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Masters of electronic music with lots of great tutorials.

Maximize and Minimize Feature in Audiobus Remote 1.0.4. Jobey Job. Songvice — 11 Best YouTube Channels For Music Production. RetroSound. (c) 2015 Electronic Music by RetroSound, supported by UVI: new vintage synthesizer album is now available:music-shop: 25 audio tracks, high-quality wav audio (16Bit/44,1kHz), total time: 74:35min All tracks multi-track recorded with the following vintage synthesizers, analog stringmachines and drumcomputer: PPG Wave 2.2PPG Waveterm AARP QuadraOberheim OB-XOberheim OB-XaOberheim Matrix-1000Moog SourceMoog ProdigyMoog MinimoogMoog Taurus 1SCI Pro-OneSCI Prophet VSRoland Juno-60Roland JX-3PRoland Jupiter-4Roland VP-330Roland D-50Roland JD-800Roland TR-707Roland TR-808LinnDrumKorg PolysixKorg KR-55BKorg DR-55Yamaha DX7 II FDTiracon 6VLogan String Melody II The RetroSound channel on youtube have been around for over eight years now.

Unbelievable for me. At the beginning I had no idea that once something big would come of it. Point Blank Music School. Mark Jenkins. AppSessions. Mr. Bill. Computer Music Magazine. MyMixEngineer. Beat School. ADSR Sound Design & Synth Tutorials. Massive tutorials presets and courses discounts Using a synth to create your kick drum sounds, especially subby ones, is almost always better than using samples. Ultimately, using a synth or soft synth will give you more control. This Julio Bashmore style kick bass in Massive is a great example of that. As with any sub sound in Massive, you need to use a Sine wavetable. Saws and other waveforms just won't pack that punch. To get the punch of a kick bass in Massive, you need to create some envelopes and modulate a few destinations. The two destinations you would want to modulate with an envelope are the Pitch boxes in the Oscillators and then the Cut Off frequencies. Bit Crusher is a great way to drive a kick bass in Massive even further.

DJ Vespers. DJ TechTools. Zen World. Out Now Sylenth 1 Revolution Vol 2 is the sequel to one of the best banks out for Sylenth1. On the sequel Evolution Of Sounds very own Zen World focused on providing the sounds your favorite top producers are using in their tracks but at the same time revolutionizing some of the sounds to create something new and something fresh. This bank contains 128 of the most beautiful and hard hitting sounds you will hear each one being crafted perfectfully to stand out in the mix and create the power that you desire.

Each sound has effects already present to maximize the potential may it be a beautiful sound maximizing the feel of it or a dirty sound meant to shake the dance floor you can be assured that the sound is gonna sound up to standard. This bank is suitable for*Progressive House*Big Room House*Electro House*Deep House*Future House *Progressive Trance*Trance*Techno *Tech House*Groove ;) Zen World. Tom Cosm. Quantize Courses. In association with Loopmasters Samples ( we give you the complete set of tools to turn your loops and samples into finished tracks. Using audio loops offers lots of benefits; you can build a track quickly and easily, use them for inspiration, achieve a professional sound and gain access to playing styles and instruments you can't get anywhere else. But..... Loops do present some problems :-- Your tracks sound boring and static-- It's difficult to develop loops and progress your arrangement-- It's hard to stamp your identity on a track made from loops-- It feels like cheating--You lose control of individual sounds resulting in a poor mixdown We specifically designed this pack to solve all of these issues and go way beyond, teaching you innovative techniques for creating professional sounding tracks made in part or entirely from audio loops.

Beat School. Recordingrevolution. Noise Sculpture: Simon Cann's Music-Related Videos. KevWillow7. Sample Essentials Presets "Epic House Pianos Volume 1" 4,959 views 10 months ago Purchase This Pack Here: The piano is a backbone of house music, and with this Epic MIDI pack you too can create dance anthems! With 15 pre-written chord progressions (as well as accompanying Dry and Wet .wav sound files) you can harness the power of the piano and dominate the current 90s House / Deep House craze that's sweeping the dancefloors across the world. If you're looking to be the next Route 94, MK, Gorgon City or Breach, this pack is the way to go! Contents:15 Midi Files42 Piano WAV Files (21 Dry/21 Wet) Future Music Magazine. Beats4Beets. Nigel Good. Computer Music Magazine. Boyinaband. Dodgeandfuskitv. Edmtime. Ill.Methodology Workshop - Chapter 1. Jakob Haq. Music Production Tutorials. Pensado's Place.

SadowickProduction. SeamlessR. SoundPunk Audio Engineering Community. Thesoundtestroom. Tim Webb. TornadoTwins. This item has been hidden How to REALLY make DUBSTEP Play all New mind-blowing tutorial by the TornadoTwins. Learn how to make electronic music from A-Z using Ableton Live. Dubstep is the fastest rising music genre in history. Learn how to make a killer track from beginning to end. Starting with drums, synths, wobbles and making the drop. 4:40 6:28 7:26 8:16 9:46 8:08 7:07 5:05 7:27 5:47 9:59 View 11 more This item has been hidden This item has been hidden This item has been hidden.