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50 Fantastically Clever Logos

50 Fantastically Clever Logos
I know everybody and their brother does logo roundups so you’re probably sick of them, but I don’t believe I’ve ever done one and there is a particularly impressive brand of logo design that I wanted to point out. Today we’ll look at 50 logos that are the result of going beyond the typical thought process and injecting a little wit and hidden symbolism into the design process. What Makes a Logo Clever? To explain what I mean by “clever” logo design, let’s take a look at a typical logo, (i.e. one that isn’t clever). The logo above is a nice piece of work. However, my favorite type of logo design is that which takes the assignment one step further. These types of logos make you smile at the brilliance of both the idea and the execution and have several layers of meaning that can hit you in waves. I’ve broken down this collection into three categories: visual double entendres (two things in one), word and character art, and ambigrams. Visual Double Entendres Lion Bird Chad 2010 I love this one. Related:  Logos

Logo Swap! Viktor Hertz made us laugh with his Honest Logos series and now our very own My Modern Met logo designer, Graham Smith, messes with our minds (in a good way) with his Brand Reversioning set. He describes a “Brand Reversion” as a brand logo that has undertaken a creative change based on the visual style of another brand logo. In other words, they're "brand identities with a split personality." For most of these, Smith swaps out two leading competitive brands for one another. Isn't it all a bit disconcerting? The ultimate guide to logo design There are some companies out there that would have you believe that designing a logo is as simple as slapping together some type and a shape or two. But there is so much more to designing a good logo than just that, regardless of what some may say. A lot goes into a great logo design. While a logo seems like just a little thing to create, it represents an entire company or brand, and must convey identity, values, and more. You can’t think of it as just a “little” design job. What makes a good logo? A good logo is powerful. On that note, a good logo is unique. Along the same lines, a good logo is recognizable. A good logo is timeless, too. A good logo also re-inforces your brand. A really good logo also conveys the core message of your company. Types of logos Logotypes Logotypes are very common, and often include a distinctive twist or adaptation on an existing typeface or font. The Sky Production logo is a great example of a logotype that ties imagery into the lettering. Literal imagery

30 Clever Business Cards Designs You Will Ever See Advertisement In layman terms, business cards provide information about any company or individual, there contact details and more. But for designers, it’s something more than that. It’s a small piece of paper which shows how creative the designer is in designing the information about company or individual in such a way, that it attracts potential customers. Today, we’ve gathered over fifty business card designs which can give inspirations to different designers who are looking for ideas for their next business card projects. Laptop Business Card Metal Pop Up Card We Are Designers Easel Business Card Art Unltd. Paper Plane Sergii Bogulavkyi Greeting Card Sylvia David Crow Funny Hair Loss Concept Caliper Card Smokeproof Press Bracket Pen Holder Card Grimm and Ribbs Shuriken Movie Card Gun Business Card Smiley MultiMiller Playing Card Jean Pocket Cuddly Bear Money Business Card Robson De Souza businesscard Mary Susan Vaughn Asterix Business card Rust And Martin Custom Business Cards Dylan Dylanco Business Card

Honest logos by @Viktor Web design: 6 tendances fortes pour 2014 L’année 2014 commence à peine que de nouvelles tendances dans le monde du design se profilent. Le Web Design Ledger dresse ainsi le tableau des tendances qui marqueront le webdesign cette année, parmi elles: Le Flat Design: c’est la tendance qui s’est le plus imposée en 2013. Apple l’a utilisé dans iOS 7, en mettant par la même occasion le « skeumorphisme » (son opposé) au placard. La typographie expérimentale: désormais les graphistes se lâchent avec les polices, l’espacement typographiques etc. Les menus déroulants: pour une meilleure expérience de navigation, les menus déroulants sont de plus en plus utilisés. Le défilement infini: encore une fois c’est la simplicité qui est recherchée. Des couleurs simples: en 2014, de nombreux sites devraient revoir en en partie leur charte graphique. Le reponsive design: il a été très utilisé en 2013 et ce n’est sans doute pas fini.

