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DRAWDIO - draw music with a pencil, or a kitchen sink, or a banana, or...

DRAWDIO - draw music with a pencil, or a kitchen sink, or a banana, or...
What is Drawdio? Imagine you could draw musical instruments on normal paper with any pencil (cheap circuit thumb-tacked on) and then play them with your finger. The Drawdio circuit-craft lets you MacGuyver your everyday objects into musical instruments: paintbrushes, macaroni, trees, grandpa, even the kitchen sink... higher quality video:Stream on Vimeo -- drawdio.mp4 -- drawdio.wmvMade with Paula Aguilera and Eric Rosenbaum. Thanks to Matea, Micah, Will, Chris G., and Jodi. Drawdio brings to life the everyday interconnections between people and environment, encouraging you to use your sense of touch, and letting you hear otherwise invisible electrical connections by creating, remixing, and playing. How Can I Participate? How Was It Invented? I like showing how ideas germinate. Drawdio - Make It . By Jay Silver .

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playmodes Here's the first public release of the new Playmodes architecture. Playmodes is developed with openframeworks. The new Playmodes is based in the openframeworks event system, that is still under development and for what this software is being also a test platform as it has diferent kinds of events and is also threaded. You will need a modified openframeworks version that you can find in the links at the end of this post. This openframeworks version is not oficial and will be changed for sure for 0.06 so don't rely on it for any development. Also expect some changes in the event system in Playmodes.

HowTo: Briefcase Boombox I wanted to make a personal soundsystem to be able to walk around with. I decided the briefcase was the perfect starting point for a boombox project. I began designing the briefcase boombox by making rough sketches on the back of a scrap piece of wood. I began by gutting the briefcase to allow for more usable space. Origami Kusudama Flower Folding Instructions - How to make an Origami Kusudama Flower Kusudama (translated as "medicine ball") were traditionally used as incense and poutpurri, from real flowers or herbs. Decorative kusudama are made by using folded paper origami units glued together. These instructions show how to make a simple kusudama flower. Twelve (12) of these flowers can be glued together to make a ball. Made this origami? Comment and Submit your photo using the comment box at the end of this page!

CMoy Pocket Amplifier Common Cmoy Cmoy in parts A CMoy is a pocket headphone amplifier originally designed by Chu Moy on the Headphone Resource Site and public discussion Forums. The headphone amplifier is designed around single or dual-channel op-amps such as Burr-Brown's OPA2134 or OPA2132PA, however, a wide variety of op-amps have been successfully implemented. The op-amps directly drive headphones, even though they are not designed for such low-impedance loads, leading to poor performance and audible differences between op-amps that would not exist in a good design.[1] The amplifier's design is quite simple. 1. system requirements to successfully run this application and its modules the following hardware is required as minimum configuration:Pentium 3, 800MHz+ CPUWindows 2k/XP64MB+ RAMGeForce3 or better graphics card (16MB+ VRAM)DirectX 7 or OpenGLSoundcard input functionalityup-to-date sound and video card driversstandard keyboard please note that for a show/exhibition environment a better configuration is desired. software has been written & tested on: Dell Inspiron 8500, 1.4GHz Pentium 4, 512MB RAM, GeForce 4Go with 64MB VRAM, SigmaTel soundcard. 2. installation this app can be run from anywhere on your hard disk or even directly from CD, although in the latter case it is advised to have a fast CD-ROM drive to avoid delays when switching between modules. no other installation process is necessary. simply launch the file "macronaut_hub_v019.exe" and follow the instructions below. 3. dual screen support

∆DIY∆ Chalkboard Wall Things you need for this DIY: *chalkboard paint *painter's tape Synthtopia free music software Utami, the creators of RokVid and Geisterwelt for Ableton Live, have released Motion – a motion-tracking plugin for Live – as a free download. Continue reading Propellerhead has released Take 2.0, a major update to its free vocal recorder for iPhone. Here’s what’s new in Take 2.0: Continue reading Apex Audio has released a free plugin, for Mac & Windows, Haa5. Synapse for Kinect SYNAPSE for Kinect Update: There’s some newer Kinect hardware out there, “Kinect for Windows”. This hardware is slightly different, and doesn’t work with Synapse. Be careful when purchasing, Synapse only supports “Kinect for Xbox”.