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We provide full range of architectural engineering services including 3D CAD modeling, 3D rendering, 3D design and drawings etc.

Role of Architectural Design in Building Healthcare Facilities of the Future. Over the past few years, design has become more than just about aesthetics. Design is now actively considered to be an effective tool for problem solving. In the aftermath of the recent mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, the architectural community has been abuzz with discussion on whether architecture can help increase safety in such situations, and how? The origins of this discussion though, can be traced to the 2016 Venice Biennale curated by Pritzker Prize winner Alejandro Aravena, which is titled Reporting from the Front, and sees architecture’s role evolving as a response to the problems of the world.

Problem solving however, need not be limited to being a response to the extreme situations. It can also be, and often is, a pre-emptive measure entrenched in the idea of planning and preparing for the future with its changing dynamic. Image by HMC Architects In recent times, two healthcare projects’ designs have been garnering attention and comment. Intelligence BIM - Drive Urban Infrastructure Rail Construction Projects Easy. Jul 22, 2016 -- With over 100 km of tunneling work completed for the first phase, Qatar Rail’s Doha Metro project now stands at 41% completion. This marks an important milestone in the urban infrastructure development in the MENA region, as much as a shift in the general attitudes towards developing public transport.

A crude-oil driven economy whose policies have historically encouraged the public to own and drive cars, is now driving a vast change in public attitude by creating a strong public infrastructure, which in turn, will build a stronger community. It isn’t only the GCC countries which are waking up to the importance of quick and efficient public transport. As cities attract more people, the increasing population also signals a progressively worsening traffic scenario.

But people like Peter Rogoff, the CEO of Sound Transit, are perceptive and prepared to tackle the changing demand on public transport in the coming decades. About Author: Rise and Evolution of 3D Architectural Modeling and Rendering. Holistic approach has become the new mantra of architects and engineers worldwide! Building and construction industry is evolving really fast, and therefore, successful development and assembling of structure depends on an inclusive and process-driven approach. Going by these lines, several architects and engineers are increasingly getting inclined towards a much more advanced and state-of-the-art method of 3D architectural modeling and rendering. Computer aided tools are now an inseparable part of the architectural and construction industry – in fact, we can say that these tools have created a great impact on the efficiency and visualization when it comes to building designs and construction.

As a matter of fact, these 3D images and model offers extremely fine details for rendering, modeling, texturing along with an excellent light play showing supposed impact of sunlight, any artificial light or even shadows. BIM and 3D Architectural Rendering The future of 3D architectural rendering. Structural Design and Detailing for High Rise Buildings and Skyscrapers. Building structural design and detailing by experts; paves way for improved structural stability and a robust framework in buildings. This is extremely critical when we consider high rises and skyscrapers.

Why? Because, just like our spinal cord supports and enables the body to stand and function, a buildings structural design and framework is a crucial part that imparts stability and strength to the building. Today, with a steep rise in population the demand for real estate has exponentially increased. In order to fulfill this growing demand and to accommodate more number of people, offices and residences within a facility, buildings across cities are growing vertically.

Buildings between 75 feet to 491 feet are classified as high rise, while those that reach vertically beyond 492 feet are classified as skyscrapers. The structural stability and integrity of a building’s structure, is determined by the quality of individual parts and the way these parts fit together. Cost Estimation in Construction Using BIM.

Cost estimation with BIM also known as BIM 5D can be done by connecting a 3D model to an estimation database (a 5D cost library). Higher level of details can be applied to these estimates at various stages of the project. 3D models are fed with multi dimensional objects and related information about the elements of these objects - for example, the quantity and specification details. Here, in BIM, the information about each element is associated with the corresponding geometry. Any change in the design, leads to change in geometry and hence the associated information also instantly changes (updates). Hence these details enable accurate – automatic quantification. This in-turn enables accurate and efficient cost estimation, by eliminating the need for manual take offs that are highly error prone. 5D BIM Cost Estimation - The flip side Is BIM a magical tool that will instantly provide accurate cost estimates, are these cost estimates always accurate?

