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Top 10 Things You Can Upgrade with a Little Electronics Hacking it is a skill to do a good solder joint, it comes with LOTS of practice. so most people who rarely do it will ever get good at it. Bingo. Of course, part of the issue is having a soldering iron at the right temp with a properly tinned tip. I don't expect to ever master tricky stuff like smts or even multilayer pcbs so I'm not much better then a newbie, anyway - and I totally suck at sweating pipe joints. Ah, well... SMT is actually a bit better than through-hole once you get the hang of it.

Tivo's Hidden Web Server Dave Zantz is up to his TiVo hacking tricks again. He informs us that TiVo Series 2 DVRs have a hidden web server integrated into the system that allows remote access to stored video content. Dave says, “it’s no Slingbox, but for many people it doesn’t require any additional equipment or expense.” So how does it work? In short, “You can connect to the TiVo inside your home network with just the IP of the TiVo device and any modern web browser on any platform. This allows you to view everything you have recorded and gives you the option of downloading specific shows. Nice work! Filed in: Software

Videora - BitTorrent RSS Reader HOW-TO: Turn your laptop into a home security system - Engadget - In light of recent events, we thought it might be a good idea to show you how to whip up a low-cost home surveillance system. Not only is this system useful for nabbing burglars, British or otherwise, but it can also be used to check in on your pets (warm-blooded or robotic), or merely to provide some added piece of mind that house and home are still standing. With almost any generic webcam and some relatively cheap software, you can set up a motion-detecting security camera, a periodically refreshed image of your home interior/exterior, or even a live video feed direct from the excitement of your empty living room. You never know who you might catch in there someday. Ingredients This is what you'll need to launch your own personal branch of the Department of Homestead Security: Mac or PC. Let's dive in! Home security camera: Mac We're going to set up our software to detect motion, and perform a series of actions based on that trigger. First, download and install the EvoCam software. Wrap up

42 Free Online Magazines for Designers Art and design magazines are designers close companion. Not only it feeds us with latest trends and news in the design industry, it’s also a good source of inspiration, particularly useful for those who hit the design block frequently. Just in case you weren’t aware, there’s a huge pool of free design magazines on the net; we meant those softcopy magazines you can either browse online or download (.PDF, .SWF) for offline viewing. Not only they have high quality content, each issue released is also free. We thought that’s generous of these folks. More? Our Top Picks GizMag Weekly web magazine full of neat stuff. A List Apart It’s not really a ‘magazine’ since it don’t come in .PDF or any downloable format. Bak Magazine Artzmania Veer Catalog PDF Mags Nothing but lots of PDF magazines, for free. Destructed Magazine Art- and Designmagzine in .PDF format released quaterly with each issue deals with a unique topic. Magwerk Love Pics Komma Delve Magazine Kino Mag CRU A Magazine Root Magazine Castle Magazine

The Bridge Home Theater Site Last Updated: 15-Sept-2013 See The Bridge on TV on HGTV's "Look What I Did!" show!Read about Creative Home Theater Design on a Budget! Member of the AV Science Forum Back to © Copyright 2003-2013 Gary Reighn Pictures and text from this site may not be used for commercial purposes without the express written permission of the owner. All pictures from Star Trek are the property of Paramount Pictures, Inc. DVDShrink DVD Shrink freeware download DVDShrink Guide DVD Shrink Guides by mrbass Download DVDShrink 3.2 freeware English 1.04MB changelog Japanese 1.1MB released July 25, 2004 New Best iPhone Games DVD Shrink Encountered an error? DVD Shrink enables you to copy a DVD very easily. Major new features of version 3.2 include: - AEC adaptive error compensation algorithms...Instant Copy quality - Title removal --- subsitute with still image - FAT32 partitions ---burn with dvddecrypter now (splits into 1GB chunks) - DVD-9 burning with Nero 6 Requirements : 256MB RAM, DirectX for video previewing. DVD Shrink Main movie only Guide Object is to backup original DVD dual-layered (DVD-9) to a single-layered DVD±R (DVD-5) disc. choose either a DVD in your DVD-ROM drive or a ripped .iso image mounted as a virtual drive. choose ripped video files on your harddisk. After choosing compression level settings, removing audio press Backup! Click Re-author button Your done.

Most Viewed Photoshop Tutorials Under Articles - Photoshop is recommended for this tutorial - Under Photoshop Tutorial, Text Effect In this tutorial, you will learn how to bring a simple text to life and place everything in fantastic, colored and glowing 3D space. Under 3D Effect, Photoshop Tutorial In this tutorial, it will demonstrate you how to create a realistic 3D snooker ball. Under Drawing Effect, Photoshop Tutorial Sometimes, you may want to draw / create a flower in digital form. Under Photo Effect, Photoshop Tutorial In lots of cartoon programmes or legends, you may have seen a human face on tree which is able to talk or move. There are various text effects. To design a 3D cap, it is similar approach as other 3D object. This tutorial will explain how to make nice castle from a several photos in photoshop. Chinese painting look very difficult to make, as it requires a lot of techniques and deep knowledge in this. In this tutorial, it will show you how to create a dramatic solar eclipse scene in Photoshop.

Camera Phone Moblog Community | How-To: Get TV shows off of your TiVo and onto your iPod (with video) This week's How-To comes to us courtesy of Dave Zatz, a long-time Engadget pal who we finally convinced to join the staff as a contributor. Dave is the master of all things TiVo, and for his first How-To he's whipped up a guide to getting TV shows off of a Series 2 TiVo and on to a video-enabled iPod. You may or may not agree that $1.99 is a fair price to download an episode of Lost, but you'll certainly agree that Apple's initial video library is quite sparse. Well, I've got good news for those of you with a networked Series 2 TiVo – all you need are TiVoToGo and a few software tools and you'll be watching Monster Garage on that shiny new iPod in no time. As with all video conversions, there are many ways to skin this cat. I. TiVo doesn? Launch DirectShow Dump ( Click ? II. The video-capable iPod only supports MPEG4 and MOV files, so we? 1. * If your TiVo? 8. III. All that? Once you? Resolution Addendum for the Geeky Comments