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Logo design resources

Logo design resources
I’ve searched my bookmarks and gathered your top tips, culminating in this selection of sites, books, articles and designers. Resource topics Click a topic to jump to that section. Type foundries // Back to resource topics Books Catch a few more recommended reads here: A few good books. Logo history History of popular logo designs, categorised in alphabetical order with a search feature, tooThe Evolution of Tech Company Logos, how famous logos came to be, from NeatoramaThe Evolution of Car Logos, more historical insights over on NeatoramaBranding Firefox, a short insight into the history of the Firefox browser Trends “Logo trends” is a bit of an oxymoron. Articles Design agencies Independent identity designers Awards Blogs Identity Designed, case studies from around the worldIdentityworks, by Tony SpaethBrand New, Armin Vit focuses on corporate and brand identity workSpeak Up on Identity, from the now defunct Speak Up Showcases Style guides and manuals Further resources

When logos look alike It gets more and more difficult to create original logos. No matter how clever your idea, the chances are someone has come up with something very similar. Why is that? Well, we’re all surrounded by the same influences and exposed to the same shapes, forms, and patterns. With the importance of branding in the marketplace, and thousands of designers working on similar projects, it’s obvious that ideas will, from time-to-time, look almost identical. Here I have compiled a few similar logos, showing them side-by-side so you can see what graphic designers face today. Sumpter & Gonzalez LLP and Stylegala National Film Board (recently updated) and Virtual Global Taskforce Carrier and Ford Scottish Arts Council and Artworkers NBC and Nebraska ETV Network One Spa, Manulife One and Penzeys One Magazine SimpleBits and LogoMaid (LogoMaid link directs to a Flickr thread with a fascinating commentary) pseudoroom design and Cyberathlete Professional League Ubuntu and Human Rights First searchmash and smashLAB

Techniques for Choosing the Perfect Brand Name As a new business (whether your independent or large corporation), we’re faced with many difficult decisions before we open up shop – the perfect location, how to effectively market yourself, pricing strategies, and more importantly, deciding on a great, memorable and identifiable brand name. Unlike deciding on a location for your business and your marketing/pricing strategies, choosing a name for your business is far more nerve racking because it’s permanent, or at least should be, and should capture the essence a company. Below are techniques to help you and your clients generate a memorable, meaningful and unique brand name. Acronyms/Abbreviations Some companies like to use long, descriptive names to identify who they are and what they do. Acronyms are often used to make longer names more friendly and easier to remember. This method works particularly well if you have a long company name whose first letters of each word form a brand new, pronounceable word. Examples Descriptive Examples:

QR Code Generator - Same Day Shipping. Low Prices, Always. Home › Services › Barcode Generator › QR Code Generator Generate QR Codes using the Google Chart API Logo design community and inspiration gallery 10 handwritten logo designs Here follows a selection of famous trademarks created using handwriting: Davidoff logo design Logo designer: Zino Davidoff, in 1968–1969. Zino Davidoff was born on March 11, 1906, in Kiev, and died in 1994 at the age of 87. Davidoff made it his business to upgrade cigar smoking, and every cigar from the company carries a label with Zino’s signature. Oddly, the Davidoff website is unavailable to UK viewers, and I was greeted with the above screenshot with this text: “We are sorry but due to UK legislation we are not allowed anymore to show you our Website The cynical among us might think this is due to prices placed upon Davidoff products, combined with the strength of the British Pound. Ford logo design Logo designer: Childe Harold Wills, in 1909. Ford‘s first chief engineer and designer, Childe Harold Wills, is thought to have developed the stylized Ford script in 1909. Harrods logo design Logo designer: Minale Tattersfield, in 1967, modified in 1984. Cartier logo design

30 Free Vector Graphics for Your Daily Needs Resources November 11, 2011 Every so often, designers should make it a point to download fresh sets of vector graphics and other design resources. Whether you’re a print designer who designs posters, flyers and magazines, or a graphic designer collaborating with web designers and programmers, vector icons and illustrations will always come in handy. There are a lot of websites that offer free vector graphics. Tribal Tattoo Designs stock-graphic-designs Download Source Abstract_beaujungka beauload Download Source Alfred Doodle Set 27 AllonzoInc Download Source 16 Antique Floristic Vector Patterns creative_alys Download Source Poker Chip Vectors acott Download Source Household items chadtrutt Download Source Furry Creatures yurike11 Download Source vintage floral illustration designious Download Source Free heraldry vector sets oliver13 Download Source free field flowers phanie Download Source 5 Floral Decorative Ornaments Design-Maker Download Source Wolf Vector purevil Download Source Weapons Color Bomb