Absolutely Not!! Increased ROI for Hotel Owners with Tax Incentives. Dynamism of global economy warrants a lot of savings on operational costs; for everyone – including hotel property owners. A lot of hoteliers are trying new avenues of integrating sustainability into construction or tweak existing properties to save on energy usage resulting in considerable cost savings. Appropriate planning and execution of energy efficient constructions or modifications may not only save on operating costs but also help with noteworthy tax savings.

Why Should Hotel Owners Employ Energy Efficient Measures? The economy is reviving and urbanization is at its peak. People are increasingly indulging in leisure and travel activities; resulting in increased demand for travel and hotel bookings. The industry is booming and flourishing. Hotels and Hospitality - The Flourishing Industry – A Brief Insight In 2013 the demand for hotel rooms increased by 2.2%, however did the industry match up to the demand? Cost segregation – predicting future repairs and reducing costs Conclusion. Australia Should Adopt Pre-fabrication to Address their Housing Affordability Issue. Home tenure is a keystone of the great Australian vision, providing economic and emotive safety, and time and again signifying the major investment an individual will make. However, home buyers are gradually going for higher density habitants such as apartments, flats and townhouses.

According to a survey, over the five years through 2015-16, industry revenue is projected to decline by an annualized 1.0% to total $40.6 billion. This includes the contraction of 2.4% during the current year, reflecting a declining number of dwelling commencements following strong growth in the previous two years. In the midst of Australia’s housing affordability issue, prefabricated homes offer a solution. Experts believe that prefab housing is likely to decrease the cost of a new habitant by at least 10 per cent (excluding the purchase cost of land). Case studies of UK show savings of up to 10% to 15% in building costs and a 40% reduction in construction timelines. Conclusion: BIM Data Sharing is for Transparency, but will it succeed? One facet of BIM Level 2 is to set up of a Common Data Environment - CDE. In the setting of the Government focus for BIM Level 2, the CDE is listed by the business in the Employer's Information Requirements - EIR.

This information is to a great extent, although not completely, related to the physical asset and choices the employers have to make during the growth of the facility. Tier 1 contractual worker are exceptionally fascinated for utilizing the given data to smoother the construction process, both at the commencement stage and for managing facility. New developments are inclusive of digitizing the archives in forms attached to a BIM model. Models are connected to the programing software to create 3D visualization for clash detection and construction sequencing. Date and location specific data is recorded in the field, and at the same time one can also investigate the models for their data history. It’s not a new thing.

Contractual Integration of BIM; key challenge to BIM Implementation in Australia. Growing well-designed high-density development, rising smaller cities, increasing public transport investment, using value capture, making BIM compulsory for large-scale projects, moving to a user-pays road system and denationalizing energy and water infrastructure are among the 78 reforms put forward in Infrastructure Australia’s just-released 15-year plan. If followed religiously, Infrastructure Australia says; the plan would see the average Australian household almost $3000 better off a year by 2040. At the heart of this project, lies the much debated and discussed notion- BIM adoption. BIM hasn’t just been the heart of the controversies and varied opinions but also the most confusing concept for the industry. Collaboration and Integrated approach are the terms that define BIM at its best. Australia has witnessed a rise in increasing use of BIM, be it private or public owners.

Level 3 BIM is a collaborative effort among various other bodies from the very commencement of the project. Contractual Integration of BIM; key challenge to BIM Implementation in Australia | Hi-Tech Engineering Design Solutions. Building Mega Structures across UAE Skyline - New Era of BIM Efficacy. Building information modeling is no more the wonder word that the construction industry raved about. Today BIM has become vernacular of professionals working on building design and construction projects for large buildings and complex structures. The question that construction firms are asking is not about whether to implement BIM or not, now it is all about how it will be executed. The industry has now accepted - rather BIM has time and again proven, that it is the most efficient technology expedited process that helps manage the full lifecycle of a building in the most efficient manner.

