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Integrated Inbox for Gmail and Google Apps

Integrated Inbox for Gmail and Google Apps
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Wavo: Discover and share music with friends! AddThis FoxTab Wizzmusic-Soutenir la musique indépendante 7 Almost Unknown Google Search Engines You Should Use Last week we covered some fun Google Easter Eggs, that you can find while browsing the site. This week, to take a more academic approach, we are going to cover 7 almost unknown specialized Google search engines that can be used for specialized consumer and academic research. Also included in this realm, but not within this post are [NO LONGER WORKS] Google Video, Pictures, News and Blogs which most users will already be familiar with so we have not included them in the list below. Google Patent Search Its amazing that a database like this exists, but most people don’t even know about it. For example, you can see Albert Einstein’s patent application for a blouse or John Logie Baird’s application for the device which would later go on to become the world’s first television set. Google Scholar Google Scholar is an interesting experiment with mixed results as it can bring you information about books and academic articles related to your topic of deep query. Google Books Google Catalogs

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