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JSONLint - The JSON Validator.

JSONLint - The JSON Validator.

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JavaScript: how to load dynamic contents (HTML String, JSON) to iframe – zome offzome off The story Although people are suggesting the replacement of <iframe> by <div> due to the poor usability of <iframe>, there are still some cases that <iframe> is the only way to go. Consider such case : you want to show a preview screen before the user hit “submit” button on a page with form (the data input page). An Introduction to JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) in JavaScript and .NET Web Applications (ASP.NET) ASP.NET Client-side Development Client-side Development An Introduction to JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) in JavaScript and .NET Print Export (0) An Introduction to JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) in JavaScript and .NET An Introduction to JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) in JavaScript and .NET An Introduction to JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) in JavaScript and .NET

BNOTIONS We laughed, we learned and we connected with hundreds of developers at the jQueryTO 2013 conference in downtown Toronto. The 2-day conference attracted the top talent in the city and beyond, featuring cutting edge presentations and a stellar speaker lineup, which included Paul Irish and Addy Osmani from the Chrome team and some of the biggest names in the jQuery developer community. (Slides for all the speaker’s presentations follow below.) We used Google+ as a social platform during the event and asked everyone to “check-in” and use “party mode,” so we could crowd-source photos from the conference.

Constructing a Slideshow Share this Episode Autoplay End of Video Show End Screen Default Quality Adjust your embed size below, then copy and paste the embed code above. Understanding JSON Schema — Understanding JSON Schema 1.0 documentation JSON Schema is a powerful tool for validating the structure of JSON data. However, learning to use it by reading its specification is like learning to drive a car by looking at its blueprints. You don’t need to know how an internal combustion engine fits together if all you want to do is pick up the groceries. This book, therefore, aims to be the friendly driving instructor for JSON Schema. It’s for those that want to write it and understand it, but maybe aren’t interested in building their own car—er, writing their own JSON Schema validator—just yet.

Frontend Single Point of Failure At this year's Velocity Europe conference, I watched a great talk by Google's Patrick Meenan about 3rd party scripts and frontend Single Point of Failure (SPOF). A single point of failure is a part of a system that, if it fails, will stop the entire system from working. Quite often, you may add 3rd party scripts such as jQuery, social sharing buttons or Ad tracking scripts to your website with the best intentions, but depending on the way that these scripts are loaded you could potentially create a frontend single point of failure that can block the entire site! If these 3rd party scripts are not implemented and deployed properly they pose a significant risk for the websites that host them. Finding and tracking frontend SPOFs on your website is not always easy, but fortunately there are tools available that will help you detect them. One of the tools that was discussed at Velocity Europe was SPOF-o-matic.

get() Description: Load data from the server using a HTTP GET request. This is a shorthand Ajax function, which is equivalent to: The success callback function is passed the returned data, which will be an XML root element, text string, JavaScript file, or JSON object, depending on the MIME type of the response. It is also passed the text status of the response. JSON Basics: What You Need to Know Tutorial by Matt Doyle | Level: Intermediate | Published on 24 March 2011 Categories: What is JSON, and what can it do? In this tutorial you learn how to use JSON to easily move data around the web. Thinking Async Here's the rub: when you load JavaScript from a third party you should do it asynchronously. You might want to load your own scripts asynchronously too, but for this article let's focus on third parties. There are two reasons for this: If the third-party goes down or is slow, your page won't be held up trying to load that resource.It can speed up page loads. At Wufoo, we just switched over to an asynchronous embed snippet. Users who build forms with Wufoo and want to embed them on their site are now recommended to use it.

Edge Animate Tutorial: Dynamic Content using Ajax Tutorial based onAdobe Edge Animate 1.5 I'm sorry but I don't have a Adobe CC license, so I cannot guarantee this works also on latest Edge Animate CC. In this tutorial we will see how to use jQuery and Ajax to dynamically load contents inside a Adobe Edge Animate animation. The topics discussed in this tutorial are: Ajax with jQueryButton actionsActions on animation start Edge Animate uses jQuery library as core for its API, we will use this peculiarity to dynamically load a text inside an animation via Ajax.

What is JSON: the 3 minute JSON Tutorial ( [code], css, functional, html, javascript, linguistics, microISV, nimbletext, sql, tools, visual basic, working blue If you are anything like me (and I fear that you are) then this is your experience with JSON so far: Two months ago you'd never heard of JSONOne month ago you'd heard the term but paid no attentionOne week ago you'd heard it mentioned a few times and started to think, right... some more crap to learnToday you woke up with an alarm bell ringing in the back of your mind that said WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS THIS JSON THING AND WHY IS IT EVERYWHERE ALL OF A BLOODY SUDDEN! Well I had a slow bus ride home tonight (friday is always slow) and i took a pile of "JSON" tutorials with me.

Separating JavaScript download and execution Not too long ago, I wrote a post entitled, Thoughts on script loaders[1], in which I discussed my thoughts on the continuing introduction of script loaders such as LABjs and ControlJS. In that post I also mentioned what I thought was the main problem that led to existence of these libraries. That problem is the inability of the developer to control the download of JavaScript files as separate from its execution.

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