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Nature of the Conflict. Privilege and Intersectionality. USA. Wealth Inequality in America. DRUDGE REPORT 2017® The Guardian. Playing god. Biological engineering. Modeling of the spread of disease using Cellular Automata and Nearest Neighbor Interactions An especially important application is the analysis and cost-effective solution of problems related to human health, but the field is much more general than that.

For example, biomimetics is a branch of biological engineering which strives to find ways in which the structures and functions of living organisms can be used as models for the design and engineering of materials and machines. Systems biology, on the other hand, seeks to utilize the engineer's familiarity with complex artificial systems, and perhaps the concepts used in "reverse engineering", to facilitate the difficult process of recognition of the structure, function, and precise method of operation of complex biological systems.

History[edit] Biological engineering can be differentiated from its roots of pure biology or other engineering fields. ABET,[5] the U.S. Description[edit] References[edit] External links[edit] Biotech Brigade. Merck Dr. ADMITS Cancer & Other Viruses Found In Vaccines. US Sociologist Documents Army Experiments on Americans. By Luis R. Miranda It is now confirmed that during the Cold War, the United States Army conducted experiments on St. Louis, Missouri residents, which at the time they claimed were for the purposes of protecting the population. Sociologist Lisa Martino-Taylor filed multiple Freedom of Information requests and obtained documents from the US Army that confirmed her worst fears: Some 10,000 people in St. Zinc and Cadmium radioactive particles were sprayed inside and around a housing complex without the consent of its inhabitants. According to Martino-Taylor, the Army was actually spraying Zinc and Cadmium sulfide, among other chemicals, a fact that was kept secret from the victims of the spraying and from city authorities.

As it has happened in many other US government and military experiments, the chemicals were released in and around low-income areas where blacks, Hispanics and other minorities lived. Martino-Taylor says that the chemical spraying done in St. Luis R. Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues. » Gov’t Secret Chemical Warfare Against The Public Exposed Alex Jones. Glenn Beck's Bizzaro Rewrite Of Reality Mainstream Media Tries To Destroy Peaceful Revolution Conservative Turncoat Caught Spreading Lies Tea Party To Be Blamed For New Civil War The Systems Biggest Fear is Truth Cliven Bundy Calls for BLM to be Disarmed Harry Reid Is NOT King of Nevada The Illegitimacy Of Our Tax System with Joe Banister 545 Tyrants Run Our Lives These Toxins May Be Deteriorating Your Lung's Health Store Owner Shoots, Kills Intruder The FBI's Giant Biometric Database Ron Paul Warns Feds Could Launch Waco-Style Assault In Nevada Death, Taxes, and False Flags: Government Certainties Mainstream Media Backs The Feds In Nevada Ranch Standoff Nevada Rancher Speaks Out Against Tyrannical Government Ukraine On The Brink Of War The Laws Of A Criminal Government Communist Manifesto: A Graduated Income Tax The Power To Tax Is The Power To Destroy Americans Draw Line in Sand Reid Wants Bundy to Pay Up American Citizens Draw Red Line: Feds Back down We Must Stand Up Against Tyranny.

Warfare. Eugenics. Cancer. 50 USC § 1520a - Restrictions on use of human subjects for testing of chemical or biological agents. Docs/SILENT.pdf. Eugenics. Taking Action. Security Guard Liability. Andrea M. Alonso and Kevin G. Faley*Originally published in theNew York Law JournalAugust 5, 2005 Security guard liability is surprisingly circumscribed in New York State. For store security guards, potential liability arises for assault and battery, which may occur during the course of attempting to stop or arrest a suspected shoplifter, and for subsequent false-imprisonment claims by the detainee. Liability, in exceptional circumstances, may also arise from the failure of a security guard to protect patrons. Tortious Acts In assault and battery claims, the jury must determine if the use of force used to stop and detain an individual was reasonable. The word arrest is derived from the French word arreter, which means to stop or to detain.

Another ground for potential liability exposure to a security guard lies under Federal Law 42 USCA 1983, which provides a cause of action exists based upon a deprivation of a person's civil rights. In Guiducci v. In Rojas v. Tortious Acts of Others 2. Security Supervision and Management: Theory and Practice of Asset Protection - IFPO - Google Books. Future by Design. Hillary Clinton. Alex Jones. Killary Clinton. Power Control Systems. Awesomeness. Wake up ! Wonders of the underworld: Explorer captures ソcave cathedralsソ in all their ancient glory.

By Phil Vinter Published: 10:54 GMT, 21 August 2012 | Updated: 19:55 GMT, 21 August 2012 At first glance they don't look real, made in a Hollywood studio perhaps. But these breathtakingly beautiful photographs are actually from Thailand and they give a glimpse into the staggering other world just beneath the Earth's surface. Taken by experienced Australian cave explorer John Spies the images highlight the incredible intricacy and colour of strange structures created over millions of years by water slowly dripping through limestone rock. Some of the scenes captured by the subterranean snapper illustrate the sheer size of the caverns which can contain vast pools of water, high-rise columns and smooth rock domes.

John Spies explores the Tham Lod cave in Pang Mapha, Thailand. As the light changes the water and rock formations in the Tham Lod cave take on different hues. Rays of light flood a large natural entrance to this cave in the northern district of Pang Mapha in Thailand. YouTube: MrTaysky. Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Facilities in Washington, 2014, summary. What makes things the colour they are. Everything we can see has a colour. Around us, in our homes, at work, in nature, in space - it is universal, everywhere has a colour, of some sort. But have you ever thought about what makes something the colour it is? The colour of anything we observe depends upon a few factors. Firstly - Everything is made up of electrons and atoms. How something will look when bathed in light, is governed by these atoms and electrons. Different materials, objects and items have a different make up of atoms and electrons. Reflect or scatter light (reflection and scattering) absorb light (absorption) do nothing (transmission) refract light (refraction) Reflection and scattering Reflected and scattered light A lot of objects reflect light to some degree, but something that is particularly reflective, has more free electrons that are able to pass from atom to atom with ease.

