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VLC: Official site - Free multimedia solutions for all OS!

VLC: Official site - Free multimedia solutions for all OS!
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iShowU (Mac) - Download AUDIOBOX UNBUTU IS SHUTTING DOWN The Internet Music Guide For The Audiophile Table of Contents §1–Introduction §2–Listening to Music Online §3–Downloading Music from the Internet §4–Applications to Manage Your Music Offline §5–Cool Tools for the Internet Audiophile 1. This manual was created with the intention of helping to inform the general music lover on various ways to access, listen to, download, and manage music online as well as locally on their computer. I hope you find The Guidebook for the Online Music Lover informative and useful to expand your knowledge of the wide world of sound. 2. 2.1 Personalized Radio Stations These sites are like personalized radio stations. is one of the more popular music streaming sites on the web with over 30 million active users and due to their deals with Warner Music and the Song BMG record labels, an absolutely huge library of songs. To access all of what has to offer you can register a free account and listen whenever you like. A serious challenger these days is Spotify. Pandora Grooveshark Deezer

Vibop - Video Effects for iPhone and YouTube Battle Of The “Reaction” Messengers If you build it, they will come? Half a dozen or so applications have launched in recent months, hoping to dominate what they all hope will be one of the next big trends in mobile messaging: the “reaction” messenger. That is, these apps utilize a smartphone’s camera to either photograph or record a video of a message’s recipient to see how they react to your text, or other content, like a shared photo or video. The idea is that there’s uncharted territory still left to be explored somewhere in between the static nature of the text message and real-time video chat. But how big a trend is this, really? And is it catching on? Many of these “reaction” messaging apps are practically clones of each other, while others vary the experience only slightly. Here are the top contenders for the would-be “reaction” messaging throne, and a brief description followed by their iOS App Store rank (U.S.) and current funding in parenthesis, if disclosed: The startups would argue that’s not so, of course.

Music Video Maker Online Software - Create Busines Video Production - Movie Intro Creator - Promotional Web Videos - Best What Can IFTTT Do for You? In the latest video of our Mobile Minute series, we discuss the powerful web service IFTTT ("If This Then That"). While IFTTT has been around since 2010, the company has only recently started to work with sensor devices. IFTTT allows apps to communicate with each other through "recipes". These recipes are simple conditional statements that can sync with your Facebook, Twitter, and more to create some fun automated actions like texting the weather in the mornings and saving your tagged photos to Dropbox. Our developer experts are from Mutual Mobile, a leading development and design firm that builds mobile strategies for top companies such as Audi, Google and Citigroup. The team is eager to answer your questions about mobile, so ping us with your top queries on Twitter, using the hashtag #AskaDev.

Who Has The Largest Vocabulary In Hip Hop? It’s not often said enough, but rappers truly are today’s modern poets. Though mainstream hip-hop has had a bad habit of promoting misogynistic and violent behavior, you can’t take away the sheer wealth of terms and vocabulary that the genre has produced in the past 30 odd years. I mean, fo shizzle right? In this data visualization, Matt Daniels has put together the vocabularies of 85 different rappers using Rap Genius and charted their lyrical word choice in relation to that of Shakespeare and Herman Melville. To be clear, Daniels is not making any sort of statement about the content of these comparative vocabularies but solely basing this chart upon each artist’s choice of individual words (# of unique words). Up at the top, with nearly 7,392 unique words, is one of my favorite artists – Aesop Rock. Share This Infographic Get Free Infographics Delivered to your Inbox