30 Killer Creative Business Cards Advertisement How to you greet your clients when you meet them for the first time. Probably by shaking hands and handing them your Visiting Card. Importance of Visiting cards is well known and almost every professional and businessman has a Business Card. But when it comes to designer community, a simple looking regular visiting card just won’t do. Check out these utterly Creative Business Cards and you will also say hats off to the creative thinking of the designers of these Business Cards. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Business Cards Designs, Free Business Card Templates, Die Cut Business Card Collection, and Business Card Design Tutorials. Wake Up Your Body More Information on Wake Up Your Body Ayako Okada Hair Stylist More Information on Ayako Okada Hair Stylist More Information on DR. Lumin Plexiglass Business Card More Information on Lumin Plexiglass Business Card Mari Pettersson More Information on Mari Pettersson Minimalist Profil Common

72 Creative And Smart Typographic Logo Inspiration If we are starting to go crazy in typography style, then let’s continue with typographic and smart logo designs, shall we? Here you’ll find 72 beautiful logos created by talented designers. This showcase just proves the point how much can one/two words, icons tell using correctly white, negative, positive spacing, colors, accents creating interesting associations. Explore and get creative as I did! 1. Who killed letter i? 2. Really smart logo! 3. Typeface: word-play: face from the type and letter T. 4. Just loving this logo, great stylization! 5. Very popular logo already, but thought I still share it in typography section. Author’s comment: “Logo was made for a bold creative team consisting of two people. 6. Just smart logo, which rings the bell! 7. Author’s comment: “Gizzy bear is how a little kid might say grizzly bear. Just genius! 8. Simple, artistic and very clever – all in one place! 9. Very good logo – yes, sticky! 10. Oh, snap – logo with very clear message. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.

LES TENDANCES 2014 DU WEBDESIGN — Agence de communication Bonjour à tous l’année arrive à son terme et comme à chaque fois viens l’heure du bilan et surtout l’heure de savoir ce que nous allons rencontré comme tendances pour cette année 2014 cet article fais écho au podcast n°37 de podsource ( pas encore diffusé à l’heure actuelle) mais le concept est là, voici donc mon état d’esprit en cet fin d’année et ma vision du futur! je vais partager en groupes cela simplifie en tous cas pour moi: 1er groupe le design: Les couleursgraphismetypo 2ème groupe la technique. responsiveparalaxanimationSVGFontIconjs 2ème groupe plus général UXpodcast Commençons avec le design: Les couleurs: la première chose est la couleur de l’année selon Pantone©:Pantone Reveals Color of the Year for 2014: PANTONE 18-3224 Radiant Orchi un violet pâle qui nous envoie tout droit dans les pastels. qui sont très très pastels je me demande toujours quelle est l’influence des couleurs de l’année si c’est je pourrais en ajouter bien plus … Dans ce qui est du graphisme : les faciles en 1er:

50 Free Photoshop Business Card Templates Nov 18 2011 The business card remains one of the most effective ways of promoting yourself and your brand offline. Business cards are regularly exchanged at conferences, expos, meetings, interviews and more. With so many printing services offering fantastic deals (large quantities of cards at low rates); it is a relatively irrelevant expense for those who truly want to network. Add to that the number of free business card templates available, and getting your business card design right is easier than ever. Today we would like to show you 50 free Photoshop business card templates to help you design your perfect business card. Photoshop Business Card Templates 1. 2. 3. 4. 5 Business Card Template Packs 5. 6. 7. 4 More Salon Business Cards Photoshop Templates 8. corporate AND 9. corporate AND 2 10. 11. 12. 2 Free Tech-Themed Photoshop Business Card Templates 13. 14. 15. 4 Blue Personal Business Cards Templates 16. 17. 4 Elegant Wedding Business Card Templates in PSD 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26.

