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REA(I+I+I)@GSD Sumona Chakravarty Hailong Wu WeScreen! i s a community platform for the residents of a locality to express their voice and create a collective identity for their neighborhood. The platform uses smartphones, a website and an urban screen to localize a virtual social network in the context of a community- creating a digital exchange that is rooted in a material reality. .................................................................................. Anne Schmidt Brad Crane Ling Fan The internet creates heroes, which eventually manifest themselves outside the medium. In several countries, government and authorities censor and monitor internet usage, by employing increasingly sophisticated means of control. • Creating and consuming heroes • Communicating between different heroes' provocative questions • Obseving the appearance and disappearance of heroes. .

Creative Projection Ghost Box The Ghostbox is a prototype conceived by the creative studio Leviathan who sought a way to forge a connection between people and clients' products.more Projection Mapping in Merchandising Display Applications What's one way to show your wares without taking up space to store them? Kill the Box in all Endeavors Including Projection Mapping A dandypunk is a harbinger of nonconformity. Projectors and Wedding Cakes Unite for Unique Reception 3D Projection mapping on a wedding cake is so creative and alluring that if I were attending this wedding reception I might even forget to ask if the cake was chocolate. Striped Facade Projection This wonderful projection mapping production was sent by an architect friend of mine who tried to explain to me the meaning of parallax as it pertains to this video. Beaming with Ideas Everyone is talking about Juan and how happy he makes people. Projectors Involved in Bringing Site to the Blind The Penbook:Projecting Paper

#AirQualityEgg by #Sensemakers Update 4/12: You can now upgrade the Air Quality Egg (including the DIY versions) with sensors for O3 ($25), VOC's ($25), radiation ($60), and particulates ($40)! Add the cost directly to your pledge (we will confirm your order after the campaign ends). See HERE for more info! Where's the data? The Air Quality Egg is a sensor system designed to allow anyone to collect very high resolution readings of NO2 and CO concentrations outside of their home. The Air Quality Egg is developed by a community effort, born out of groups from the Internet of Things Meetups in NYC and Amsterdam. The product development conversation, as well as a fair bit of the philosophical arguments, happens in our Google Group. 1) Outdoor sensors: A small electronic sensing system plug into the wall and sits outside your home taking regular readings. 2) Egg base station: An Egg-shaped base station, which gives this project its name, receives the wirelessly transmitted data from the sensor box outside.

HDRI Handbook Overview The HDRI Handbook 2.0 is the most comprehensive guide to high dynamic range imaging (HDRI). HDR imaging takes photography to a whole new level. It opens the door to unprecedented creative freedom in digital post-processing by capturing everything from the darkest shadows to the brightest highlights. It represents a quantum leap in imaging technology, as revolutionary as the leap from black-and-white to color imaging. HDRI means truly lossless image editing, full exposure control, mastering any scene contrast without artificial lighting, and preserving all light from a scene so it can be digitally revisited anytime in the future. In 2007, The HDRI Handbook was the first book to present this revolutionary new field to a larger audience. Now The HDRI Handbook 2.0 redefines its own gold standard.

Telepresence Telepresence Session with Ghana, Africa and Newark, NJ A telepresence system in 2007 Telepresence refers to a set of technologies which allow a person to feel as if they were present, to give the appearance of being present, or to have an effect, via telerobotics, at a place other than their true location. A popular application is found in telepresence videoconferencing, the highest possible level of videotelephony. Telepresence via video deploys greater technical sophistication and improved fidelity of both sight and sound than in traditional videoconferencing. Technical advancements in mobile collaboration have also extended the capabilities of videoconferencing beyond the boardroom for use with hand-held mobile devices, enabling collaboration independent of location. History[edit] The Brother Assassin, written by Fred Saberhagen in 1969, introduced the complete concept for a telepresence master-slave humanoid system. An important research project in telepresence began in 1990.

wet electron The Secret Book of SecretsA short film created in my Green Screen Movie Class at Beam CenterThe kids wrote the story, created all the props, and acted in the filmNarrated by Harry MerrittThanks to Enki for the lights This was my second ‘make a movie’ class and was very different from the first. Mainly, the group was all boys, so naturally when given (almost) free reign to create a film, it was going to be an action movie. A lot of the ideas I liked in my previous class like having the students draw scenes and then be green screened into them, or creating the sound track with some Casio’s and effects pedals were nixed in favor of more explosions, and theme songs. While it took two months to edit, think it came out alright.

Innerscope Research Tutorial MadMapper 4 juin 2011 6 04 /06 /juin /2011 12:31 Voici une série de tutoriels par la team de co-développer du logiciel de mapping vidéo MadMapper. Des tutos sur le GridWarping, Quartz Composer et VDMX 5 avec le MadMapper. Bon taff à tous. Kinect-powered Email 4 the disabled Make Projects Tech September 6, 2012 at 4:14 pm My mom has lived with aphasia ever since she suffered a serious stroke twelve years ago. In the meantime, there’s been a revolution in communication – powered by social media. Like a lot of people, I use the phone less. One of my areas of interest has been bridging the digital “keyboard gap” for people like my mom. The first step was coming up with a visual “dashboard” to help her compose simple messages. In the future, I plan to add other “boards” and “pages” later to allow for a greater variety of messaging, but maintaining a super simple interface for my mom. Of course, someone else has to launch the program for her, so we’re not quite there yet in terms of totally independent messaging.