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Couper en deux une bouteille en verre >> Choc thermique <<

Couper en deux une bouteille en verre >> Choc thermique <<

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Growing Onions Vertically On The Windowsill Growing Onions Vertically On The Windowsill How nice would it be to just be able to pluck fresh green onions from the soil whenever you need them? Nothing beats fresh onions for your salads, dips or soup. But how can you ensure a supply of fresh onions at hand all the time? Sure, onions are available all year round from the supermarket, but they are hardly fresh and there’s almost always no way to know for sure where they came from. Gardeners of course will simply grow them but some simply have problems with available space.

Fizz, A Social Network Visualization on Datavisualization Fizz is a social network visualization that provides a playful view on your own social graph and what’s currently happening. It’s one of the first two projects of the new visualization super group called Bloom. After your connect the application with Facebook or Twitter, your social graph gets mapped in a colorful bubble diagram. Big circles are people, small circles are their status updates. Unfortunately the meaning of the color is a bit cryptic. Clicking on a bubble reveals the content of the status and let’s you jump to the belonging page.

White Russian cocktail Recipe - How To Make Cocktail Recipes Words by: Simon Difford Photography by: Dan Malpass One of the best-known cocktails of the modern era the White Russian presents vodka and coffee liqueur served on the rocks, sipped through a silky layer of cream or milk. A White Russian can be as simple as equal measures vodka, coffee liqueur and fresh cream poured over ice. However, it looks better if you shake at least the first two ingredients and then layer cream on the surface of the drink.

DIY Natural Log Stove You don’t need a modern and expensive stove in order to cook something delicious in the backyard. Just transform a log into the most efficient natural stove out there. And there isn’t so much hard work to achieve that. Imprimables Lollipop Papillons et fleurs pour le printemps I have been receiving requests for different sayings on the butterflies and lilies. If you want to have a different saying please leave a comment and I will try to make the most popular requests. Lollipop Lily Plain Lily Proverbs 17:17 “A friend loves at all times”

Atomic Shrimp Other Projects I Have In Mind To Tackle: I want to make a machine that paints pictures - either a big paint plotter, or something that works as (some kind of) robotic analogue of the human arm. Wind turbine - I want to see if it can be done on next to no budget. Gallery · mbostock/d3 Wiki Wiki ▸ Gallery Welcome to the D3 gallery! More examples are available on If you want to share an example and don't have your own hosting, consider using Gist and If you want to share or view live examples try or Visual Index

Easy Homemade Marzipan or Almond Paste Easy homemade marzipan/almond paste. So easy, so quick, so versatile, so addictively delicious! And now you can make it anytime, anywhere. | Welcome to Jubilee 101. Here you will find a wealth of educational/instructional material* literally at your fingertips. Below is a list of the categories. The DIY Origami Heart Invitations are in the mail! I first introduced you to my origami heart engagement party invitations in this article here. Well, after a working weekend of printing, cutting, folding, sewing, stuffing, addressing and stamping... phew... my fiancé and I have finally mailed out the little cuties! Hand-stitching the edges of the translucent pocket was the most time-consuming part of the project. To ensure accuracy and quicken the hand-stitching process, we first measured and marked out (with needle pricks) the intended placement of the stitches. To save time, we only did 5 stitches on each side. The actual origami folding, thankfully, went a lot quicker than expected!

Drink Can Tinwork Tinwork Embossed tinwork is sometimes used to decorate rustic style photo or mirror frames, or just to make decorative items such as Christmas tree decorations. The metal used is usually thicker (tinplate) and is normally worked with hammered tools - I wanted to try to get a similar effect, but with a bit less effort. The Most Popular ArticleOn Atomic Shrimp No, really! Isomap Publié par : Arnaud Velten Business Commando | janvier 9, 2010 Seems like too much detail for me, but that may be what he wants to convey. Source :

Easy Homemade Tahini Paste The scenario you’re all familiar with: Really in the mood for some homemade hummus. Garbanzo beans? Check. Olive oil? Fences – sustainable, durable and beautiful In Mending Wall, poet Robert Frost decries the saying that “Good fences make good neighbours”. It’s a beautiful piece of writing but I feel the saying has great relevance in an urban setting. Fences do help define the boundaries between public and private, yours and mine.

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