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Advanced drum machine for GNU/Linux

Advanced drum machine for GNU/Linux
Today is feature freeze for the upcoming 0.9.6 ! This means that now new functionality will be added for this release. The most important new features for the 0.9.6 are: - Jack session support - Jack midi out - Undo history

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Jaliya: Tour of Percussion Section Archive The Archive is the library and the administration center for the notations. Here we find more than 300 authentic Percussion notations of traditional Westafrican rhythms for Djembe Ensemble (Djembe, Kenkeni, Dundun, Sangpan, Dundunba), collected from various resources including internationally known master percussionists. The notations for Djembe Ensemble are available separately as Jaliya Percussion Edition for 50 Euros. We select a title from the list.The properties of the notation are shown and may be adjusted.

Orinj Orinj is a multitrack recording and mixing software with wave and MIDI editing, currently free and without limitations at Downloads Orinj is free You can download a free version for Orinj from the download links above. -psycledelics- - Home Hello everyone. I am lately putting most of the news about Psycle development in the Google+ page , with more image captures. Said that, and since in the last post in psycledelics i was talking about a september release and we're in december, I thought I would at least update this with some of the news I've put in Google+.

Y-Rhythm Visualization Achieving high rhythmic accuracy requires serious training. There are good reasons to believe that an important barrier to progress is the lack of proper feedback. It is usually difficult for a percussionist to properly hear and understand the slight mistakes he makes, especially at high playing speeds. To solve this problem, we propose a visualization technique called Y-Rhythm that clearly shows temporal inaccuracies during the performance. Basically, this technique allows to see what can't be heared. The Y-Rhythm Trainer application downloadable here is a very valuable tool for practicing rhythm but is not at all a rhythm tutorial. PlayIt Live “Simple, logical, clear and it absolutely does what it's meant to do. Can get it up and running in very short time - very short learning curve. Excellent, courteous and timely support. Best bang-for-buck in the radio universe.” Tim, Phuket, Thailand (Sep 2016) “It has features that are similar to high end control room systems.”

Yankadi Features Yankadi * The Djembe Notation and Practice Program! Features list Yankadi is a djembe notation and practice program. It is a fully developped serious program with a multitude of features, designed to help the djembe enthusiast to learn rhythms, write new rhythms and have fun practicing and playing this African hand drum. Don't be put off by the amount of features listed below! Resonic Ridiculously Fast Resonic makes extensive use of multi-core processing. Every important part is optimized for speed, which results in extremely fast browsing, seeking, and playback. Yankadi * Djembe practice program Yankadi features summary Yankadi allows you to write music and rhythms, print the music, copy it to the clipboard and paste it into other programs like Word, or even create web-pages with rhythms, all from the program itself. Writing music can be done by actually typing the notes, or you can use the palette: simply click a button to insert a note. There are many handy features for managing scores, lines and music parts. You can also let the computer play the music: play djembe parts, doundoun parts, bells etc. together at the same time, and practice your own parts together with the computer.

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