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ONE SHEET OF PAPER We already had a post of Weird Toilet Paper Roll Art, showing Yuken Teruya’s beautiful cutouts of Toilet paper rolls, and now I present another super creative artist, Peter Callesen, who does something similar, but this time out of single A4 paper sheets. “Lately I have worked almost exclusively with white paper in different objects, paper cuts, installations and performances. A large part of my work is made from A4 sheets of paper. By taking away all the information and starting from scratch using the blank white A4 paper sheet for my creations, I feel I have found a material that we are all able to relate to, and at the same time the A4 paper sheet is neutral and open to fill with different meaning. I would have never thought that one could make such masterpieces using just one sheet of paper! Looking back, 2006 Acid free A4 115 gsm paper and glue Impenetrable Castle, 2005 Acid free A4 80 gsm paper and glue White Hand, 2007 Little Erected Ruin, 2007 Half Way Through, 2006 Resurrection, 2008

Boxpunx Welcome to the Harlancore papertoy site . Here you will find for download the various designs I have created as well as blank templates for you to use and abuse as you see fit.. Feel free to add, subtract, embelish, shrink, enlarge or whatever any element in any way you think is clever. Have fun! Presenting Boxpunx Series NINE: IMPS (Imaginary Monster Papercraft) , an all-new shape, completely glueless and tongueless! Download them all today! Looking for blank templates ? The lastest installment of my PersonaFAN series, Part 4: Devil Summoners vs. Check out my boxpunx animated video here! Here are the two original glueless models I have made. Blank boxpunx glueless girl template + prototype .zip Blank boxpunx glueless boy template + prototype .zip Here are links to the Brute and Mini blank templates. Blank boxpunx brute template + Greyscale Terror brute template .zip Blank boxpunx mini template + Greyscale mini template .zip return to harlancore homepage see more harlancore illustrations

Rememberthelittleguy & Toypaper - Doodles, Interactive Design an Once upon a time there was an afternoon project that turned into a weekend project that turned into a website that turned into Toypaper. All that adds up to a HUGE amount of time spent cutting and gluing paper - far too much time if I am honest so it's time to put the cap back on the glue for a while. If you are reading this expecting to find papertoys then don't worry, I have put them all at the bottom this page just for you. I have met some lovely people from around the world, painted a 12ft concrete monster in Manchester and received lots of interesting emails, some of which I have had no other choice but to ask Google to translate for me. So for the near future there won't be any new updates and the mailing list has been safely deleted. One last thing - make sure you are careful with your scissors.

25 Papertoys incontournables ! | ReservoirTags Les papertoys existent sous différentes formes sur le web, du plus basic au plus évolué, il y en a pour tous les goûts. Téléchargez, imprimez, découpez, pliez, collez, le tour est joué ! Et si vous avez l’âme d’un artiste vous pouvez donner libre cours à votre imagination en personnalisant les modèles vierges que proposent la plupart de ces sites. Contrairement aux art toys, urban toys ou designer toys, les papertoys sont le plus souvent gratuits avec en plus la satisfaction de l’avoir monté soi-même. De nombreux sites proposent des papertoys, en voici 25 incontournables : Foldskool heroes Marshall Alexander c’est spécialisé dans les papertoys qui se composent d’une seule feuille de papier, qui, par un pliage complexe se transforme en un modèle en 3 dimensions. CardBoy Derrière son ordinateur CardBoy a appris à taper avec ses doigts en carton humide. SpeakerDog Speakerdog est une invention de Ben the Illustrator, illustrateur qui travaille entre autres pour Computer Arts Magazine Shin Tanaka

blog - Paper toys art Ce paper toy basé sur un template de cubeecraft a été créé par le collectif Urban Paper Collective. Cet éléphant équilibriste est le modèle du mois de mars. Ce robot au doux nom de Destructor H25 a été créé par Patrick Pasques dans le cadre de son livre de paper toys sur les robots. Je précise que cette version n’est pas dans le livre, c’est un petit bonus à télécharger gratuitement, alors profitez-en. Ce diorama (mise en scène) de Disney représente Alice au Pays des merveilles et sa charmante troupe, avec un gros oeuf pour décor ; ça tombe bien me direz-vous, c’est bientôt Pâques !! Big Joe, le spécialiste de la cuisine Italienne livre à domicile dans son superbe camion tout équipé. Cet impressionnant robot en train de défendre vaillamment la ville est une création paper craft du talentueux artiste Destop Gremlins. Voilà un paper toy « cute » comme je les aime. Ce mini paper-toy de Gus Santome rend hommage à Naruto le célèbre Ninja du très populaire manga. Samedi 15 février, 2014

papertoys TRE got down and bugged Gareth Lancaster aka MOOPF [www/DeviantArt] about his papertoy named BERTIE. ), READ THRU about the genesis of his first papertoy creation :) (And if you must know, I'd gotten wind of Gareth's creation via his Twitter) TOYSREVIL: How was Bertie created? What led to it's creation? MOOPF: Bertie really came about through just wanting to try my hand at paper toys, and deciding on something fairly simply in construction as a first attempt, but something that would hopefully create some interest from other artists who could see potential for customising it. I'm somebody who's always trying new mediums, for the challenge as much as anything. MOOPF: In terms of the way Bertie looks, it takes a lot of cues from a character style that I've been working on for a few months now, centering around a character called Arthur, who you'll see in my deviantArt gallery mainly as a spaceman (hence the cut out front on Bertie), with fairly short legs and long arms. TOYSREVIL: Cool!

T H E T O Y M A K E R think.bigchief Sfumato l’hype per i vinyl toy, ogni tanto becco ancora in giro qualche nuova produzione che attira la mia attenzione come questo Kumamon Toy di Kagawa Masahiko da 138 millimetri. Se ci capite qualcosa questo è uno dei link da cui si puà acquistare. read more Il 4 maggio FOX trasmetterà la speciale puntata completamente animata con pezzi di Lego così 16 nuove minifigs verranno messe in vendita nelle prossime settimane. Ogni personaggio costerà 4 dollari ma scommetto che andranno in un secondo in sold out. read more Il sud coreano Momot è un king in fatto di paper toy. Medicom ha annunciato la release di due nuove colorazione dell’ambita Vinyl Collectible Dolls dedicata a Andy Warhol. La quinta serie del teschio in porcellana di Limoges di NooN e K.Olin Tribu verrà decorato con varie farfalle applicate a mano dall’artista. read more Non se ne vedevano da parecchio tempo paper toy su ThinkBigchief. read more Questa è una di quelle cose per cui da piccolo saltavi pranzo, merenda e cena.