Identity Guidelines for Keyboard Kahuna Logo | Logo Designer Identity guidelines for Keyboard Kahuna logo View a larger size over at my Flickr account. Read more on the development of this logo design – Logo Process – Keyboard Kahuna Identity Development . This is a single page A4 identity guide for the Keyboard Kahuna logo. I have made a version of this template available for download at end of post. What’s included This guide covers the general construction of the logo, dimensions and proportions. This is a neat way to also show the client, at a glance, the level of detail that goes into a logo, the spacing, the alignment, proportions etc. It has been a challenge to try to fit all the information I wanted onto one page, without over crowding, whilst maintaining a clean layout design. The client will get The file will be saved as a PDF file and also a layered InDesign file. Therefore, my aim is to provide each client with this ‘Dummies Guide to logo usage’ PDF guide. Identity Template for download

Negative space logos It’s hard to beat a clever use of negative space. Here are 35 or so logos that use white space well, along with the designers/agencies responsible. A.G. Low Construction logo By Rebecca Low Martin Newcombe Property Maintenance logo By buddy Nexcite logo By AmoreVia Blair Thomson American Institute of Architects Center logo By Pentagram Ogden Plumbing logo By Astuteo WWF By Sir Peter Scott, modified by Landor FreemanWhite logo By Malcolm Grear Designers The Brand Union logo By The Brand Union Egg n Spoon logo (same day couriers) By Thoughtful Human logo By Social UK Dolphin House logo By Ico Design Eaton logo By Lippincott (thanks, Brendan) Elefont logo By Logo Motive Designs USA Network logo By Sean Serio CultureBus logo By Pentagram Carrefour logo Original design examined by Miles Newlyn (thanks Rianna) Henri Ehrhart monogram (shameless) View the design process on David Airey dot com Sinkit logo By smashLAB Guild of Food Writers logo By 300million ED logo By Gianni Bortolotti Conception logo By The Chase

Creative Brainstorming: 50 Examples of The Logo Design Process - Noupe Design Blog May 03 2011 Everyone knows how important a logo is to your identity and brand. Every business, online and offline, requires a logo. A logo represents your company and products to potential customers. Almost any designer can create a good logo, but it won’t necessarily be perfect. Creating an extraordinary logo requires a thorough design process. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of businesses that have shared a peek inside their fascinating logo design process with the public. The Logo Design And Development Process The Bounty Bev Logo Design Process “A bounty is a reward given to those who seek the best, and BountyBev brings you the reward of American Craft Beer. Grooveshark | Case study “Grooveshark is an international peer-to-peer music platform, built behind a social network online. Logo Design Process: Homespun Chili “Homespun Chili uses local and international ingredients to create one-of-a-kind meat and vegetarian chili creations. Design Process of Dimitrovi & Co. (rb)

20 Unique and Creative Logo Designs Logo is a symbol or emblem commonly used by companies and individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition. This post features our favorite examples of unique, memorable, and creative logos designed by talented artists from all over the world. Killed Productions Logo Clever logo designed by Sean Heisler for Killed Productions. Spartan Logo Brilliant logo by Richard Fonteneau designed for Spartan golf club. Twins Logo Creative logo with “2″ instead of “N” designed by Action Designer. Steps Logo Jason Sanzone managed to incorporate “steps” into the actual logo. Zip Logo Zip logo designed by Mike Erickson features “zipper” instead of “I”. Look Logo Brilliant and memorable logo designed by Zain Zayan from India. Swing Studios Logo Creative literal logo designed by struve for Swing Studios. Pause Logo Logo designed by volkan ek? Foot Logo Perfect example of creative logo design by Dalius Stuoka. B Logo Creative bee inspired logo designed by William Patino. Goodduck Logo Catch 5 Logo Sushi Logo

La Tortilleria LE FOURQUET Gourmet, Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine Client: Grupo Milenio Mexico CIty Issue No. 19 Art Direction & Editorial Design by La Tortillería Collages by Ashkan Honarvar - © Copyright - La Tortillería