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Horrible Histories

Horrible Histories

10 Free Secular Homeschool Curriculum Websites Here is my new compilation of 10 websites that offer free curricula in mathematics, language arts, sciences, social sciences, art, music and more. Some concentrate in preschoolers or early childhood education, others run the gamut from preK through high school. I’ve come across dozens of these sites, however, my number one criteria for inclusion in this list is a secular perspective, and second, each site must be worth our while.

Hilary Mantel: The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher – August 6th 1983 APRIL 25th 1982, DOWNING STREET: Announcement of the recapture of South Georgia, in the Falkland Islands. Mrs Thatcher: Ladies and gentlemen, the Secretary of State for Defence has just come over to give me some very good news ... Secretary of State: The message we have got is that British troops landed on South Georgia this afternoon, shortly after 4 pm London time ... The commander of the operation has sent the following message: ''Be pleased to inform Her Majesty that the White Ensign flies alongside the Union Jack in South Georgia.

Wild Food Homeschool Package The Wild Food Homeschool Package contains all of the materials for a parent to teach the essentials of wild food in a homeschooling or teaching environment. This package consists of: The Wild Food Homeschool Teaching Guide — A unique guideline for instructing children in the essentials of wild food identification, foraging, and preparation. Minecraft Homeschool We offer action packed 5 week classes, full of out of game learning and in game application of the covered material. A bonus 6th week helps kids “say goodbye” to the server and have a more gradual transition out of the class. There is no curriculum in week 6.

Mystery geography with Mystery Skype I, Meenakshi Uberoi, Education Evangelist & Founding Director of De Pedagogics, am passionate about coaching, teaching and learning. I design curriculum and train educators to equip and assist them in creating innovative, challenging and enriching classroom environments that are conducive to students becoming life-long learners. I am based out of Gurgaon, India and am proficient in conversing in 3 languages- English, Hindi and Punjabi. My aim is to drive programs to accelerate technology benefits in education with a scope of activities that cover the full spectrum of learning scenarios, including: student programs, teacher PD programs, K-12 learning technologies, 1:1 personal learning infrastructure and supporting educational content. How apraxia got my son suspended from school – Michael Graziano A few months ago, my son, who is in second grade, went on a field trip. As the class assembled in the parking lot, a new child joined in. He had metal leg braces and difficulty walking. Nobody quite knew how to talk to him and so he was left by himself at the edge of the crowd.

Magical Thinking and Spoiled Children Sandra Dodd I won't build up to the punchline: I don't believe money makes kids spoiled, and I don't think they will be spoiled by getting their way about things. It seems to me after all these years of hanging around discussions of whether it hurts to give kids what they want, that "spoiled" is a boogey man parents use to scare one another and themselves. From observation and nosiness/curiosity and teaching I've gathered a lab sample of lots and lots of families. I truly believe that very much of such behavior is genetic. And with that proposal there comes the modelling problem--nature or nurture?

The Ten Signs You Need to Find a Different Kind of Education for Your Child Jerry Mintz by Jerry Mintz Many parents don't realize that the education world has changed drastically since they were in school. Schools and class sizes used to be smaller, dropout rates lower, in-school violence almost unheard of, and teachers weren't terrified of showing affection to their students, or of discussing moral values.