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20+ Open Source Furniture Designs

20+ Open Source Furniture Designs
Latest Update : December 2013 Open source furniture design is popping up these days. Open Design means mainly two things: documentation is shared freely so that users can make their own models, furnitures are made with digital fabrication and can be reproduce in a makerspace or FabLab. In a few words, as smartly said by the Open Design Contest initiative: … designing and sharing products that can be made with digital fabrication. The designs are published under a Creative Commons license, so that anyone can download, use and adapt the designs, and upload derived designs again! Take a look at more than 20 inspiring open source furnitures that you can make your own. Pod, open source stool, by Samuel Javelle Pod before and after assembling Pod has been designed by French open designer Samuel Javelle. Never Ending Bench by Félix Lévêque The Never Ending Bench was one of the winning design of Open Design Contest Paris organized during FabLab Squared in 2011. Paraseat, open source urban stool

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Digital Fabrication for Designers: CNC Cut Wood Joinery This topic discusses the design and cutting of wood joinery using CNC routers. In learning about CNC cut joinery it is well worth looking at the types of wood joints that have been cut with traditional tools (saws, chisels, tablesaws, bandsaws, etc.) for many years. This will help develop an understanding of the use conditions of the joints, and to visualize some solutions that have been created to deal with them. Later we'll see that the constraints of using CNC routers make clear that joints which are specifically designed or adapted to the process are the most suitable.

noiz architects: morphing furniture feb 05, 2010 noiz architects: morphing furniture noiz architects: morphing furnitureall images courtesy of noiz architects japan and taiwan-based noiz architecture, design and planning were recently commissioned to design a cultural salon for taiwan land corporation to enhance the corporate identity of the company. the design theme of the project was ‘transformation’. along with designing the new interior the firm developed furniture for the salon, which followed with this notion of transforming. their morphing table and chairs are derived from iconic pieces of modern designed furniture. the forms morph from one typology of a chair or table into another in one continuous form. profile of a morphing panton chair originally designed by verner panton

community center in costa rica by fournier rojas arquitectos jan 24, 2017 fournier rojas arquitectos uses local materials to build community center in costa rica in el rodeo de mora, an economically disadvantaged community in costa rica’s rural central valley, fournier rojas arquitectos has constructed a community center on a low budget using local materials. the project comprises a large and adaptable circular room, a kitchen, toilets, a storage facility, and new amenities for the neighborhood’s soccer team. ReadyToCut - Vector Art for CNC - Free DXF Files ReadyToCut - Vector Art for CNC - Free DXF Files New Media Barber Shop Sign Horny Toad

Laser cut MDF in the furniture industry The mechanical processing of wood is normally connected with time-intensive pre-work or re-working. The material has to be fastened, tools sharpened and the work area swept of shavings and dust. What benefits do lasers provide when processing wood? Using our illustrative example, we show you how unusual seating units can be made with MDF boards. MDF – The material for furniture, trade fair and interior design construction create plus think design studio terraces atolan house in taiwan jan 21, 2017 create + think design studio terraces atolan house in taiwan located on the eastern side of taiwan, the atolan house by taipei-based create + think design studio sits at the border of the pacific ocean and borrows traditional native architecture. the word a’tolan derives from the indigenous language of natives on the east coast of taiwan, meaning ‘a place with many rocks’ or ‘ piling of rocks’.

Open CNC Furniture Open design isn’t just for machines and electronics, With the rise in popularity of CNC routers and laser cutters, there is now an expanding open furniture movement. The result is a fabrication movement where designs are shared globally but fabricated locally and parametric design enables infinite configuration for personal fabrication. Every design featured in this article is available for download. Lean Desk – Original OpenDesk, an open-source project commissioned by Mint Digital. Open Desk Porcelain figurines transformed into creepy-cute insects / Boing Boing Alan Moore's brilliantly bonkers lost 1980s Star Wars comics Jahfurry writes, “Ben McCool over at Tech Times unearthed five brilliantly bonkers Star Wars comics written by Alan Moore in the ’80s. What a treat to read the Magus’s take on Darth Vader, Han, Chewie, C-3P0 and the whole crew with great art by Alan Davis, John Stokes (Invisibles) and more UK artists extraoirdinaire… McCool […]

Build Your Own Beautiful Flat-Pack Chair I built this Eames-like chair without touching a single traditional woodworking tool. No, it's not because I'm some kind of Luddite. I just love the immediacy of rendering a chair with 3D modeling software and then cutting out the parts with a CNC machine. Everything snaps together like flat-pack furniture, but without the cheesy fasteners—just mechanically sound through tenons and lap joints. The manufacturing process takes 2 hours. FGMF arquitetos completes mirante house in brazil jan 25, 2017 FGMF arquitetos shields mirante house with vertical louvers and natural vegetation in brazil, FGMF arquitetos has completed the ‘mirante house’, a residence near são paulo designed for a couple and their young children. at first glance, the property appears to be enclosed, with vertical steel louvers encasing the structure. however, upon entry, the scheme becomes much more transparent with clear sightlines directed towards the views at the rear of the dwelling. all images by rafaela netto, video by renato caiuby overlooking an artificial lake, the house is positioned on a steeply sloping plot, flanked by two neighboring buildings. in addition to the louvers, FGMF arquitetos used vegetation to shield the structure from prying eyes. plants and trees exist as part of the building, instilling a warm sense of nature within the three-level home.

50 Digital Joints: poster visual reference Jochen Gross made this wonderful compilation of digital wood joints under CC license (various CAD files also available to download on his site). I wanted to be able to look at them all at once at marvel at their beauty, so I whipped up this poster-format visual reference. It's under CC non-commercial share-alike license. Large .PNG here and downloadable PDF below. Enjoy!