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Photoshop brushes of the pros for free, skills still required

Photoshop brushes of the pros for free, skills still required
Editor’s Note (2/18/13): It’s been nearly two years since this article was published, so please be sure to check out Photoshop brushes from more amazing artists. Also if there are any broken links, please do let me know. Ah, Photoshop brushes, the enchanted tool that many young artists seek to level-up their talent. Some of these Photoshop brushes are provided by recognizable names such as Dan Luvisi (adonihs), Thierry Doizon (BARONTiERi), leventep, Goro Fujita, and the like — people who have worked with companies the like of Ubisoft, Eidos, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Wizards of the Coast, Marvel Comics, you get the idea. Whether you’re a seasoned digital art knight or a mere squire, hopefully you’ll find something here that may help you out in your adventure as an artist. Perhaps within this list you will find that one elusive brush that will sweep away all your problems. Find more Photoshop and Painter brushes in our Brushes section. David Holland (concept-on-mac) brushes \ Tutorials

Fantastico!, Art References Tumblr Accounts! Photoshop CS5 Mixer Brush Tips and Tricks (This is the first of two articles on the Mixer Brush that I've written. The second can be found here.) Having wrestled with Photoshop's new Mixer Brush in CS5 for the past few months, I've come to the conclusion that the new tool is indeed a great addition, however with many caveats. Some of the problems are technical ones (such as painting in 8-bits/channel), others by design (not mixing with transparency). Here are the biggest hurdles I've come across while working with the new Mixer Brush, and how I've overcome them for the time being. 1.) This one stumped me for a long time. As can be seen in the pic below, the Mixer Brush never manages to build up to the actual color you have selected when painting in 8-bits/channel, no matter how many strokes you lay down. When painting in 16-bits/channel, the Mixer Brush works just fine. So the solution is easy - paint in 16-bits/channel! 2.) (I'll discuss this point in finer detail in a future article.) 3.) 4.) 5.) 6.) 7.) 8.) 9.) Conclusion: p.s.

Character Designs - An Artist's Resource Brushes The Dimensions of Colour Goodies | Fresh Ideas - nurture your ideas! Retro Print Insignia (psd) It’s time for a new freebie, and this time we propose you another cool retro insignia. As always it’s fully integrable, layered and scalable! Oh, and last but not least, it is easily colorize to your liking. This piece of art work is ideal for logo, print or other. Fonts used: Coca Cola, Bebas Neue, ChunkFive. Read More Retro stamp (psd) Here is an awesome retro stamp which is based on our set of 4 Retro Stamps that is available on Graphic River. Read More 2 Retro Insignias (psd) Here is an awesome set of insignias based on our set of 6 retro insignias that are available on Graphic River. Read More Retro Coupons Set (psd) A set of 2 coupons based on our retro banners that are available on Graphic River. Read More iPhone Application Button (psd) A professional elegant iPhone application button that is fully layered and scalable. Read More Retro Text Style (Photoshop Layer Style) Read More Vintage ribbon (PSD) Here is our new freebie. Read More New Tags (PSD) Read More

the w-ic-i Art GraphicaFree drawing lessons in various mediumsAutodestruct.comDesign lectures Art Support FZD School Art Industry Podcast MoatDD Marks Drawing Tutorials Tablet Exercises Sinix Art tutorials utilizing Corel Painter Alphonoso Dunn Traditional Art Tutorials Cubebrush Photoshop tutorials/time lapse China Digital Painting PS Timelapse Tutorials Level Up Pro Art Podcasts Alejandro Garcia Animator Video tutorials for Animation Artists Jeff Watts Classical fine art Atelier Anthony Jones "Robopencil" Photoshop livestreamer Kienan Lafferty Weekly concept art vids Isterbrak's Critique Hour Time lapse/Design Challenges and Art Tutorials Zin Lim Traditional art drawing and painting tutorials Reference Free reference and imagery. 4chan's /s/, /hr/ and /p/ boards are good resources as well. Photo Reference for Comic Artists Ultra-high resolution photo reference for comic artists and illustrators FaeStock on Deviant Art Clothed fantasy poses Pose Emporium on Deviant Art Themed clothed poses Senshi Stock on Deviant Art Textures Dr.

Premium PSD Mock-up Templates Which Are Free To Download - PSD Mockups Designing your mockups can often become a project onto themselves which splits your concentration from focusing on your 2D designs. PSDCovers offers premium mockup templates for free in the form of PSD Cover Actions which render your 2D design work as high resolution product shot renders for showcasing mock-ups in marketing presentations, online portfolios, school projects or print mediums. Some Actions can take a few moments to render while others take a few minutes, it all depends on which Mock-up template Action you use (not all Actions are created equally!). PSD Mock-up templates are created in fully layered PSD documents which are further customizable to your liking. All PSD Mock-ups on are free and modelled on actual products which were photographed by the site (read about their process here). Here are some of the types of results you can expect from using PSDCovers Actions for generating your Mock-ups: 1-litre-aluminium-water-bottle-sports-drink-psd-mockup-action

Unique Character Design Tips by thundercake on deviantART