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Bower - A package manager for the web

Bower - A package manager for the web

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Exploring Elasticsearch One of the most common use cases for elasticsearch is the ubiquitous query string with faceted drilldown, most frequently seen on e-commerce websites. Amazon is perhaps the best example of this. Let’s consider a search on for the term “Network Routing”. Quick tour of Polymer - Polymer 1.0 Edit on GitHub Polymer makes it simple to create web components, declaratively. Custom elements can leverage Polymer’s special features to reduce boilerplate and make it even easier to build complex, interactive elements: Registering elements Lifecycle callbacks Property observation Local DOM template Data binding In this section you can take a quick tour of the Polymer library, without installing anything. Click the Edit on Plunker button to open any of the samples in an interactive sandbox.

Sublime Text Download Sublime Text 3 is currently in beta. The latest build is 3126. Exploring Elasticsearch 3.1 The Search API The Search API is provided by the _search endpoint available both on /index and /index/type paths. An index search would be at /myidx/_search while a search scoped to a specific document type would be at /myidx/mytype/_search. The job of the Search API is to invoke a query with various parameters such as maximum result set size, result offset location, and a number of performance tuning options. Get the Polymer library - Polymer 1.0 Edit on GitHub Installing with Bower The recommended way to install Polymer 1.0 is through Bower.

FlySpeed - SQL query tool with visual query builder FlySpeed SQL Query is a simple and fast SQL query tool for most of today's popular databases. It was primarily designed to meet the everyday needs of ordinary database users who need to work with data first and foremost, rather than to design databases. It enables you to build queries on many different database servers without needing deep knowledge of SQL syntax and to work with data fast and easy. The FlySpeed SQL Query tool facilitates the process of building SQL by letting you quickly drag and drop tables to create queries, from simple to complex, and combine visual query building with direct SQL text editing. The FlySpeed SQL Query tool combines a powerful means of working with SQL queries, high-speed data retrieval, and one-click data export and printing to make your work with data more productive than ever before!

Kanso documentation Developing applications Guides to help you get started building apps with Kanso. Here are some recommended tools and approaches, but since apps just use normal HTML and JavaScript, there are a whole host of frameworks and libraries available to you that may not be listed here. For more information on the tools used by the community, browse the package repository.

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