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Brainstorming 2.0: Making Ideas That Really Happen

Brainstorming 2.0: Making Ideas That Really Happen
One of the most common questions we hear at 99U is: “How do I get more out of my brainstorming sessions?” While brainstorming sessions have become perhaps the most iconic act of creativity, we still struggle with how to give them real utility. The problem of course is that most brainstorming sessions conclude prematurely. We all love to dream big and come up with “blue sky” ideas. We’re less fond of diving into the nitty-gritty details of creative execution. As a result, we spend 90% of our time coming up with a bunch of great ideas, and maybe 10% (if any!) So how can we retool our approach to brainstorming to make it more effective? Disney’s rigorous creative process involves 3 distinct phases of idea development, each of which is designed to unfold in a separate room. Step 1 asks “WHAT are we going to do?” It’s all about dreaming big. Room Setup: Airy rooms with high-ceilings are the best locations for thinking big. Mentality: Any idea is fair game. Step 3 asks “WHY are we doing this?”

Logo Tips, Creative Ideas and Logos Creating a professional image for your new logo design is one the most crucial steps to obtain new business. An effective logo design may not be visually an awesome logo. Take for example Coca-Cola™, IBM™, Microsoft™ and other successful corporations whom spend millions each year refining their brand. The design inspiration for these logos took a backseat to marketing savvy. These are famous logos are just a part of a much larger branding effort. Analytics, research and creative designs coalesce into a smarter corporate identity. Research has proven that people want to associate themselves with brands that they think represent their own good taste. Whether it’s for a auto repair shop or a nanotechnology firm in Silicon Valley, a logo design has to consist of several basic qualities: Above all: keep it simple!

How governments research and communicate about the future Governments around the world are increasingly recognizing that they have a responsibility for structured thought and research about the future, both to shape their own initiatives, and to assist companies and institutions in the nation to survive and thrive in times of change. Examples of government futures groups include:Egypt: Center for Futures StudiesFrance: Centre d’Analyse StratégiqueIndia: Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment CouncilIndonesia: Badan Perencanaan dan Pembangunan NasionalMexico: 2030 VisionSingapore: Futures GroupSweden: Institute for Futures Studies Other governments, such as those of UK and USA, do extensive future studies, however these are distributed across a variety of departments and functions. Many of these operations do a good job at analysis, however usually communicate in traditional government-speak, including weighty reports written in officious language. The document below, Imagining the New Normal, is excellent. Imagining the New Normal

60 Highly Clever Minimal Logo Designs - StumbleUpon Depending on the flavor of your business, your logo may appear big and flashy, bold and colorful or just plain simple and clever. In this roundup, I’ve turned the spotlight towards the more simple and clever logo styles that leave a strong impression. As simplistic as they may appear, there is genius behind these 60 highly clever minimal logo designs. OneFund Filmaps Folder back Bipolar Backspace Stairs Fence v.2 Walk Unarmed Frankenstein Films Thinktank Pelican eveva Love Clip SewPerfect Wave Pendulum Sex Lovers City Direct FishLine Up Straight UP elefont Rocket Golf Illusion Circus of Magazines CodeFish Zip Mummy Foot Missing Helium Killed Productions Bird Giraffe minimum Catch 5 ascus HandsUp Pencil James Forbes Plumbing Wine Searcher Ed’s Electric LocKey Handmade Pictures upside down productions More Wine Kingdom brand Twins Horror Films Ross Poultry Half Crown Jump Atack Tulipart Have a Favorite? When putting a showcase of inspiration together, I often find myself picking a couple of favorites out of the bunch. Written by Shawn Ramsey

Scenarios This scenario development process is based on the following principles: The highly prepared meeting. We interviewed a wide variety of people including all the participants in the first workshop ahead of time in order to understand the issues facing the Park and to solicit ideas about important actions, investments, changes in law and regulation, etc. that would be necessary for “good futures” to transpire. In this way, the participants were presented with a lot of ideas to work with and spent relatively little time getting started.Two-part definition of scenario. In this approach a scenario is divided into the endstate or outcome statement at the planning horizon (in this case 25 years from now) and a series of events that must occur or must not occur that lead us from the present to that outcome. Scenario: series of evens that lead to an endstate Back-casting: if your endstate has happened, what events must have happened (or not)? Like this: Like Loading...

Excellent Ads Created: 05/13/2010 Visits: 1522868 Online: 1 Methods of prospective > Softwares > Morphol : La prospective Morphological analysis aims to explore possible futures Morphological Analysis Aim Morphological analysis aims to explore possible futures in a systematic way by studying all the combinations resulting from the breakdown of a system. The aim of morphological analysis is to highlight new procedures or products in both technological forecasting and scenario building. Description of the method Morphological analysis is the oldest of the techniques presented in this toolbox. In fact, it was first developed by the American researcher F. • Phase 1 : Building a morphological space In this first phase, the system or function under examination is broken down into subsystems or components. • Phase 2 : Reduction of morphological space However, certain combinations and even certain families of combinations are unfeasible, e.g., incompatibility between configurations. Usefulness and limitations The first limitation of morphological analysis stems from the choice of components. Practical conclusions

Logo Design Trends 2007 *click on thumbnails for larger images 30 Construction Logos for Inspiration :Speckyboy Design Magazine Construction businesses, building companies and architects may target consumers (B2C) or businesses (B2B) – in both cases, trust/reputation is important and the sale size is often large so building a brand and investing in a good logo makes sense. In this gallery, we showcase 30 strong examples of construction/architecture/building related logo designs, categorized by color. We found bold colors (particularly red, brown, blacks, yellow) are particularly popular with construction companies while there’s a trend towards blues and greens for companies trying to position themselves as environmentally friendly. The 31 examples of construction logos below are bold, creative, clean and, hopefully, a useful source of inspiration for owners of construction businesses and logo designers. Red / Brown Construction Logos Orange / Yellow Construction Logos Green Construction Logos Blue Construction Logos Black / Grey Construction Logos

Clever Logo Designs That Speak For Themselves Feb 21 2011 A creative logo design plays a vital role in portraying the brand identity of any company. It is not only the name of the company, but also the brand’s message that communicates with the customers. Therefore, you should keep in mind that it is also the logo design that makes your business memorable and distinguishes it from the rest! It is for that reason that designers put a large amount of effort and time in designing creative and unique logo designs for their clients. In this post, we present to you some very cleverly designed logos that we hope will inspire you to try out something different! Creative Logo Design Ideas Pause Logo In this logo design, the artist creatively used the universal symbol of pause as the letter “U”: Umbrella At first sight, you may read this logo design as “brella” but when examining closer, you will reveal the other two letters. Point A perfect example of an effective logo design that has all the attributes of a successful logo design: (ik)