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TesTeach. Créer facilement des leçons interactives – Les Outils Tice

TesTeach. Créer facilement des leçons interactives – Les Outils Tice

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Chrome Extension: SlideShot for Google Slides - Teacher Tech I have taught 1:1 pretty much my entire teaching career. One thing I have asked students to do is to take screenshots as they complete work to show the progress of their work. This makes it easier to go back and work with a student when we can see where they have been. SideShot My Chrome extension SlideShot automatically takes a screenshot every minute and saves the screenshot to Google Drive. After selecting “Finish” on the extension, the screenshots are automatically pushed to a Google Slides presentation. ChatterKid Before you can make a video, you need a picture of what you want to make talk in the video. As long as you have one in your camera roll, you are good! On the opening screen, tap Take Photo. You can take a picture within the app. Or, you can tap on the photos button in the bottom left corner to pick one from your camera roll. Tap NEXT in the top right corner.

Pricing Your first 14 days of are free, and you can make account changes at any time - no hassle and no questions asked. Free Forever: For Personal $0/month RhinoSpike : English Audio : interview Note to recorder: I need two men to record this at natural speed please. thanks! REPORTER: More and more Americans are making their private information public on sites like Youtube, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Steven Metcalf, an online privacy expert is with me in the studio. Steven, you have used available information on the Internet, and you’ve come up with fifteen pages of private information about me, including my home address and phone number, my credit card number, my socialsecurity number, my former jobs, even the movies and foods I like. How did you do that?

Teacher Recommended: 50 Favorite Classroom Apps Educators and students are quickly becoming more comfortable with classroom technology, allowing them to shift from thinking about the technical side of integrating a new tool to focusing on how it improves learning. While the sheer number of education apps is still overwhelming, increasingly teachers have found what works for them and are sticking to them. “The conversations I had were radically different than they were a year ago,” said Michelle Luhtala, the librarian for New Canaan High School and host of an Emerging Tech webinar on edWeb. She tapped her professional learning network of educators, teaching all grades and located all over the country, to share their favorite tech tools. The Triptico Blog – Page 2 – The Triptico Academy As this is the first blog post of 2016: Happy New Year – and thank you for visiting the Triptico blog. There will be many changes to the Triptico website over the next few weeks – including the addition of two brand new resources – but today I want to tell you about an exciting new feature. One of the more common questions that teachers ask is: ‘Is it possible to share a Triptico activity that I have created with my students?’ Well, the answer is now: ‘Yes!’

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 15 Excellent YouTube Channels for Language Teachers and ESL Learners January 13, 2017 YouTube hosts a treasure trove of excellent educational content that speaks to the learning needs of a wide variety of audiences. Some of this content is created by dedicated teachers and educators who took it upon themselves to promote learning beyond the traditional walls of their classrooms. For instance, in the area of English language learning, there are numerous language teachers (including EFL and ESL) who have set their own YouTube channels and provide video lessons covering almost everything related to language learning. Today's post highlights some of these channels.

Match-up Worksheet Maker Premium Subscribers can get up to 100 lines, over 50 fonts, ability to add multiple images, create unlimited PDF's and Images of your worksheet and more. Ad Blocking: Advertising provides the crucial revenue necessary to provide free content and applications on this website. We need this revenue to continue offering our free services. We currently have 3 options for our users: Ad blocking users: Free, 10 lines with basic customization options, no saving options Non-ad blocking users: Free, 20 lines with many customization options, and basic saving features. Premium Subscription: 100 lines, Ad free + premium customization and saving featuresNOTE: If you choose to turn off your ad blocker for this site, you must reload this page.

Will you spot the details? Which of these details belong to the painting? Roll your mouse over the pictures. Animoto in the Classroom: Activity Ideas Looking to enhance students' Web 2.0 competencies and build 21st-century skills? The Animoto tool allows anyone to create professional-looking projects using audio, photographs and video. Fortunately, if you're a teacher looking to bring this fun and easy multimedia tool into the classroom, a free account will do just fine. Free accounts let students generate projects up to 30 seconds long in a limited number of styles and with a Web-streaming level of visual quality. To get you started, Education World offers three great classroom activity ideas based on free-account features of Animoto. And don't worry about the learning curve--immediately after creating an account, users can watch an informative video that shows how the functions work.

Class Tech Tips: LiveBinders Teacher Organization Tool: Curate, Collaborate & More! How do you keep track of all of your favorite resources? Do you have a system for staying organized? The folks at LiveBinders have an awesome tool to help teachers stay organized. They understand that teachers search online to find great ideas and resources to bring into their lessons. Tagxedo - Creator Processing ... Personal $ Svg $20 ✓ Up to $75 merchandises for personal use. Merchandise $ Things I like about Animoto for Education byonApril 12, 2013 [byline_dns]? A colleague of mine recently showed me a very cool way for students to create good-looking videos. It’s called Animoto. Animoto lets you quickly and easily combine text, images, and videos into beautiful videos.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 10 Great Academic Search Engines for Research Students December 23, 2016 Niche-specific content is usually not readily available through regular generic search engines. One example is the academic and scholarly content. While running a search query about an academic topic through a generic search engine such as Google would probably render fairly decent results, it, however, usually takes digging into so much fluff before finally landing on relevant results.

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