 per cent) of households now have a digital video recorder (DVR)

Home of the Dial-A-Verb Wheels The conjugator pages are designed so that they interrelate smoothly with the Spanish Dial-A-Verb 5000 and Spanish Dial-A-Verb 8000 verb wheels, but feel free to use them without the verb wheels. Create a set of verbs and print them as a handout. Display these web pages in class to illustrate new tenses and irregularities. If you have an online syllabus or assignments page, you can create links to this page that will display exactly what you want your students to see. First , using the table below, enter the infinitives and select the features that you want to appear in a study sheet for your students.

Travel Aware - staying safe and healthy abroad Wherever you’re going, it’s important to prepare before you go. Stay healthy and safe abroad by taking some simple precautions: plan your trip using our foreign travel checklist learn about the laws, customs and entry requirements of the country you’re visiting using our foreign travel advice make sure you have the right travel insurance (and your free European Health Insurance Card if you’re travelling in Europe) check what you need to stay healthy while travelling, including any vaccinations make sure your passport is valid for the duration of your trip and that you’ve filled in the emergency details page learn to keep your passport safe from pickpockets by watching our passport hustle video prepare for driving overseas by reading our checklist and watching our video on what to consider

List of professional associations in the United Kingdom The following is a list of professional bodies in the United Kingdom. Membership of a professional body does not necessarily mean that a person possesses qualifications in the subject area, nor that they are legally able to practice their profession. Many of these bodies also act as learned societies for the academic disciplines underlying their professions. In cases where membership of or a professional qualification from either a chartered or non-chartered professional body is necessary to practice a profession or to hold a certain title, the European Professional Qualification Directives require that suitably qualified people from other states (without any charter) in the European Union are also allowed to practice or hold a title in the UK and vice versa. Chartered[edit] The following professional bodies are incorporated under or with Royal Charter:[1]

Euraxess - Welcome to Euraxess UK – Research Jobs, Funding and Advice Euraxess UK is a British Council hub, which aids researchers in their career development, supporting mobility and acting as a support mechanism for researchers moving abroad or moving to the UK. Collaborating internationally or spending time on a research visit abroad can be very beneficial to a researcher's career and can give researchers access to expertise, facilities, and research environments that significantly broaden their experience and networks. Euraxess UK provides support, with the funding database providing a good source of funding opportunities, and the Euraxess newsletter keeping readers up-to-date on relevant opportunities and events. **Update on EU funding for Researchers** Following the outcome of the UK referendum on EU membership, Euraxess UK would like to offer some more information on the impact for researchers. Science is now, and always has been, international.

documents and resources gateway Documents Online Detailed information about the WTO's work is published in the official documents of the WTO's councils, committees, working groups etc. These are made available through the Documents Online database. > Documents Online > Documents Online search facility > Browse recent and frequently consulted documents Oklahoma State University - Welcome Directory | Calendar | Weather | Quicklinks Academics Colleges Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Working internationally Working internationally If you are planning to work outside the UK after graduation, whether you are returning home or looking for opportunities elsewhere, here are some tips about how your experience of studying in Leeds can be a great advantage for your future career. Make your experience matter.

Lists newspapers in different countries in the world and therefore a source of vacancies. by raviii Jun 8

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