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Architectural Engineering & Construction

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We provide full range of architectural engineering services including 3D CAD modeling, 3D rendering, 3D design and drawings etc.

Contractors Should Verify Construction Project Documents for Change Order Requests. Reasons for change order vary for every construction project.

Contractors Should Verify Construction Project Documents for Change Order Requests

Due to scope changes or unforeseen conditions, there comes a situation where contractors are compelled to request for additional time and funds so as to complete the contractual obligation. These change orders at time become major challenges, especially when requested additions come with multiple complexity and time frame constraints. It is therefore strongly suggested that change order management forms a part of each and every contract, backed with good construction project management, facilitating the navigation and understanding of all construction contract documents. A contract document includes project description, contract price, payment basis, construction schedule or calendar, contract document list, construction scope, construction conditions & responsibilities, contract laws etc.

This is important due to the reason that change order requests can lead to disputes, legal battles & arbitration. Conclusion. Why Should AEC firms Outsource BIM Shop Drawings for Building Construction Projects? BIM for Developing Smart and Energy Efficient Buildings. Building Construction Posted by Bhushan Avsatthi on March 14th, 2017 Smart buildings are not the exact and lone requirement.

BIM for Developing Smart and Energy Efficient Buildings

Authorities today, seek smart buildings that incorporate optimal energy consumption and sustainability solutions. The headquarters of San Francisco Public Utility building is a facility that consumes 60% less water, 32% less energy and half the carbon footprint than other buildings of same size. In addition to this, the facility is designed for unique seismic safety features and will save the money of ratepayers over 10 decades. Why should small scale contractors go to 3rd Party for BIM?

Although the concept of Building Information Modeling originated from architectural design, the constructors/contractors have a very important seat at the table as well.

Why should small scale contractors go to 3rd Party for BIM?

The process isn’t new in the industry, yet it is still evolving in a manner where BIM professionals make it functional for better profitability and also make them global competitors. 3D Architectural House Plan Model. Anchor TrueCADD help construction companies to offer high quality 3d house model plan with the help of interactive technologies.

3D Architectural House Plan Model

Specialization in 3d models, 3d interior exterior models design and virtual building models design. Check out the modern house plan project samples here Status: Built Location: Los Angeles, CA, US My Role: CAD Engineer Additional Credits: TrueCADD. Do You Need an Architect to Design Residential Buildings? Are all residential buildings designed by architects?

Do You Need an Architect to Design Residential Buildings?

Sadly… No! Do you need an architect for house design? The answer is…Yes! Now to further drive the point to why you will need to have an architect on board, lets understand what does an architect do and what all falls under the architects work profile? Preliminary Design: An architect first understands client requirement. Outsource 2D CAD Services for Technical Excellence & Cost Effectiveness. Architectural 3D Modeling & Rendering on Architizer. Integrated Building Construction Process & BIM. If you look back closely at the old design process, we realize that it is quite similar to a linear work flow, a sequence of tasks where each individual passed on their work to downstream, with whatever minimal coordination they would have done.

Integrated Building Construction Process & BIM

This resulted into the client handing over an exaggerated version of the project to designers, architects and engineers, who will further implement their own idea of “ideal fitting system”. This miscommunication resulted into disintegrated systems, with absolutely no coordination, further leading to more revisions that required more time and the more time meant more money spent. How you wish, there was at least some communication in the initial design phase itself; so that construction projects didn’t end up in such a mess. With BIM - Building Information Modeling, the entire project can be designed, coordinated and executed in an integrated environment. BIM for Product Manufacturers; Advantage of Unmatched Market Intelligence that Increases Sales.

Manufacturers spend most of the time in optimizing building operations.

BIM for Product Manufacturers; Advantage of Unmatched Market Intelligence that Increases Sales

So when it boils down to manufacturing, technology enhances process and aids in cutting down the cost. However; handling over information to client is one crucial process for manufacturers. As a manufacturer have you thought of ways you can deal with this task and make it more efficient? How BIM Workflow enables safer Construction Sites? Imagine you are in one of those spacious, modern, air conditioned, Abu Dhabi’s mall, carrying those shopping bags, enjoying with companion, a place with most elegant architecture and HVAC system that won’t let you step out anytime sooner.

How BIM Workflow enables safer Construction Sites?

With the most imaginative designs and extensive array of outlets, shopping malls are perennially popular. You don’t owe this beauty to Mother Nature, as much as you do to a labor’s sore back and sometimes his life. According to an article published in BBC Qatar, they have clear troubles in maintaining the safety of workers on-site constructions. Efficient Construction Projects - Aligning IPD Approach with BIM.

It is expected that by year 2040, with an increase of 32% as compared to year 2012, commercial buildings will occupy more than 109 billion square feet of floor space.