60 Clever Minimal Logos Depending on the flavor of your business, your logo may appear big and flashy, bold and colorful or just plain simple and clever. In this roundup, I’ve turned the spotlight towards the more simple and clever logo styles that leave a strong impression. As simplistic as they may appear, there is genius behind these 60 highly clever minimal logo designs. OneFund Filmaps Folder back Bipolar Backspace Stairs Fence v.2 Walk Unarmed Frankenstein Films Thinktank Pelican eveva Love Clip SewPerfect Wave Pendulum Sex Lovers City Direct FishLine Up Straight UP elefont Rocket Golf Illusion Circus of Magazines CodeFish Zip Mummy Foot Missing Helium Killed Productions Bird Giraffe minimum Catch 5 ascus HandsUp Pencil James Forbes Plumbing Wine Searcher Ed’s Electric LocKey Handmade Pictures upside down productions More Wine Kingdom brand Twins Horror Films Ross Poultry Half Crown Jump Atack Tulipart Have a Favorite? When putting a showcase of inspiration together, I often find myself picking a couple of favorites out of the bunch. Written by Shawn Ramsey

Web Design Trends : les tendances fortes pour 2014 | Freelance Infographiste Webdesigner Marseille L’année 2014 commence à peine que de nouvelles tendances dans le monde du design se profilent Le Web Design Ledger dresse ainsi le tableau des tendances qui marqueront le webdesign cette année Le début d’une nouvelle année est toujours un moment excitant pour les entreprises. C’est le moment de regarder vers l’avenir et se demander ce que va apporter l’année à venir. Il y a beaucoup de changements en 2014, surtout pour les personnes qui travaillent dans les technologies et le web design. 2013 a vu une flopée de nouvelles tendances, dont certaines ont commencé à disparaître et d’autres qui sont restées et sont toujours aussi fortes. Bien que 2014 ne fait que commencer, nous allons jeter un oeil à quelques-unes des tendances du design web qui ont commencé à émerger, ou que nous pouvons nous attendre à voir dans l’année à venir. Le Flat Design (ou Design à plat) Le Flat Design est un style de design web excluant tous détails superflus de la création. La Typographie expérimentale Patrick Gautier

35 Smart Logos With Second Thought To Make You look Twice One more logo showcase, but in this one you really will need to look twice! Every logo is carefully picked with second thought and I think such logos are really hard to create. Get inspired, hopefully this article will help you to look different at logo creation – it’s not always just about typography, good looking font and nice animation. You need to really deliver message to people and you need to deliver the RIGHT message – those are logos, which will be remembered. Of course it’s hard task, but this collection should help to get better! 1. Designed by Sibley/Peteet design This one is my favorites logos and it is unforgettable! 2. Designed by The Brand Union Avid’s logo is composed of simple geometric shapes derived from the fundamental buttons of the digital audio and video solutions: volume up, volume down, play, pause, record and forward, signaling of the companies core audio and video offerings. 3.Bison, Vancouver Designed by Seamoose Logo design for rock band from Vancouver B.C. 4.

Tendances du webdesign : que nous réserve 2014 ? Avec cette année 2013 riche en rebondissements, il est désormais grand temps de voir ce que nous réserve les tendances du webdesign 2014. Webdesigners, directeurs artistiques, entrepreneurs, freelances font le bilan et donnent leurs prédictions webdesign pour l’année à venir. Qui de mieux que les gens qui font le web d’aujourd’hui et de demain pour analyser les grandes tendances webdesign à venir ? Sur le même principe que l’an passé, je vous propose un article participatif avec des interviews de professionnels du web. Pour structurer les avis et prendre la température, je leur ai proposé de répondre à quatre petites questions : Quelle fût, d’après vous, la principale tendance du webdesign en 2013 ? En tirant les conclusions de cette année, chacun dans sa spécialité, son domaine et sa culture a traité le sujet à sa façon. Brad Frost Webdesigner, orateur, blogueur, consultant basé à Pittsburgh en Pennsylvanie. Site : bradfrostweb – Twitter : @brad_frost 1. 2. 3. 4. Stéphanie Walter

5 Best Logo Maker and Logo Creator Tools Company logo is an important part of any business. It’s often the first thing your customer sees on your business card and your website. Company logo is the face of your brand. To create a logo, you can either spend some money to hire a graphic designer to create for you or you can use online logo generator do it yourself. To DIY, you can check out these 5 great free or affordable and user friendly online logo maker tools: 1) » 2) » 3) » 4) » 5) »