The light energy that is absorbed by these electrons, is not passed onto to any other atoms. Absorbtion Absorbed light Transmission. 6 Ways That Food Is Being Used as a Weapon Against Us. By Activist Post Hungry people will do anything for food, which means that those who have control over food can use it as leverage. In 1974, Henry Kissinger suggested using food as a weapon to induce targeted population reduction in a previously classified 200-page report, National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests. The primary tactic to be applied is that food aid would be withheld from developing nations until they submitted to birth control policies: There is also some established precedent for taking account of family planning performance in appraisal of assistance requirements by AID [U.S.

Agency for International Development] and consultative groups. So, food was to be used as just another method of imperial colonization to force countries to conform their policies to those desired by the controllers. Here are six ways food is being used to wage war against the population: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. U.S. Chamber of Commerce | Fighting For Your Business. Conspiraty Theories. Communication. Neverending Search for the Truth. Conspiracy Theories1. Tracking Politics. Bush Crime Family. Bush. Family. Bush Family secrets & Hitler... ILUMINATI. Wake up! WAKE UP! Influenza A (H3N2) Variant Virus | Swine/Variant Influenza (Flu) Skip directly to search Skip directly to A to Z list Skip directly to navigation Skip directly to page options Skip directly to site content Influenza Types Get Email Updates To receive email updates about this page, enter your email address: Past Newsletters Influenza A (H3N2) Variant Virus Language: English Español Recommend on Facebook Tweet Influenza viruses that normally circulate in pigs are called “variant” viruses when they are found in people.

See Past Updates( » Preventive Actions CDC Recommendations For People At High Risk: If you are at high risk of serious flu complications( and are going to a fair where pigs will be present, avoid pigs and swine barns at the fair. If you are not at high risk, take these precautions: Don’t take food or drink into pig areas; don’t eat, drink or put anything in your mouth in pig areas. Outbreak Characterization Info for Specific Audiences. Flu Report | Ahrcanum. Shaking, rattling and rolling into the conspiracy, truth and science of EARTHQUAKES, HAARP, EISCAT, Tesla, etc., with more posts at Help spread the word. SUBSCRIBE NOW and Follow us on Twitter (by clicking in the side margin) so you can get the latest updates as soon as they’re posted. Make sure to retweet, so all your friends get the heads up too.

CITE THIS SOURCE or may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits. The most popular read article on the topic of the flu is- Swine Flu Rash, Hives Symptoms at Join the conversation with more than 250 comments. Topics are illustrated by the link and placed in chronological order. July 21, 2012. Could your rash be Gianotti- Crotsti? Deadly bacteria kills research scientist at Veteran Research Hospital in CA, planned release of Bacteria in Boston, more at up/ Man made virus | Ahrcanum. Human beings have been both fascinated and appalled by randomness. On the one hand, we love the thrill of a surprise party, the unpredictability of a romance, the freedom of not knowing what tomorrow will bring. We abhor uncertainty’s dark side. Terrorists attacks and accidents happen. We never know if we’ll be that one in a million statistic to hit the lottery, get struck by lightening or contract some mutated virus like A/H1N1 Swine Flu.

If you live the the U.S. statistically it appears you have a better chance of catching H1N1 than in the other 74 countries the virus has been reported in. “On the basis of available evidence, the scientific criteria for an influenza pandemic has been met. The World Health Organization would have been negligent had they not made it official, declaring a Phase 6 alert in response to the H1N1 swine flu virus . This H1N1 variant is going after people with healthy immune systems. Project Jefferson, was a covert 2001 U.S. Technologies Inc. DOMAINS - Register, Transfer Domains. 10 things you absolutely MUST know before you register a domain with anyone.

The following article was a piece we originally wrote for a marketing page we put up at — but we found that a lot of our customers wanted us to keep a copy right here on the website because they were constantly referring their friends and colleagues to it. Suffice it to say, easyDNS does not engage in any of the tactics described below, but they are widely used across the industry.

General Practice Tricks 1. "Transfer-out" fees Buried in the fine print of a registrars’ “Terms of Service” will be a hidden fee authorizing them to charge your credit card a “transfer-out” fee if you move your domain to another registrar. This practice violates the ICANN policy on domain transfers. 2. Most people (read: nobody) actually reads the long, odious Terms of Service for anything they buy online. 3. This is where you make a multi-year interest-free loan to the registrar.

Whois Database Scams 4. 5. 6. 8. 9. 10. Flu epidemic? natural or man-made - Forums - CNET. However, it seems fully accepted even if you do, people with normal immune systems that have a vaccination don't get as sick if they do get sick. This year so far the match has been good between vaccine and flu strain that actually breaks out. Some years they guess wrong as to which strain will be the most dangerous and widespread. Unfortunately while they guessed right the strain appearing most this year also normally causes more serious and widespread illness.

One factor that may indicate increased severity this season is that the predominant circulating type of influenza virus is influenza A (H3N2) viruses, which account for about 76 percent of the viruses reported. So far this season, most (91%) of the influenza viruses that have been analyzed at CDC are like the viruses included in the 2012-2013 influenza vaccine.

Most people have fever, aches, and respiratory distress for 4 to 10 days. Revival, Rapture, Mystery Babylon and the Second Coming of the Antichrist, the Elijah Revolution and the Day of the Lord. UNEXPLAINED OBJECTS. Better World Links. Human Rights by TOPIC - Better World Links. Conspiracy.


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