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The Untold Story Of The Peace Sign. 6 | 18 Of Canada's Best Logos. The Swiss get a lot of credit for their graphic design. And New York gave the design world the likes of Saul Bass, Paul Rand, and Milton Glaser, to name just a few. But Canada’s legions of graphic designers seem to go somewhat uncelebrated, which is a shame: A scroll through this new online register of the country’s logos reveals that our northern neighbors have long had a capacity for tasteful and minimal branding. The Northern Army Preservation Society of Canada, as it’s called, is an online dossier of Canada’s best logos, curated by Ottawa-based design studio Northern Army. Rene Antunes, cofounder of Northern Army, says it started as a personal pet project: “We wanted to collect the logos we grew up with and are still inspired by in one place,” he says.

The “preservation” part refers to what Antunes calls the “retro and vintage slant to many of these logos,” since many have been outmoded and replaced by design updates. So far, they’ve collected 186 (and counting) logos. 30 Unique Logo Designs That Actually Say Something. 20 | 100 Years Of Olympic Logos: A Depressing History Of Design Crimes. If you're not a fan of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games' minimalist logo, hey, it could have been worse.

Much worse. For proof, consider this slide show of all of the Olympic Games logos between 1924 and 2020. There have been some beautifully designed logos throughout the Olympic Games' rich history, but sadly, that seems to be very much the exception, not the rule. Traveling back in time on this Olympic carousel, it's interesting to spot design trends, and even more interesting to spot the design crimes. Starting in the summer of 1984, for example, a typographical mad man appears to have seized control of the International Olympics Committee, and in his subsequent 14-year reign of terror, lop the heads off any designer who suggested a typeface that did not come pre-installed with Microsoft Word.

Revisiting almost a century of Olympic logos, what stands out is how muddled, confused, and almost simperingly non-threatening the last 30 years of Olympic design has actually been. 7 | You Want The Logo Bigger? I Got Your Bigger Logo Right Here: These Extreme Logos Are Big--And Oddly Compelling. There's a reason so many fast food chains feature red and yellow in their signage: they're the two most attention-grabbing colors found in nature. If we sense these colors out of the corner of an eye--perhaps while driving down the highway, famished--our lizard brains immediately investigate. As brands compete for consumer attention, they work hard to ensure their logos are as prominent as possible in our lives.

One age old way of doing so is by issuing the request to "make the logo bigger," a refrain that's taken the spring out the step of creatives for decades. San Francisco-based art director and designer Andrew Wendling is fighting back by airing his grievances on Tumblr. Rather than name names and specific gripes, Wendling started Make the Logo Bigger, a site that takes the overstated suggestion, and overindulges it. What's insightful about this blog, however, is something that Wendling probably didn't intend. See how many of these overblown logos you can guess in the slides above. From The Sopranos's Logo Designer, A Brilliant Brand ID That Morphs Over Time. Mesosphere is a San Francisco startup that’s developing software to make cloud systems more accessible. Sound familiar? Of course it does. Because however great their technology may be, to most of us, cloud technology startups are as indistinguishable as the clouds themselves.

And branding is doing the space no favors, according to Brett Wickens, Partner and identity design specialist at Ammunition. He would know. “The [cloud service] landscape is pretty full of obvious manifestations of nouns or categories of operation,” Wickens tells Co.Design. In other words, there are a lot of clichés. “In lowercase, the top of every letter in mesosphere is curved. But atop that lettering lives, not a static image, but an animated network of curvy nodes that tug, color shift, and generally evolve over time. “Processing is basically a new art tool,” Wickens tells Co.Design. All of this said, is it enough to call the project a success? 2013 Logo Design Trends. It isn't always easy to keep up with the latest trends, especially when it comes to logos.

We've done our research to see what some of the biggest companies are doing with their logos right now, to bring you the latest trends in logo design. Here you'll find the latest logos for the Mall of America, the 2018 Olympics, and many more! We hope you enjoy these trends, and don't forget to comment on your favorites below. Trend: Back to Basics Lately, we are seeing more and more logo designs go back to basics, using simple flat colors and basic geometric shapes integrated into their design. One of the most commonly featured shapes seen in many emerging logo designs includes stars. The logo for the upcoming 2018 Olympic Games in PyeongChang was recently released at a publicly held conference in Seoul.

This logo emphasizes simplicity, flat colors, and basic geometric shapes in it's design. Check out these crisp and colorful logo designs that you can start using right away from Creative Market. Fail: 14 logos que no comunicaron exactamente lo que querían comunicar. Vía Cuando una empresa contrata a un diseñador gráfico para que elabore su logotipo, lo hace con la firme idea de que el resultado final representará la imagen corporativa y los servicios o productos que ofrece a los clientes. Sin embargo, en ocasiones el resultado suele ser muy diferente al deseado con diseños que sugieren cosas totalmente descabelladas. En seguida te presentamos una compilación de 14 hilarantes logotipos que son unos verdaderos FAILS para sus creadores. 14. Comisión Juvenil Arquidiocesana de la Iglesia Católica Lo creas o no, esto no es una broma. 13. Nunca hemos oído hablar de hacerlo A-Style, que debe ser algo totalmente nuevo. Parece un gran logo para ‘OGC “, que suena como una compañía enorme… ¿Y si lo volteas sobre uno de sus lados?

11. Es un antena satelital extremadamente feliz. 10. ¿Quieres llevar a tus hijos aquí? 9. Si no lo ves, como muchas personas, el secreto es pensar anatómicamente. 8. 7. 6. Locum. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. LOGORAMA - Oscar Nominated - Best Short Movie [sub_ITA] Showcase: 50 Modern Logos for Your Inspiration. Last week we looked at 50 retro logos. This week we will take a different path, showcasing 50 modern looking logos. If you are a logo designer, you have many options in the pursuit of a modern logo, from a minimalist approach to the use of exuberant color. The following 50 logos show confidence in their visual appearance, and also have a deeper meaning for the viewer to figure out. Thinking Couch AlcedoMedia Rabby Brand Rasa creativejuice Sixbase Dark Secret Mediastudio Ria Products The wineline Parking FishKing Rayada Universal Gear Growth Trading the aromatherapist 2 Cardinal mark FruitDealer BioBuy Pink Godzilla tricic La miche Lakeside Inn My Modern Met tykocin castle trotyl Diamondtie Xcellon soodo group exoticate Logo The Lollygaggers Researchr Squarton Networks 1 Rocket’s Berliner Assekuranz CreativeBar Vapora appland insideapps Sprinted mindway Frogat mark cottonbox kids Amber Projects Voltpix Participate in modern design contests and provide quotes for logo design jobs at DesignCrowd.

Logo Design Love. Wendy's Gets A New Logo: Will The Pigtails Survive? We’re living in the age of fake heritage. It’s the ideal time to be running an old-timey barbershop or an artisanal, back-to-basics asbestos manufacturing plant--anything that connects your business to a purer, more authentic-seeming past. But for the first time in nearly 30 years, Wendy’s--the fast food chain with imagery most defined by tradition--has redesigned their logo with Tesser. They’ve turned from the soda-fountain font and charmingly anachronistic billboarding to an open-air, Sharpie-scrawled creation, complete with Wendy herself--pigtails intact. “We feel that we have a very authentic brand steeped in heritage,” Wendy’s SVP of Communications Denny Lynch tells me. “We want to tap into that legacy, but do it in the world of 2012.” Like any change to a long-standing logo, it’ll wet-willy your eyeballs initially. But after the shock wears off, it appears to be an all-around solid update.

“It just energizes people,” Lynch says.