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Material Design

Material Design

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Image Effects with CSS Bennett Feely Twitter CodePen How it works Using one or more newer CSS properties (background-blend-mode, mix-blend-mode, or filter) gives us a surprising amount of possibilities to manipulate a single source image. Bootstrap 4 Cheat Sheet PDF With Examples and All Classes 2016 Bootstrap 4 Classes List Reference Looking for a Bootstrap 3 Cheat Sheet?Go Now Click each column header to sort alphabetically. Pixels to Rem Conversion Table 13 Sources of Material Design Inspiration In 2014 Google announced their release of the Material Design language. Their original goal was to address issues with app design for Android devices. The argument was that flat design did not translate well to smaller screens. They felt that a design lacking in clear visual cues impeded mobile users’ ability to take action. Matías Duarte, Google’s vice president of design, explained:

Quick Tip: The Simplest Way To Center Elements Vertically And Horizontally Danny Markov Flexbox is a relatively new addition to the CSS world and we keep finding more and more excellent applications for it. We can even solve the age-old problem with centering an element both vertically and horizontally with CSS. It is easier than you can imagine – it is only three lines of code, doesn’t require you to specify the size of the centered element and is responsive-friendly! Cubes Advent Calendar Peaceful World If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there'd be peace. Impossible To be content with little is difficult; to be content with much, impossible.

Photographers: The Guardians of History? Have you ever considered the responsibilities we bear as photographers? Without wishing to get too dramatic, in many ways, we photographers are the guardians of history. Just as our knowledge of history has been shaped by the paintings and drawings of our ancestors, the photographs we capture today may well shape the knowledge of future generations as they endeavor to understand our society today. SVG Line Animation for the Uninitiated – Bitmatica Lab – Medium Today, we’re going to be animating an illustration created in Adobe Illustrator, using SVG and CSS. We’ll use a technique popularized by Polygon in their reviews of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. These are great examples of what is possible but we’re going to be working with something much simpler. Preparing Your Vector File Before we start animating, it’s important to take the time to properly prepare your file.

13 Photoshop Tutorials That Will Help You Boost Your Web Design Game In the past photoshop was not only a part of web design but perhaps the primary tool for it. Sites were designed by designers in Photoshop and then “sliced” and coded by developers for the web. While remnants of this method remain, the design and development community have adopted many new tools for web design, creating a larger “toolbox” of which Photoshop is just one option for a number of different tasks. An option that, make no mistake, is still incredibly useful. Today it is rare to see a website consisting entirely of images in the way they used to. However, images still play a massive role in modern web design. 30 Websites To Download Free Vector Images While the current technology allows one to do wonders and the Internet is also another useful tool, allowing one to gain access to all sorts of information and materials for ones work. However, there are still times when searching for a particular information or material prove to be difficult when you do not get the result that you hope for. Among the many different type of problems that a web or graphic designer face is the lack of free vector images, one just cannot get enough of a good source that supplies high quality vector images and for free as well. One of the reasons why designers prefer vector images or standard JPEG images was also due to the flexible nature of vector images. Vector images are images without fixed resolution; hence it allows its user to adjust it to any dimension without losing the quality of the original images. Vecteezy

grouek Now, as to the nature of what we actually do, it is striking to see how much it expanded from Flash made websites back in the 2000’s to films, installations, apps, and experiences built upon an ever-wider range of technologies From flash made websites back in 2000's to films, installations, apps, and experiences built upon an ever-wider range of technologies. Zend Canvas Video Production Interactive Installations HTML5 WebGL Symfony 2D Illustration Mobile Apps Web Views Interactive Experiences Adaptive Design PHP Flash CGI Responsive Design Websites Interactive Video Live Event Motion Design Mobile Sites Node JS Web Apps Create a Quick and Easy Typographic Illustration in Illustrator Creating a hand drawn look in Illustrator is easier than you think. So easy in fact, that you can create an entire design that looks completely hand drawn in a matter of minutes. I’ll show you how below in this easy to follow tutorial. Create a Silhouette Image For this tutorial I chose a rooster. I had this random rooster image on my computer already.