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15 Days Ayurveda, Meditation and Yoga Retreat Kerala -

Vedic way of wellness can be explored at Fragrant Nature Resorts Ayurveda spas in its purity. From its own certified farms comes pesticide free, nutrient balanced food produces that at the kitchens turn to great flavors. This is Fragrant Nature, striving to serve novel experiences. Ayurveda Ayurveda is an elaborate healing system of India, a science of life based on the laws of nature. It is derived from the Sanskrit words Ayur (life) and Veda (knowledge) and it traces its origins to about 50 centuries. The program administered by qualified therapists unfolds a holistic way of life where in your wellness is perpetually restored. Each program has a choice of authentic Ayurvedic treatments coupled with ancient Vedic wellness practices comprising of traditional oil massages, organic meals, yoga and meditation. As Ayurvedic system of treatment is strictly personalized, the exact treatment and medicines would be fixed after detailed consultation with the doctor. Treatments:

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Fragrant Nature offers ‘Kerala Golden Trio’ for GCC visitors Fragrant Nature, the creator of premium lifestyle hospitality experiences in Kerala, is showcasing three exceptional hotels and resorts in Kerala at the Arabian Travel Market 2017 in Dubai. The Arabian Travel Market (ATM), which opens tomorrow (April 24) will run till April 27. The award-winning hospitality operator has also strengthened its new ‘Kerala Golden Trio’ package, especially for visitors from the GCC region, promising them three authentic lifestyle experiences just in time for summer. Already one of the most-recognised hotel and resorts operator in Kerala, Fragrant Nature Resorts is also looking to expand to the GCC region, and bring its flavour of hospitality that is defined by personalised service, organic food, wellness and exotic locations.

Human–canine bond - Wikipedia Example of the human-canine bond Human–canine bonding is the mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship between humans and dogs that is studied by psychologists, anthropologists, and ethologists.[1] Dogs are domesticated descendants of wolves and have a significant impact and role in human lives. In the United States, over 62% of people have a household pet and 37% of those pets are dogs.[2] In the United Kingdom for 2016 the overall amount of people with pets is 47% with 24% having dogs. [3] At times this relationship can be seen as symbiotic since both species benefit from the relationship. 6 Pros Share Their Lighting Secrets for Better Portrait Photography © Shane Ernest | Rare Photography As people move through different stages of their life, photographic records of these events are the mainstay of the portrait photographer’s business model. The idea of hiring a professional photographer to capture life’s important moments will never be completely replaced by relying on family or friends to “just take a picture.” There are many differences between hiring a professional and depending on a friend with a smartphone or camera besides the obvious reason—quality. A professional photographer understands lighting and can ensure that people will look their absolute best.

Photography Workshops, Tours, and Trips Africa Nat Geo Adventures 12 Days TRIP TYPE: LandACTIVITY LEVEL: Light/ModeratePrice from $8,595 Nat Geo Adventures 9 Days TRIP TYPE: LandACTIVITY LEVEL: LightPrice from $9,695 Asia Nat Geo Adventures 11 Days TRIP TYPE: LandACTIVITY LEVEL: ModeratePrice from $7,195 Nat Geo Adventures 11 Days TRIP TYPE: TrainACTIVITY LEVEL: Light/ModeratePrice from $12,895 Nat Geo Adventures 11 Days TRIP TYPE: LandACTIVITY LEVEL: Light/ModeratePrice from $9,595 Nat Geo Adventures 11 Days TRIP TYPE: LandACTIVITY LEVEL: Light/ModeratePrice from $9,595 Nat Geo Adventures 12 Days TRIP TYPE: LandACTIVITY LEVEL: Light/ModeratePrice from $8,495 Nat Geo Adventures 11 Days TRIP TYPE: LandACTIVITY LEVEL: LightPrice from $7,295

11 Guilt-Free Dessert Recipes That Are Secretly Healthy - FASHION Magazine More reason to practise safe sex. By Madelyn Chung Date July 7, 2017 In case you needed another reason to practice safe sex, the World Health Organization is reporting that gonorrhea is becoming “much harder, and sometimes impossible, to treat,” thanks to antibiotic resistance. “The bacteria that cause gonorrhea are particularly smart.

Balancing Your Food Plate - Historically, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has provided dietary guidance rooted in science. For many years, USDA displayed this information using a food pyramid. Starting in 2011, it switched to a new visual diagram of a plate filled with the proper amounts of foods.