The Fall and Rise of Construction Industry in UAE The real estate and construction industry in UAE nosedived during the global financial crisis period in 2009. Extracting full benefits of BIM BIM adoption and its implementation, however is not easily done as said. Is Too Much Information Killing Your BIM Strategy? BIM is an ideal platform for manufacturers to keep the data clean. While there has been a substantial focus in the building construction sector on the necessity for BIM integration from supply chain delivery partners, the designers are equally dependent on product manufacturers to be BIM Level 2 compliant. Two things extremely vital for manufacturers are, providing the right kind and level of information for input into BIM models and providing the BIM object (product) in a compatible 3D image file for easy incorporation into the visualization.

It’s also necessary to see to it that these two utmost important requirements align completely; enabling the concerned designers/ consultants to give their inputs required about the shape, dimension, materials etc. However, this doesn’t always happen in reality. Content is often more on work of Art Your Dream may be someone’s Nightmare How do you make your way out of this? Make sure your products depict the real-world product. Conclusion: What Brexit means for AEC fraternity? The votes are out, and once again the nation stands at odds; divided by ruthless politics, false promises and a groundbreaking harsh reality of falling economies. Britain and EU had so much in common, and it’s shocking to just overlook it.

They share diverse history of making the society a better place for inhabitants and open borders along with free movement of labors have given rise to this discipline. You see, this is what architecture feeds on - Diversity, Diversity of talents and perception. European architecture is aesthetic in all sense and few known buildings abide clearly by saying “Art for Art’s sake”. The only way to maintain this creative flow was to remain in EU and continue the efforts to allow architecture flourish. “Brexit” in a way has almost put an end to the diverse culture. 96% of UK’s Creative Industries Federation members were in favor of remaining in the European Union, a survey suggests. With this said, the most challenging part is yet to come. This is not it! Adoption of BIM in the Middle East Construction Industry. In 2014 experts had predicted a surge in the adoption of BIM. We can already experience this change and increased demand for Point cloud to BIM as built structures, and extraction of complete building information modeling benefits by implementing it across the lifecycle for new construction projects.

Compared to other parts of the world, demand for BIM in the Middle East has increased remarkably. In fact, authorities in Dubai have made of BIM mandatory for large buildings, skyscrapers and complex architectures. The construction industry landscapes in Middle East have been swept by the BIM wave, and it is not just restricted to buildings but also for infrastructural developments and civil structures.

As a result contractors want to make a rapid transition into BIM in order to meet the specified project demands. There is dearth of experts in the local landscapes, and retaining these experts is another problem. About Author: Do Kids Influence The Interior Décor Of Your Home? Kids are the major influences when it comes to the buying decisions of parents; however is this true when it comes to interior design and decorating your home interiors? If you have children, this will definitely - directly or indirectly influence your home interiors.

Once you have kids, everything that you do, surrounds the health, safety and happiness of your child. Having children in the house makes the job of organizing your house and keeping it so – a challenge. You will have nappies and diapers to change, lot of baby clothes to wash and many toys to organize. As children learn to scribble and do the most amusing things that can make cleaning up a nightmarish task, parents always keep the interiors minimalist and basic, with no expensive wall papers that might get scribbled on, and no storage for sharp and edgy objects at a place where the child can gain access. When we wanted to get a cabinet for the living room, our 11 year old daughter wanted to tag along. About Author: Rebar Detailing For Residential Buildings To Build Better Structures. A building is often judged by its outer shape, appeal and aesthetics. People often express a lot about how architecture should fullfill the needs of people and the environment in which a building is set in terms of design.

However, the required consideration and emphasis on Structural Design is not given due weightage. As a result today we can see several headlines about various companies breaching structural design codes and risking the lives of many. A church in Nigeria collapsed and there were several speculations regarding its structural design and stability. In another news flash, reportedly 11 people were killed in a building collapse.

Reason the structure of the building was not robust enough. A US based company recently, had to make workforce changes due to federal complaints. Structural design of a building refers to a design that is intended towards imparting higher stability, strength and endurance to a building’s structure. 1. Benefits of Rebar: 1. Get Your Retail Store Design Approved - 3d Modeling And Rendering Can Help. Why You Need An Architect to Design Residential Buildings..! Nigeria Church Building collapse - Was lack of Structural engineering and Design responsible for loss of precious lives? Don’t Size, instead Design HVAC Duct Systems to Improve Indoor Air Quality.

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