Efficient Construction Projects - Aligning IPD Approach with BIM

This includes commercial spaces like schools, hospital, churches, warehouses, offices etc. This rapidly increasing commercial construction projects are putting human life on the planet in harm’s way. Having said this, we cannot even imagine the amount of waste it will generate, the delays that will cost double than planned and above all, it will hit hard on suitability. BIM for Roads & Highways increases Safety & Efficiency, But Reduces Operating Costs. BIM adoption has become a standard practice for architects and designers, and civil engineers too are now looking forward to make the most of BIM in their field.

BIM for Roads & Highways increases Safety & Efficiency, But Reduces Operating Costs

Civil engineers involved in day to day engagement with architects and structural engineers are still aware of BIM up to certain extent. But for those dealing in designing Roads and highways, it’s slightly a new concept and process to understand. BIM works to the advantage of construction and manufacturing businesses in the hospitality Industry. At present, construction industry is counting on BIM benefits, and making huge investments to identify its true potential. BIM has an array of capabilities from 3D modeling to rendering, to point cloud to BIM. Using laser scanned data of all elements in a structure, BIM can create detailed rendering with abundance of data which couldn’t have been possible otherwise. Rendering has successfully changed the way buildings are built, operated and maintained and a holistic approach towards BIM has impacted the supply chain the most of all.

Where BIM stands in manufacturing and construction industry for now? BIM enables manufacturers to list all building elements digitally, thereby updating them as the project progresses. LEED Construction: Buildings Headed to a Bright Future. Though, LEED helps Architects, contractors, engineers and owners to stay productive and profitable in the long run, there are challenges with these LEED certified buildings as well. Over the various concerns of its existence and functionality, LEED prevails to be the industry standard for green building. Why should building or industrial product manufacturers opt for AutoCAD outsourcing service provider? Competing in today’s global economy is not at all easy for architects, contractors, building and industrial product manufacturers. Significant global competition along with additional pressure from new entrants and innovative start-ups make it all the more difficult for them to survive and thrive.

To keep pace with these ever increasing challenges, organizations or companies have shifted their focus from market factors such as time-to-market or cost, to product centric strategies. They have high hopes and rely heavily on design tools, especially AutoCAD and Revit, to quickly bring innovative, high quality and high performing products to the market. Adopting Scan to BIM for As Built is a Good Practice. Implementing Sustainable and Efficient Construction Practices with Point Cloud to BIM Laser scanning is getting ever so popular in the building design and construction industry, especially for large scale expansion, renovation, building restoration and retrofitting projects.

In addition to these, using Scan to BIM to upgrade a facility into a sustainable high performance building is also gaining pace. The cost of renovation can be offset by reduced construction and material cost of new shell. Marked environmental benefits are registered as the raw materials needed for upgrading building are less than brand new construction. AEC Firms aspiring to be a Fortune 500 company should Adopt BIM. The building information modeling market is expected to grow from a market share of $2640.12 million in 2013 to $8646.47 million by 2020 at a CAGR of 16.72%.

This market is growing rapidly in many segments and applications with some of the fast growth applications likely to double by 2020 in terms of market shares. AEC firms aspiring to grow need to understand that growth is never by mere chances. Instead, to get in to the list of Fortune 500 companies, they will have to put in rigorous efforts in the right direction. Earthquakes Do Not Kill People, Buildings Do!! – Engineering Buildings That Can Endure Earthquakes.

Structural engineers might have often heard of the saying that ‘earthquakes do not kill people, buildings do’. It is so true, and we have learnt this the hard way. Revit MEP Modeling for Ductwork Modelling& Fabrication. Autodesk introduced Revit for all three disciplines of Architecture, Structure and MEP for the AEC industry, and it has gained immense popularity since then. 10 Interior Design Ideas, Neighbors Envy and Owners Pride. A beautiful home, is what each one of us aspires to have. Whether it is a huge mansion or a small apartment, our focus always remains the living room couch, the bed and stylish storage. However; great interior design is always about the details. Here are 10 interior design ideas that will turn your house into your dream home and anyone who visits will surely go: Sustainability - Where Design Meets Nature. Sustainability has taken the center stage, whether it is architecture design, furniture design, product design or machine design.

Sustainable Designs have become the prime driver of innovation. Vertical Architecture Designs Set to Redefine Construction Industry. Development of high rises and sky scrapers means huge investments; it also means that there is a lot at stake and hence Architects, engineers and contractors need to amp up project management work so that such large scale building development may be handled well. This can be done by leveraging the use of technology. BIM Adoption - Why Contractors Should Have Affirmative Approach? 3D building models bring more sustainability into construction - Thanks to BIM. Applications of BIM in Construction Projects. Detailed Shop Drawings for Contractors with help of BIM. Role of Architectural Design in Building Healthcare Facilities of the Future. Over the past few years, design has become more than just about aesthetics.

