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Our newest set is for sale for the first time online. Wait-a-minute! Before you click away, let me explain how cool buying this will be: it’s a totally DIM (Done-It-Myself) package for you to get the DIY fun you are used to find here. This way you save yourself a lot of printing- and paper-selecting-stress, because I’ve done that for you. Besides that you get exclusive and collectible stuff like 3 never before published and signed kits, a manual for your comfort, stickers to bomb your city, a little getting acquainted card and a mini-comic, especially created to accompany the little family. Oh, and to make it even MORE exclusive: I will print ANY colour you wish, so not only will you get a one-off deal, you get a friendly family perfectly blending into your carefully designed living-space as well.

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KH: The Battleship Release The Battleship Well, finally finished this project. I could have gotten this done sooner, but sadly procrastination and the urge to cool myself off in the pool was too much to bare over the heat of the summer. 3EyedBear (Calendar) Last year was kind of hectic, so we decided to prepare ourselves better for 2011. With this friendly table-calendar we will know what kind of weekday our birthdays will be. And how many weeks we still have to wait for it. Next whole year we will be a little bit smarter and a tiny less lonely with a new paper girlfriend from around the world every month. Wow!

Digitprop - Paper design This is the official announcement for the papercraft alphabet I just finished uploading. That was quite some work, especially with two hyperactive kids climbing all over me while I am typing. By the way, if you speak German: Hätte auch auf Deutsch funktioniert. Anyway, the alphabet is now complete – a collection of 26 papercraft templates for all letters 0f the alphabet, each representing an animal, thing, or people starting with that letter: Mitsubishi Paper Cars How about displaying a paper craft version of your own car, a favorite car, or even a past generation car on your desk? You now can with this Mitsubishi Motors Original Paper Craft Collection designed by artist Akira Mizorogi, best known for Paper Works “Paper Car”. Paper crafts templates can be downloaded in PDF format. They are organized in three sections, Current Models, Special Versions and Heritage Cars and are limited to Japanese market. (source: Misubishi) A few examples of the templates offered include...

Chouette The first kit of the new year is this deceivingly simple looking little owl to expand the bird-population in 3EyedBear’s universe. We all know owls are one of the wisest creatures and this one certainly will be one day too. Thing is: she’s still very young and inexperienced, but she compensates that with a passion for reading thick books while you sleep.

fleur avec un t shirt the next day. Well, 4 days later here I am. I am nothing, if not completely and totally unreliable. What can I say, It’s spring break week here. kids. enough said. Welcome to Raspera. These PaperCraft are for registered members only. If you want to use and enjoy these models, you will require a password. To subscribe and get your password, Please send Raspera members fee by ( : Keiji Kawaguchi) Raspera members fee is $30.00 USD.or here(Application by letter).Then, We'll send the Raspera password immediately! FrankenPaper Fun Halloween paper craft! Download a Monster! Print-out, cut-out, glue, use as a holiday display or for pretend play!

Card Modeling FAQ: Free Models Old Strathcona Model & Toy Museum has two N-scale locomotive models. KittyHawk Software has free models available at their Paper Paradise site. Precision Paper Space Models rotates a selection of spacecraft models. PAPERMAU: SpongeBob SquarePants - Gary Paper Toy - by Ddi7i4d "A very easy papercraft with an improved technique. No straight edges, much less flaps, comfortable to make. Grab a child, scissors and glue, I would love to see your results!There are more Spongebob papercrafts to come - if you ask for it". - Ddi7i4dSo, if want more SpongeBob SquarePants paper models, ask it on Ddi7i4d`s DeviantArt page!

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