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Supermechanical : objects that connect us

Supermechanical : objects that connect us

The Essential Missing Half of Getting Things Done Since I’ve been using David Allen’s Getting Things Done system for a few years now, I’ve made many refinements to it to suit my own style. The most important has been linking the low-level project-action focus of GTD with my own high-level focus on purpose and goals. My personal GTD system starts with purpose. The next level down is goals. Now beneath the level of goals, we get into more standard GTD. And below that level we have next actions. I love the standard GTD system, but it’s a low-level system. What’s missing from GTD though is the high-level part of the system. The high level element that is missing from standard GTD is, in my personal opinion, absolutely essential. To put it very simply… standard GTD will teach you how to do things right. The lack of a GTD personal leadership element is also prevalent in David Allen’s second book, Ready for Anything. Let me reiterate that I’m a huge supporter of David Allen’s work.

ly™ Designy Temporary Tattoos — Cursors Bring a bit of the digital world to your fingertips … literally. Cursors are also perfect for cheeks, ears, legs, shoulders, or anywhere that needs a bit of a virtual hand. Each sheet of Cursors comes with three "default" cursors as well as three "hand" cursors. Designs based on the original Macintosh icons designed by Susan Kare Designed by Josh Smith Brooklyn, New York Josh Smith is a graphic designer and writer, working in New York City. Each Tattly is: • Safe & non-toxic • Printed with vegetable-based ink • Made in the USA • FDA-compliant and fun for all ages

Upper Playground | Dirty Hands: The Art and Crimes of David Choe - Stream & DVD Getting Silver Wholesale Jewelry Versus Quantity BuyersDo you use a good deal of alphabet beads or sterling silver charms? Do you resell them? Probabilities are you want to conserve if you can, needless to say the climbing expense of silver does not aid when you are hoping to minimize charges. So what do professionals do? Nightmare and the Cat IPhone Camera Accessories New Signal Process Gambiologia, the Brazilian art and science of kludging Coletivo Gambiologia (Fred Paulino, Ganso and Lucas Mafra), Gambiociclo, 2010 (image Eduardo Berthier) Gambiarra is the Brazilian practice of makeshifts, the art of resorting to quirky and smart improvisation in order to repair what doesn't work or to create what you need with what you have at your disposal. Gambiologia is the 'science' that studies this form of creative improvisation and celebrates it by combining it with electronic-digital techniques. Gambiologia is also the name of a collective of artists - Fred Paulino, Lucas Mafra and Paulo Henrique 'Ganso Pessoa' - who mix this art of improvisation with DIY culture & technology to develop electronic artifacts. Saulo Policarpo, Prismatic Gambièrre. Mariana Manhães, Isso (Taça Azul) e Isso (Taça de Cristal). Last year, Fred Paulino gathered the work of Gambiologia along with the one of over 20 Brazilian and international artists in an exhibition titled "Gambiólogos - Kludging in a Digital Era". Samples: Beer chilled in suspended pail:

The Art of Negative Space. on the Behance Network Sign Up Log In The Art of Negative Space. Project Featured On: — 7/13/2011 Wacom Gallery — 12/8/2013 Tang Yau Hoong Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Follow Following Unfollow Message Add to Collection Tools Used Tools Adobe Photoshop View Gallery → Download Now → Adobe Illustrator Wacom Bamboo Tablet Watercolor Calligraphy Pen Paint Marker/Pen About About Selected designs and illustrations employing negative space by Tang Yau Hoong. Published: April 26, 2011 The Art of Negative Space Selected illustrations employing negative space by Tang Yau Hoong Get connected with Tang Yau Hoong on: Website / Shop / Facebook / Instagram / Tumblr / Flickr / Twitter / Pinterest In Nostalgic Mood. Coexistence. Beware of Those Hands. Day vs. Sky Aperture. Moustacheville. In Flying Colours. The Haunting Hand Sky Invader. Ernest Hemingway Erotic Literature Spock in the Spork Eye on the City. Little Red Riding Hood. Eco-Friendly. Found Anything Yet? Sound of Nature: Piano. Feather of Life. Home. Lost Memory. Tags