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Web Designer Help » 55 Really Creative Logos

Web Designer Help » 55 Really Creative Logos
55 Really Creative Logos Logos can be really hard to design but the great ones tend to be really simple! So we have compiled a list of 55 logos which thought would help get your creative juices flowing. This post was written by Thomas Hardy, he is a Newcastle based Web Designer/Developer. 31 Comments to “55 Really Creative Logos” #1 Posted by wpheroes (14.05.09 at 23:16 ) Awesome list! #2 Posted by msnifadeleri (15.05.09 at 18:14 ) great logo works i’ve ever seen. #3 Posted by Fabian (17.05.09 at 01:40 ) Thank you Thomas for such a great list. #4 Posted by Thomas Hardy (17.05.09 at 02:13 ) Hey, glad your happy to be included, it was really good work. I am might get round to linking them up but for now I just don’t have the time to link all the logos up as it would seem pointless only doing a couple. #5 Posted by Joni (19.05.09 at 02:39 ) Wow, thanks for putting these together. #6 Posted by marie (23.05.09 at 15:05 ) The best logos I’ve ever seen, they are so creative fantastic work!!! Great!! Ibi

70 Excellent Logo Design Tutorials and Resources By Jacob Gube An effective logo sets the tone and public perception of your brand, and therefore careful thought and creativity must be put into constructing it. In this article, you’ll find a large collection of tutorials and resources on the topic of designing logos by some of the most well-respected logo designers in the industry. Logo Design Tutorials Step-by-step logo Designer/Author Chuck Green shows us the general process he takes when designing a logo. Big Bocca – Illustrative Logo This downloadable tutorial goes through the process of designing an illustrative logo. Piranha’s Revenge – Illustrative Logo Artist Von. Logo Frustration Take a peak into a real-world project to see an actual logo designer in action. Creating the Logo / Identity for “Blackberry Creek Community Church” You’ll see, from start to finish, the creation of a logo for the "Blackberry Creek Community Church". Drawing a Good Logo UX Developer Nathan Smith discusses his method for creating an iconic logo design. LogoPond

TCP/IP For Dummies Cheat Sheet Cheat Sheet As a network administrator, you know that TCP/IP is the glue that holds the Internet and the Web together. As well as being familiar with security terms and general definitions, you need to pay attention to RFCs (Requests for Comment) published by the Internet Engineering Task Force. You can comment on, learn from, and submit RFCs yourself. TCP/IP Definitions Knowing your way around TCP/IP is key if you want to manage a network successfully. CIDR (Classless InterDomain Routing): A way to conserve on IP addresses. Are you acronym challenged? Internet Security Terms and Tips to Use with TCP/IP You’re a network administrator, so you know that keeping your Web site secure is an ongoing challenge. Advanced Encryption Standard: A secret key cipher used for encryption. Notable Requests for Comments of Interest to TCP/IP Users As a network administrator, you’re familiar with certain things — TCP/IP, security threats, and Requests for Comments, or RFCs.

50 Websites For Free Vector Images Download Unlike raster images, vector images are flexible and scalable enough to not lose quality when stretched out beyond their original size. This makes it perfect for use for both web and print design. In fact, we have plenty of compilations that feature vector images (you can start with our multipurpose vector icon sets), but in case you want to do your own searches, we have the next best thing. Are you wondering where to download free vectors for your next project? In this post are more than 30 websites you can check out to download the free vector images, icons and logos you want. Note: While most (if not all) of them are free, we still encourage you read and understand their license before downloading and using these free vectors. 40+ Websites to Download Royalty-Free Images 40+ Websites to Download Royalty-Free Images Chances are you're pretty tired of seeing traditional stock photos of people in suits shaking hands. Pikbest Vecteezy Vecteezy is home to vector icons, art and patterns. Freepik

30 More Helpful Video Tutorials For Web Developers You can find a good tutorial on just about any subject of web development, but great video tutorials are much less common. Here are a few great tutorials that any developer can use to brush up on various topics like iPhone development, frameworks, jQuery, CSS and more. 1. Write Your First PHP Script KillerPHP has compiled a simple, informative screencast on how to create a tidy little "Hello world" PHP script. Great for novices and those wanting to brush up on their PHP practices. 2. Nearly every developer has, at some point, hacked a Wordpress theme or plugin in their day. 3. Popular IDE NetBeans is a great choice for developing many types of sites and services, and this tutorial showcases the speed and ease creating a web service with NetBeans is. 4. Object-Oriented PHP (OOP) is, in most cases, the best way to write a PHP application. 5. jQuery For Absolute Beginners Video Series ThemeForest has an incredible video series on jQuery for Beginners by NETTUTS' editor Jeffrey Way. 6. 7. 8.

Free Textures from TextureKing Bookmarklets for Zapping Annoyances Bookmarklets for Zapping Annoyances These bookmarklets help you deal with annoying web pages. (To keep bookmarklets in order to use them on other web pages, drag them to your Bookmarks Toolbar. Or, install them all at once.) Browsers: is Internet Explorer for Windows, is Netscape 7 or Mozilla, is Netscape 4, and is Opera. Details Removes java, flash, background music, and third-party iframes. This bookmarklet recurses into frames and iframes when it can, but destroys third-party iframes, which it cannot recurse into. This bookmarklet used to be called "zap embeds". Based on "Remove Plugins" by Brent Marshall. Makes text black on a white background, and makes links blue and purple. Neutralizes <marquee> and <blink>. Replaces marquees with non-scrolling divs and blink tags with non-blinking spans. Suggested by Michael Hendy. Removes event handlers, killing blind links and exit pop-up ads. This bookmarklet only zaps event handlers for 4 events: onmouseover, onmouseout, onunload, and onresize.

LogoMoose – Logo design community and inspiration gallery Vera, Nadejda & Lubov Series of illustration for a KixBox sample sale. SS/14Art Direction, Digital Art, Illustration2014 The project is inspired by retro-futuristic dream of space traveling. Furniture Design, Interior Design, Product Design2013 Every half year KixBox totally change the design of seasonal decorations and marketing material. Folky series of DO PLU DO tees, 100% cotton, silk screen printed, limited edition.Design, Product Design, Fashion2009

designerpreis 300+ Free Grunge Textures Get the FlatPix UI Kit for only $7 - Learn More or Buy Now In this roundup we’ve collected over 300 free grunge textures. Enjoy the show! 8 Subtle Grunge Textures vintage grunge textures(5Textures) color grunge textures(5Textures) grunge textures(6Textures) Victorian grunge texture pack(5Textures) Grunge II Texture Pack(5Textures) Tileable Burnt Orange Industrial Grunge Textures – Part 1(8Textures) Grunge Background Textures(5Textures) Colorful Grunge Pack(5Textures) Grunge III Texture Pack(8Textures) Grunge Package(4Textures) Grunge Textures(20Textures) Autumn Grunge(3Textures) Grunge textures(3Textures) Grunge Nebulae Textures(5Textures) Victorian Grunge Excl(4Textures) 8 Subtle Grunge Textures Ultimate Grunge Pack: 40 High-Res Textures Grunge Cement Texture Pack(12Textures) 4 Free High Resolution Grunge Textures 24 High-Res Grunge Texture Pics Grunge Texture vol.1(5Textures) 20 Simple & Subtle Grunge Textures Massive Grunge Texture Pack: 40+ Textures Grungy Cement: Texture Pack(7Textures)