Intelligence BIM - Drive Urban Infrastructure Rail Construction Projects Easy. Rise and Evolution of 3D Architectural Modeling and Rendering. Structural Design and Detailing for High Rise Buildings and Skyscrapers. Cost Estimation in Construction Using BIM. Increased ROI for Hotel Owners with Tax Incentives. Australia Should Adopt Pre-fabrication to Address their Housing Affordability Issue. BIM Data Sharing is for Transparency, but will it succeed? Contractual Integration of BIM; key challenge to BIM Implementation in Australia. Contractual Integration of BIM; key challenge to BIM Implementation in Australia.

Building Mega Structures across UAE Skyline - New Era of BIM Efficacy. Is Too Much Information Killing Your BIM Strategy? What Brexit means for AEC fraternity? Adoption of BIM in the Middle East Construction Industry. Do Kids Influence The Interior Décor Of Your Home? Rebar Detailing For Residential Buildings To Build Better Structures. Get Your Retail Store Design Approved - 3d Modeling And Rendering Can Help. Why You Need An Architect to Design Residential Buildings..! Nigeria Church Building collapse - Was lack of Structural engineering and Design responsible for loss of precious lives? Don’t Size, instead Design HVAC Duct Systems to Improve Indoor Air Quality. Blowout, Wet Soil & Frost Heave - 3 Common Failures in Retaining Wall Structural Design.

Spectacular Living Room Design and 3D Rendering - Interior Design Ideas at Your Fingertips. Structural Steel Detailing—Perfection has Always Been More than Important. Benefits of Architectural 3D Modeling in Design and Construction. Common Considerations and Importance of Office Architectural Design. Furniture Design - Is It Real or Is It Rendered? Sustainable Design and Green Building Standards Revised. Energy Efficient Office Building – Prudent Ways To Help You Lower Utility Bills. Point Cloud to Revit BIM: Recreating As Built Environment. How CAD Has Revolutionized Architectural Detailing Services?

What Is a Foundation Plan? Green Building Design and Construction – 5 Factors Giving High Performance. Benefits of 3D Interior Rendering for Marketing. What is 3D Stereoscopic Models Design? 3D Concept Drawing: Breathe Life into your Imagination. How Structural Analysis Helps Predict Vibration for Pumping Platforms? How Engineering Businesses Can Grow through Global Collaboration for Product Development. Viewpoint: Have AEC Professionals Really Embraced Technology? Achieving Sustainability Goals with Building Envelope Consulting and Design…!!! - Blog. Sustainable Building Practices with Energy Saving Models - Epact 179D Tax Savings for Daylight Harvesting. Envisioning A Greener Environment with Cloud Computing and Energy Modeling.

Scan To BIM for Infrastructure Design and Redevelopment. UAE's 10 Most Dynamic Megaprojects. Fueling Innovative Product Development Strategies in a Competitive Landscape. Working With Point Clouds and BIM – It Is All About Overcoming Challenges. Benefits of BIM for Building Surveyors. How to Ensure Smooth CAD Data Conversion? Choosing the Right Outsourcing Partner for Paper to CAD Conversion.

Crucial Role of Structural Steel Detailer for Construction Project. What Does It Take to Evolve from 2D to 3D CAD Modeling? Worldwide Adoption of BIM – Popularity in UK, Middle East and Australia. BIM Enabled Energy Performance Evaluation and Green Building. Importance of Manufacturing Bill of Materials (MBOM) Top Product Development Cost Contributors & Ways to Optimize Them. Software Development – But are You Following the Correct Process and Model?

Making Retail Buildings - Energy Efficient. Importance of MEP Clash Detection and Resolution for High Rise Hotel Buildings. HVAC Upgradation; Key to Green and Sustainable School Buildings. Building Interactive 3D Architectural Models from Series of Photographs. Why Audiences and Materiality Matter to the Success of Sustainability and Boards? Modern Architecture Is Vandalizing Our Cities? Modern Office Building Design Can Improve Employee Performance! DeafSpace - Architectural Design Support should adapt to this emerging diversity in Architecture. Building Information Modeling (BIM) paves path for District Information Modelling (DIM) Power Plants; Celebrate Change through Green and Beautiful Designs. Will Autodesk - Siemens Collaboration Resolve the Multiple 3D CAD Models Formats Challenge? New Energy Efficient Buildings are not enough against Sustainability Challenge.

BIM and Futuristic Smart Cities. Level of Development (LOD): AEC industry is yet to explore the Real Applicability and Usefulness. Green Building Practices Beneficial to Hospitality industry of GCC Countries in this time of Recession. Climate Resilient Infrastructure; it’s time PPPs change the way they Invest, Conceptualize and Build. HVACR Sector Meets Challenges. Rebar Detailing and Bar Bending Schedules for a Residential Building Project.